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Last updated 26th December 2017

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Time is up for this company
By Anonymous on 28th October 2018
Everyone who is out of pocket bu not getting refunds on faulty goods or incorrect orders should not have to put up with this company and bad customer service
So my advice to all of you who have complained with no response is keep proof of any correspondence and take your case to trading standards or get legal advice now as to where you stand
‘‘This company based in Sheffield is probably run by a one man band and should not be trading
I am going to be giving all the information to trading standards about this company
So ‘SOREllUK’ your time is up you will not abuse the British customer any more wit your appalling customer service or lack of it
By Anonymous on 10th October 2018
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!!! I ordered an outfit from them it took 2 emails and an upgraded payment to get my order to me. It was no good so I sent it back. I’ve been trying for 2months now to get my money back and they just keep ignoring my emails. Do NOT shop with them. Proper scammers!
By Anonymous on 5th October 2018
I placed a review on Trust Pilot which commented on the terrible customer service and the fact that they do not offer refunds which is against UK trading law. Yesterday i received an email from Trust Pilot saying that my review has been temporarily removed as company have no recollection of my order, Sorelle state that i have left several reviews using different names.

This is a lie!! i have left one truthful review which will be reinstated as i have just forwarded necessary proof to Trust Pilot

There are several similar reviews as many people have the same complaints.

Please Please shop elsewhere with a reputable company that has some Customer service.
By Anonymous on 16th June 2018
The worst company I have ever used- I do not advise anyone to order through them. And when you email them to discuss the issues, they are so rude!
I ordered 7 items from Sorelle. Two items didn’t fit properly. Two items were damaged. The wrong colour body suit was sent with two dresses. And one item I didn’t even order. (I kept a dress and jumpsuit I ordered from them, which proves I am genuine)
When I returned them I got an email saying they would credit note me, even for the item I didn’t order! And they wouldnt refund the damaged items because they believe they were not sent out this way. So basically said I had put them there myself. They blocked me on Instagram after making a complaint- so who knows how many others they have done this to!
Eventually, after many rude emails from them they agreed to refund the Dress I didn’t order and one of the damaged dressed. But will not refund the items that don’t fit properly (even though every company, online or retail have to allow a refund period after purchasing. And you do not need an explanation) and refuse to refund the damaged dress because apparently they take pictures of their stock before it is sent out and I put the large black mark on the dress myself. Surely if the check and take pictures of every piece of clothing they send, they would have never have got my order wrong in the first place?
I am taking it further and I will get my money back and anyone else who has had issues with this company should do the same. They will soon not be allowed to trade!
After reading the replies to their customers on here too, they are just making themselves look worse- it’s quite laughable! My friend knows Manuela and did warn me about her- I should have listened!
By Claudia fernine on 5th February 2018
Just tagged myself in my sorelle dress on Instagram and made my 4th order,I’m in the USA and it arrives to me the day after I order!
I always look at their tagged photos to see different bodyshapes and what will look best on me As I am a size 12 and the model is very small

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