Fashion Prescription Reviews

By Annie G on 19th September 2017
After 2 weeks no sign of order & no replies to emails. No contact number, which proves this site is well dodgy. Do not use.
Love my items
By Jess on 4th July 2017
Could not be happier with their service and items!
Thank you very much :)
Great service
By Fiona on 12th June 2017
Very happy with my order from Fashion Prescription,
Really love the bikini i got from them. Their unique designs and patterns are perfect and my friends always compliment me.
I live in USA
By Amy Woodland on 15th May 2017
Being an international customer I never want to order from sites but I had to order a top I saw from this one.
I'm really happy with it.
Fast shipping too!
great customer care
By Anonymous on 15th May 2017
Ordered from this website which I was abit wary on ordering before hand.
I emailed the customer care team and they assured me my item would be with me within 2-3 days which tracking got sent to me.
Would order again
By Anonymous on 15th May 2017
I saw this on their website and NEEDED IT!
Love Love LOVEEEEEE this!
By Anonymous on 15th May 2017
Received two of my tops which came in the cutest packaging
Ordered a week ago
By Becky on 15th May 2017
Ordered a week ago from their Instagram store and it came this morning, really happy with my bandage bikini
So happy
By Anonymous on 14th May 2017
Really happy with my service from these.
my parcel arrived today and I love the packaging!!
I then ordered it and it's nicely wrapped and my items are perfect!
I'm very small and struggle to find fitted clothes however this store is my new favourite find!
Very happy
Best service
By Jodie on 13th May 2017
I love all my new arrivals from FP. They all fit fantastic and my parcel was delivered with myhermes
Be careful
By Anonymous on 12th May 2017
Be wary of this website, I didn't end up ordering as I noticed a few of the pictures were the exact instagram photos from other swimwear shops. I'm not convinced they're legit.
Really happy thank you
By Emma on 3rd May 2017
My bikini is beautiful thank you so much
Bikini for my holiday
By Becca on 20th April 2017
I ordered from these on April 15th and got my item today, really happy with my product and shall be ordered again
Shall be ordering again
By Laura on 13th April 2017
Bridgette was extremely helpful. Her chat responses were quick, consistent and clear. I felt like I was communicating with a human being that was enjoying a hot coffee and some fresh air rather than a customer service rep chained to a desk.

Shall be ordering again
Ordered for first time
By Anonymous on 10th April 2017
Ordered online for the first time and I thought my bikini would take 2-3 weeks to arrive, it only took 5 days- so super happy!
Really happy with my order
By Anonymous on 5th April 2017
Ordered something from this website and absolourtly love it!

After seeing some bad reviews, I was a little unsure about ordering but today my items arrived and they are still on my Instagram page.. so that's a good sign! :)
By Anonymous on 5th April 2017
My order arrived today and i am so happy with it!
I spoke to customer care before ordering so i could get my items earlier and they managed to confirm this :)
Great service and i live in Ireland!
Very helpful and love my Order
By Gemma on 30th March 2017
I don't usually order online but I have a few times and FP has been one of the best. Unique items and they fit great
By Jessi on 29th March 2017
Ordered a bikini and it arrived in perfect condition shall be ordering a few more bits for me holiday
By Brooklyn Palmer on 29th March 2017
Really happy with my service from these.
I live in the USA and was unsure about ordering after some reviews however my parcel arrived today and I love the packaging!!
I then ordered it and it's nicely wrapped and my items are perfect!
I'm a size 6uk so very small and struggle to find fitted clothes however this store is my new favourite find!
Sale item
By Colette on 29th March 2017
I never write reviews but I had to with this one
I ordered a sale item for £6!!! And it came such good quality!
I think they only promote this on Instagram at thee time so you have to be quick
Favourite Instagram store
By Laura Human on 29th March 2017
I follow the kardashian trends and this store seems to keep up to date with there fashion

I used to order from places like TopShop but it's so dated now
Ordered bits for my holiday
By Nicole Fuller on 29th March 2017
I emailed the customer service team and they gave me a discount code to use when purchasing

Really happy with my items and service
Sunrise sunglasses
By Emma Woods on 29th March 2017
Ordered a pair and it came within 3 days
Going to order another colour! Perfect
Rotten service/ No goods received
By unhappy customer on 24th March 2017
I ordered an item at start of Feb. Funds were taken from my account but guess what I still haven't received my item!!

Have contacted company via instagram, was forwarded an email to contact regarding order......several emails later still no response.

