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Last updated 21st September 2017

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Micky Mouse Company
By Anonymous on 17th September 2014
Oh My God...

I have been using this website for some time now. I’m not going to like lie I like the shoes they are cheap as chips but let’s be honest it’s what you get cheap tacky shoes that fall apart.

I ordered a pair they did not have in stock despite charging me for them. i then got sent a replacement pair instead of the pair I originally wanted. YET they charged me for 2 pairs!!!!! When only recovering 1 pair. For a pair that cost me £20.00 I ended up spending £47.90 (inc P&P) for this amount I could of got decent pair not a cheap tacky pair.

They say they have refunded me the money however I have not yet received this money into my bank account. They are a micky mouse company and I am still in a war with them. My bank is now seeking legal action as they have taken the money without my permission.


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