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Last updated 11th September 2016

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Great site
By Jenna on 21st February 2017
I ordered a dress after stumbling on the website and then had instant regrets after reading all of these reviews.

And then I got an email my item shipped with no tracking number. Panic.

I emailed the owner and got a reply almost instantly with a tracking number. I ordered my dress on Thursday, February 16, 2017 and it was delivered today (Tuesday, February 21, 2017. I am in Toronto, Canada.

The dress is very nice and I am so pleased with how fast it came.

Thank you!!!!!
Worth a purchase
By Liliana amaya on 21st February 2017
Even though the shipping costs are high to Miami I'm happy I made the order for a few items!
Delivered to my house within a week, fits perfectly can't complain!
In love with this website!
By Jeneva indilch on 17th February 2017
Received my items today! Quick 3 day delivery to Germany

Ordered 7 bras, so cute

like this site
By Malika Rabba on 16th February 2017
ordered from here two weeks ago, the clothes are good for the price.

Will order again because there prices are good
By Anonymous on 14th February 2017
After ordering over £200 worth of items for my holiday and waiting over a week for my delivery I ended up having to email constantly to track the items down. When they finally did arrive one of the tops I had ordered had a strap hanging on by a thread!! I returned the item recorded delivery and have since spent the last 11 weeks fighting for them to answer me. I have been ignored since before December, we are now in February!! After they FINALLY responded (after me having to comment on their public Instagram post) they said the signature proof I had to prove my item was sent back was not recognised. they then asked for a tracking number (which I had already given them) and I then waited several more weeks before having to hunt them down again for a response. To which they have now issued me finally with a credit note... I certainly will not be accepting a credit note as I know my consumer rights. Terrible company, crap customer service and basically day light robbery. The clothes are of the worst quality I have ever bought and would certainly not have bought any of the items had I known this previously. Trust me guys, run a mile!!

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