Shabby customer service. In fact NO customer service as NO ONE has returned my emails.

I don't even want the item I ordered, I juts want my hard earned cash back!!!!!! WHERE IS MY MONEY

Love my bikini
By Samantha carter on 22nd March 2017
The best purchase I have ever received!
I am in total love with my order and will be shopping again :)
My top is amazing
By Anonymous on 20th March 2017
In love with this website! I order from them all the time and i am always happy with the quality of the items.
Don't do it!
By Anonymous on 13th March 2017
It is now going on a month and I have still not received my trousers I ordered and they continue to apologize for the delay but yet they are not doing anything to ship my package off. DO NOT ORDER FROM THE DAMN WEBSITE ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!
love my bikini thank you
By Tara Murray on 10th March 2017
Just recently found this store and I am in love with it!
Order a bikini to make sure it was legit as some Instagram stores can be dodgy, however mine came and it's perfect

Shall be ordering again
KIMMI tights
By Becca on 3rd March 2017
Wore my KIMMI tights on a night out and got so many compliments
Really good quality too
Great products
By Anonymous on 27th February 2017
Love this store and their products! Unique and great customer service!
Really was unsure about ordering
By Samantha Dessy on 23rd February 2017
After reading some reviews I was unsure about ordering from this company, however I ordered a bikini to see if it would actually come and it came a few days ago.
I have come to realise to ignore the odd bad reviews as some people like to complain about everything.
(I also find this when ordering holidays)
Always want to give my money to independent stores as I myself have my own business)
Fashion Prescription have some amazing items and after receiving my first order I shall be ordering again.
By Abbie on 23rd February 2017
Got my parcel today and i love the bag it came in!
All sizes are true to size!
Love my items
By Tara on 23rd February 2017
I had the most brilliant customer care from FP. The lady was extremely patient with me and completely 'dressed' me. She was able to tell me what shaped tops and colours complimented me. She was spot on. I tried on clothing that I would never even consider looking nice on me. To my surpise I felt like a fresh 'new' person. She was able to guide me on exactly what look I could never explain in words. She was fantastic. Im completly obsessed with misguided now. I feel like employees such as Sarah need recognition. Not many employees have that thirst for fashion. Happy customer
Fashion Prescription customer care is brilliant and will be recommending!
I read a few negative reviews before but i can tell thats just moany people in life who cant understand a company this big is very busy to reply straight away all the time.
Leave them an email or go on live chat and you will see they get back to you :)
By Amiee Todd on 23rd February 2017

Fits really well
Favourite store
By Hollie Pitchard on 23rd February 2017
Ordered the KIMMI tights from these, fast delivery

Thanks chicks xxx
Got my dress today which i LOVE
By Emma Hossin on 23rd February 2017
Thank you so much for my beautiful dress, shall be ordering again
Great service and tracking!
By Anonymous on 23rd February 2017
I received 3/4 of the items that I was supposed to be sent. The 4th item was the wrong item. I went onto their website, expecting some long drawn out email-email conversation resulting in little to no help. HOWEVER Julie. Is awesome. She helped me on the chat. Agreed to let me keep the item I was mistakingly sent and sent me the item I was originally supposed to get on express shipping. Your customer service is AWESOME.
Love my order :)
By Anonymous on 23rd February 2017
recieved my jacket and dress today and i simply love them!
I spoke to a lovely lady on live chat and she helped me with sizing!
By Anonymous on 22nd February 2017







By Anonymous on 20th February 2017
Ordered from these and it's the most perfect bikini
Very happy
By Anonymous on 11th February 2017
I've been buying from them for over a year and the customer service is great and never had any problems.
All items are tracked :)
Sizes are great!
By Anonymous on 7th February 2017
I got my order from FP TODAY. I'm normally a 8 but in some stores I've ended up buying 6 which isn't always the best of fits. Fashion Prescription sizes are true to size and I love their items so so much!.
Very Happy experience and customer that will be returning.
Love this site
By Anonymous on 6th February 2017
Happy customer- great service and great customer care
Order arrived today
By Anonymous on 5th February 2017
My order arrived and I am very happy with the items. Will be ordering again tomorrow as they keep adding amazing items
Intimates are gorg
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017
I just bought a lingerie set from them and i am in love with the quality and unique design.
Very excited to recieve my order
By Emma on 2nd February 2017
A really helpful lady called Julie helped me when I was having difficulty adding an item to my basket. I was not expecting to be able to get an immediate answer to my problem at it was 9.30pm but she was very efficient and offered to help me find alternatives when the item I wanted was no longer in stock. Thank you for your help!

