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Don't buy as DFS New Malden
By Anonymous on 11th March 2011
Don't buy from DFS New Malden!! The sales reps will deny that they have mis-informed you about their cancellation policy. Purchased sofa over weekend, 4 days later decided to cancel order. New Malden store manager and rep claim that order may be in production in China already so we will lose our deposit if we cancel. At the time when we purchased the sofa we questioned the 12 week lead time to manufacture the sofa and were told by the Sales Rep that it takes so long in case the customer decides to cancel. This implied to us that there would be a period whereby we could cancel. The actual cancellation policy was not covered at the time of purchase. I have raised this with the store manager who mentioned that it is not the sales rep responsibility to inform the customer that there is no cancellation policy on custom sofas and that the cancellation policy is on the top of the receipt – where exactly? The sales rep also denies his statement about the 12 week lead time and cancellation - there were 4 of us present at the time who heard the same information!! I’m now due a call at 4pm today as they have faxed a letter of cancellation to their factory in China – let’s see if they call back!

When I questioned why they needed to fax when with today’s technology they should be able call (leave a message) or email the cancellation through, the store manager mentioned that China is a long way away – don’t insult my intelligence!! It’s because DFS are going to use every tactic to ensure we don’t cancel the order!! If they really wanted to they could find out the status of an order. Funny how the ordering is completed “instantly online” (as I was informed by the store manager / rep) but they can’t track their customer orders “instantly”!

What prompted me to call DFS on my mother’s behalf is initially she was told she could not cancel as they have a cancellation policy of 2 days which she had missed; DFS New Malden also denies they told my mother this. What is laughable is in my initial conversation with the sales reps I questioned the 2 day cancellation and they did not correct me. It seems to me that the staff at the New Malden branch might need be trained in informing their customers in a correct and consistent manner! DON’T BUY AT DFS NEW MALDEN!!!

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