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Last updated 26th December 2017

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By Anonymous on 16th June 2018
The worst company I have ever used- I do not advise anyone to order through them. And when you email them to discuss the issues, they are so rude!
I ordered 7 items from Sorelle. Two items didn’t fit properly. Two items were damaged. The wrong colour body suit was sent with two dresses. And one item I didn’t even order. (I kept a dress and jumpsuit I ordered from them, which proves I am genuine)
When I returned them I got an email saying they would credit note me, even for the item I didn’t order! And they wouldnt refund the damaged items because they believe they were not sent out this way. So basically said I had put them there myself. They blocked me on Instagram after making a complaint- so who knows how many others they have done this to!
Eventually, after many rude emails from them they agreed to refund the Dress I didn’t order and one of the damaged dressed. But will not refund the items that don’t fit properly (even though every company, online or retail have to allow a refund period after purchasing. And you do not need an explanation) and refuse to refund the damaged dress because apparently they take pictures of their stock before it is sent out and I put the large black mark on the dress myself. Surely if the check and take pictures of every piece of clothing they send, they would have never have got my order wrong in the first place?
I am taking it further and I will get my money back and anyone else who has had issues with this company should do the same. They will soon not be allowed to trade!
After reading the replies to their customers on here too, they are just making themselves look worse- it’s quite laughable! My friend knows Manuela and did warn me about her- I should have listened!
By Claudia fernine on 5th February 2018
Just tagged myself in my sorelle dress on Instagram and made my 4th order,I’m in the USA and it arrives to me the day after I order!
I always look at their tagged photos to see different bodyshapes and what will look best on me As I am a size 12 and the model is very small
Great customer service
By Acacia on 5th February 2018
I read the reviews on here and was worried about ordering from this website but I did anyway as I loved the look of one of their tops. I ordered the top in pink but received an email about 15 minutes later explaining that colour was out of stock. They asked me if I wanted it in a different colour or to choose another item. They were very polite and apologetic and when I recieved my item (next day, Saturday!) I loved it and was very happy with the colour I chose instead. I will definitely be ordering from this website again.
Love this site
By Melissa Teens on 30th January 2018
Gorgeous outfits put together and every new item is better than the next.
Bought a pair of Vinyl pants and love them! Next day delivery is only about £1 more than standard so would recommend that!
love looking at all the tagged photos on their Instagram page, shows you that they are genuine
Bad customer service
By Alisha on 25th January 2018
The fact that they make you tick a small box to say you “agree to the terms and conditions” at check out is very dodgey. You feel tricked by the fact that you didn’t realise the products they sell are non-refundable. This is hidden in the T&C which they make you agree to on the purchase screen. Why not just write it clearly so that the buyer knows what they’re letting themselves into. Who in this day and age wastes their time to skim through a 1000 word page. Seems scam-ish to me! Also, when sending a complaint had no response from the company. Only when I escalated the issue with PayPal did they respond. And with an attitude and no apology.

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