I also purchased more than i planned heheheh
quick delivery
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017
I ordered a dress yesterday and received an email that I was going to receive my order within the next 7days business days. My order came on day 3!! Very happy
got my bikini for £29.99
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017
saw another store selling the same bikini for £55 and I came across Fashion Prescription who were selling the same for 29.99

will be shopping again!
recommened by friend
By Ellie Harris on 2nd February 2017
my friend told me about this store and now I am obsessed!
regular customer for 3 years.
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017
I ordered some shoes off this website, I order from here a lot as it is one of my favourite clothing websites and never once have they made any errors in my orders, however today I received the incorrect colour of the shoes I had ordered. But when I got in touch with the customer help they were extremely helpful and accommodating and are working quickly to fix this error and offered to refund the delivery price of the order. I recommend this website 100% as they very rarely have any mishaps but when they do they handle them very efficiently.
By hannah williams on 2nd February 2017
will be ordering again thank you so much for my beautiful dress
Happy girl
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017
Been reading some of the reviews below and it made me want to order from this Instagram store,
I saw a few bad reviews but I do see bad reviews on some of my favourite stores like Missguided so I thought I would give them a go!
I ordered a bikini for my holiday and it came a week ago,
I am really happy with my order and shall be ordering again.
Best online store
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017
i have fallen in love with all my items from FP! Whenever i need help with anything i email them or speak to them on their live chat.
Very happy customer :)!!

You can see on their Instagram all the reposts and i am on one of them.
Happy customer who will be recommending to my mates.
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2017

I have waited a month for my order which still hasn't arrived. I have sent them an email everyday for the past week to which I have had 0 reply and no response via their live chat. I have commented on their Instagram pics asking them to respond and my comments kept getting deleted.

By Anonymous on 1st February 2017
I loved fashion prescription at first they had loads of amazing pieces and they never messed up my orders or anything until 8 months ago, I order two pieces of clothing and I waited 4 months for them I contacted them and they said they would sort it out after a month of waiting I received my order however one of the pieces of clothing wasn't what I ordered so I contacted them they told me to send it back and that would send me the one I ordered a month went by and I received nothing I contacted them but they ignored every thing until I went on their website and saw a live chat and contacted them through there and they apologised and said they would give me a refund of my whole order so again I waited, I waited 2 month and 2 weeks and still haven't received my order and to this day they still ignore my emails, close my live chats and simply do not respond.
This should never ever happen and I should know as I work in retail. This is disgusting behaviour for a company and I will be taking this further.
Great service and tracking!
By Anonymous on 24th January 2017
Julie was super sweet! She was like a friend and helped me out because I was worried my dress wouldn't get to me on time for my friends birthdat and she checked in the order #! Love how quick the customer service was!
fav store
By Amy on 23rd January 2017
now my favourite online store
finally a store that sells size 6 in everything
By Taylor White on 23rd January 2017
most stores online only offer size 8 and higher, I am really petite and small and this company fits me like a glove
Honest rview
By Silvia Blackwood on 23rd January 2017
I do not normally order from online stores as I have had bad experiences, I took a chance ordering from these and I got everything I wanted within 2 weeks of ordering

I wouldn't normally write reviews but these were good
Great customer service
By Nita Williams on 23rd January 2017
Emailed Fashion Prescription to ask for a discount code and they sent me one!
Really happy with the service they gave me.
Love my new top
Instagram tresurer
By Emma Howard on 23rd January 2017
Found this store on Instagram and they are now my favourite store!
Always happy with my purchases and they normally have a lot of discount codes
By Kitta on 20th January 2017
I order the item and received it a few weeks later the item was to small (the item was lovely and would of be great if it fitted!) so unfortunately I had to return the item.
I sent the item back the day after I received it. After a month of waiting for my refund I emailed them to say if they had received my item. A further month later after I had sent many more emails they finally replied with a no.

I never did receive my refund - nor did I receive another reply from them. Disgusting customer skills and communication.
By Jamie Lewis on 19th January 2017
After reading some reviews i was unsure about if i should use the store or not. However i spoke to the team before i bought and they helped me choose my size. My item arrived with in the ETA and i was so happy with my bikini and dress! for my holiday!

