Last updated 27th March 2019

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By Dulcie Joseph-TRINIDAD ROTI SHOP on 18th July 2020
Have been using the most expensive flour on the market since we opened our shop.Thought it was second to none.However,started using Tropical Sun flour over the past month and can vouch for it being the best flour for rotis,bakes, doubles and pholouries.
Tropical Vibes is now my best selling drink as it is made from real fruit juice and a healthy alternative to synthetic flavoured soft drinks.Soursop is by far the most popular seller.
Tropical Sun Coconut milk in Tetra pak packaging is so creamy our chef loves it for oildown and rice and peas.
For my family,I have now stopped using frozen Pigeon Peas and have switched to Tropical Sun green Pigeon Peas in tins.It tastes good and reminds me of Sunday lunch stewed peas,pelau for a river or beach lime and smells like the Caribbean on a Sunday.
Well done WANI'S for continuing to provide the best products for Caribbean consumers.
Dulcie Joseph.

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