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Last updated 20th November 2015

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Your Motorbikes won t be insured against damages during transportation
By D DUJARDIN on 30th March 2015
Stay away from that company as if something goes wrong the transporter will not give you his insurance details. Anyvan won't sort out anything to help. My motorbike was transported without been secured, just a blanked on top, no ramp to load it. Parts and fairing damaged. Was offered 10 pounds by Anyvan!!!!
anyvan fake ads being posted
By Anonymous on 3rd September 2013
anyvan please stop reporting this ad im not being abusive its just my opinion .....the uk end may be busy im sure and its a good site if your uk based its just the irish end of it if the jobs are not there dont waste everyones time posting spam tbh myself and other drivers would be happy to see only 60 real postings on your site than 6000 junk postings i understand your site is new to the irish end of it  and i would be happy to use your site and pay the fees but please only allow real postings please.. i will give it a  month until all junk postings run out {dont post anymore} and i would be happy to give your site another go ...i know you want your site to look  busy but as a stated  i would rather browse 60real posts than/6000junk post.....i would be happy to change the low trust score when you remove the junk post .....i really hope you take onboard what im saying  and the site  does well here in ireland as it is a good site and just what small drivers need to get work   im sorry if my post seems a bit hostile but needs to be said

below is my original post##########
 i signed up as a driver and began bidding things seemed to be going good i bid on some jobs along with other drivers and was winning some of them i sent over 50 messages to over 40 different so called jobs i got 2 what seemed like real users replies and 1 fake ...how do you know it was fake you ask ..well the same ad was posted 5 times within the space of 2 hours upon asking the poster of the ads was this a mistake or was there 5 sofa going from the same address he replied ...oh its a mistake you know its hard to keep track of all my ads ...i must point out that the poster had only 1 listing just posted it 5 times all 5 ads where then deleted some hours later ....then i had outbid other drivers on 4 jobs no replies from any of the poster of the jobs ...your thinking maybe the bids must have been to dear well you decide ...a job poster was looking a van transported on a car transport trailer  from lisburn to dublin my bid was 125 euro  my costs  are 40euro trailer hire  40fuel      and 15 euro site fees    i was not awarded the  job  nearest rival was looking  220 he was allegedly getting other jobs on the site judging by his jobs completed score  it was pretty much the same story with the other jobs that i was lowest bidder on .... and a so called bidder left a message on one of the jobs saying oh
i see your a brother inlaw of  {xxxx} how to hell would he know who he is as only user names are used and no indication of your real name   ....i looked at the similar jobs tab button on the site and jobs that listing end they  too where not awarded to anyone im not saying they are all fake but it seems to me that 80 percent of the ads are fake on the irish side of it....

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