I cant wait to use you guys again x
Love this store
By Anonymous on 7th January 2017
I love the stuff from this store. Staff are friendly on live chat and quality of the clothes are great and unique
Very happy
By Tiffany baxter on 3rd January 2017
I was lucky enough to be bought a new pair of shoes for Christmas and they are my favourite. I didn't know about this store before but they have loads of lovely items and I will be buying from them for the firs time! Thanks to my mum for following them on Instagram I now know about them haha!
Intimates are a girls best friend
By Anonymous on 23rd December 2016
My lingerie is so so beautiful Thankkk you!!!!!!!
Very happy with my order
By Hallie on 23rd December 2016
I received my order today and a few other bits for Christmas :) so happy with them and will be rececomming this store and purchasing again!
Slightly annoyed
By Debbie on 21st December 2016
I ordered Geneva silk set at the beginning of December, my mum also ordered beginning of December too. They have taken the money but no items have been delivered, it's 21st of December & both items are Christmas presents. We have both emailed. Unfortunately we probably won't get the items before Christmas so a young teenager will be disappointed when she has to wait for her present from me. Why is there no phone number to actually talk to someone I can't even get the live chat up!
My gilets arrived and they are beautiful!!
By Bella on 14th December 2016
I love my new arrivals! Very happy and the lady from Myhermes was very nice when delivering them :)
By Anonymous on 14th December 2016
Ordered two fluffy Gilets on November 21st and I'm still waiting very disappointed with the service
Size guide is spot on,
By Gemma Oxford on 2nd December 2016
I ordered from FP before but i wasn't sure as to how their sizes may be until my sister told me they are true to size.
I'm normally a 8 but in some stores I've ended up buying 6 which isn't always the best of fits. Fashion Prescription sizes are true to size and I love their dresses! So comfy. I had a query about my order and I spoke to Julie via their chat and she was a star! Got to the point and gave me options and sorted out my query for me.
Very Happy experience and customer that will be returning.
Happy customer indeed
By Hatty on 30th November 2016
purchased from items from this store and they are great! unique and looks just like the photo.
Helpful service
By Jodie Spice on 23rd November 2016
I spoke to a lovely lady on live chat who helped me with sizing.
Very fast replies and a great service over all.
Spend over £150 on clothes
By Anonymous on 22nd November 2016
Really happy with the quality of my purchases will be shopping here again
Christmas shopping
By Anonymous on 21st November 2016
So many great things on their website! I ordered just over a week ago and even with popular items it all arrived today.
Their live chat is helpful and i got tracking from myhermes.
SMOOOTHHHHHHHHH shopping with no problems!
Birthday dress
By Josie on 16th November 2016
My dress arrived today for my birthday and I love it! I also love the fashion prescription mailing bags with the girls on the front
couldnt be happier
By jodie on 9th November 2016
I ordered the Kendall Jenner look a like dress from FP and i am totally in love with it!
I am going to wear it to my birthday and christmas party and i will post pictures on Instagram.
fast turn around.
By Anonymous on 2nd November 2016
I dont usually leave reveiws but i emailed Fashion Prescription about an exchange and they sorted it within a day and i got my new shoes the following day.
Great service and their live chat saved my life pretty much.
Great customer service
By Lucy webb on 28th October 2016
I emailed the team and got a responce straight away! They was very helpful and sent over my tracking details :)
Will be recommending to all my friends. If you look on their social media you will see loads of their beautiful stock advertised by customers and really helps you with sizing also :)
Parcel arrived and couldn't be happier
By Anonymous on 28th October 2016
Very impressed with their live chat! I spoke to someone and placed an order within a couple of minutes. My ordered arrived and I got an email from myhermes stating my parcel was on its way so I could be prepared for its arrival.
I tried all my clothes on and fell in love instantly with the unique items are a affordable price.
I have them on Instagram and keep tagging them and hoping for a repost! Hehe xxx
Love their loves!
By Becky on 28th October 2016
Ordered a few items from FP and all amazing quality! I decided to send one item back and I got the refund back within a few days and they also emailed me with a coupon code. Julie was very helpful.
Very excited to place another order!
By Anonymous on 27th October 2016
I ordered two playsuits at £30 each, waited over a month for them to come, the delivery said between 2-4 weeks so it was expected. When they arrived the playsuits were very poor quality. I then followed the instructions on how to return the items only to be another month down the line with no refund and no respons to emails. Good job my parcels tracked so they can't get away with claiming it's not there. Worst coustumer services ever.
very happy girly!
By Anonymous on 21st October 2016
Live chat is awesome! Really quick, helpful and friendly :)
By Anonymous on 18th October 2016
I emailed Fashion Prescription about my tracking details and they sent them over to me and I also got an email from myHermes. The team are very helpful and I highly recommend their items as all great quality so far!
No delivery, no reply
By Anonymous on 15th October 2016
I ordered £60 worth of dresses and payed £4 for shipping. I have not received these or a tracking email in 10 days. I have emailed fashion perscription twice two days apart with no reply. There is no number to contact and I am now £60 down. Still trying to get hold of them.
Happy with my order
By Anonymous on 10th October 2016
Quality of items was great! Will be ordering again
Too service
By Jade on 5th October 2016
My parcel arrived before the date I requested and it was all tracked by myHermes! The live chat team was very helpful :)
Live chat is great
By Anonymous on 26th September 2016
I got an offer for a 50% discount, which I decided to use to buy a couple of things even though I didn't actually need anything.
When I got to the check out I couldn't find anywhere with the option to input the code, so I kept clicking proceed thinking it would appear at the next stage, until eventually my order was confirmed with no chance to use the discount. I panicked because I was only buying things because of the good deal, and without the discount I wouldn't have bothered, so I would have cancelled the order if the discount wasn't applicable. I used the live chat to speak to Julie and she very helpfully fixed the issue for me and im so excited to get my order :) Love their stuff!
Website looks great and i got my confirmation email
Love my dress and had to leave a review
By Anonymous on 21st September 2016
I cannot fault this company as they have always been very good to me as a customer and got my order to me ASAP! I spoke to their customer care team and they was helpful and always advise me on sizing. MyHermes emailed me my tracking and then my order arrived and I saw that they emailed me over a coupon for 10% off my next order also. I recommend them and if you ever have any problems with your order they are very helpful at customer care.
Very excited to wear my dress
Customer care are great!
By Anonymous on 20th September 2016
Asked Them to send me my order by a certain date and Julie was very helpful at customer care and got it to me before then :) very happy with the service!
Really good online store
By Nicole Edwards on 19th September 2016
Nervous about ordering from online stores however I purchased some knee high boots 3 days ago and they arrived today
Shall be ordering again
fast delivery
By Anonymous on 15th September 2016
Excellent delivery service! I ordered from Fashion Prescription a few days again their sale and it arrived today :)
I can see that some if their items can take 2-3 weeks but the quality is great and i am in love with it :D
Top notch fashion and customer care
By Anonymous on 8th September 2016
From the website ,to placing an order , to tracking it and delivery I found the whole experience a pleasure. No messing.
I did a returns item as well , Bridgette has been super in keeping in contact with me regarding this.I would highly recommend it to everyone who shops on line .. top notch
Very happy with my live chat service
By Anonymous on 8th September 2016
I Used the online web chat service and spoke to Julie, was very kind and helpful and got my issue sorted. As long as everything goes well from here on, I'm pretty happy :) Ive ordered from them multiple times and never had any problems
Smiling from ear to ear
By Anonymous on 8th September 2016
My order was processed very quickly and sent out to me very quick even though I'm living in Ireland. Was actually faster than another delivery I made that day from on online store.. Everything was a perfect fit and I'll definitely be shopping online from Fashion Prescription. Clothing is gorgeous. Has everything I like. Top stars from me
great customer service.
By Anonymous on 8th September 2016
I received my items yesterday and i am totally in love with all of them! Great quality and i cant wait to wear them on my holiday next week.
By Anonymous on 8th September 2016
I ordered 2 bikinis on the 30th of August I asked on their live chat first if both bikin's were in stock they said yes and that I would recieve the both of them before the 12th of august.

I went ahead with purchasing them and i spent over £60.00 on these costumes.

I recieved the one after a week and not going to lie it's stunning I love it but as for the other one I still haven't recieved it.

I have emailed them and first of all they told me they was sent out in different bags and then they told me they have to send me another one out.

I have emailed them asking them when I am going to recieve it and why wasn't it sent out with the other one when they told me it was in stock.

I have had no reply on email and still no costume.

I am absolutely disgusted in their customer services and I have now had to folk out for another costume of a different website because they can't even be bothered to respond to me.

The outfits they advertise are amazing and if you do recieve them they are decent quality but as for my other one they have taken the money out of my account yet they haven't sent me the costume.

I will never order from them again as this is shocking costumer service and I have now £40.00 down plus delivery.
Great service and tracking!
By Sophie Mortermor on 6th September 2016
I have ordered from Fashion Prescription multiple times and i love their items!
The service is tracked by Myhermes and i also paid by Paypal so its a smooth service. What more can you ask for!

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