Avoid like the plague
By Anonymous on 10th February 2018
Worst service ever. The person manning the "help " and I use the word lighty, goes by the name of Francesca, I,m sure is a robot who is incapable of forming more than one reply which she keeps churning out in reply to any email you send her. I sent my frames to be reglazed and paid up front. They kept sending me email reminders saying they were waiting for my frames. After a while, they sent my frames back....WITH NO LENSES IN THEM. I notified them and they offered no explanation but said send them back , we will refund the postage. This I did. Now they are sending daily sometimes twice a day reminding me to send my frames. I had proof of postage and a reference number which clearly stated that they were delivered to directsight on 31st jan. Now this woman Francesca seems to have a mental block when it comes to helping a customer. Some of the replies I have from her have been ridiculous to say the least . Even after being confronted with the evidence that the frames had arrived with them, she says.....that I should contact the PO and tell them to send the frames to them, the mind boggles at this woman. I have asked repeatedly for my emails to be forwarded to some one in authority, all ignored. I have asked her repeatedly to stop emailing reminders although this shows they havent reglazed my glasses and despite this I have asked for my money to be refunded......request also ignored. THERE ARE BETTER COMPANYS OUT THERE AVOID THIS ONE AND THE MONOSYMBALIC FRANCESCA. WHO JUST SIT THERE CHURNING OUT THE SAME OLD SAME OLD
Who owns this company ?.
My final email to direct sight
By Ian on 29th January 2018
My final email to direct sight. I received your email about my glasses being ready. I have to say this is by far the worst service and an atrocious way to treat your customers. From my point of view I have not been listened to throughout this whole process. I was told my glasses were in production for 3 months which is not possible. When I said I didn't want them any more you sent them out. That is terrible service from your part. This is the timeline of events as I see it. I have all the emails to corroborate these events.
5/11/17 order placed.
6/11/17 confirmation of orderd
24/11/17 email sent to help desk told that glasses are in production. I asked for a refund with no response.
3/12/17 email sent to help desk told that glasses are in production.
4/1/18 email sent to help desk told that glasses are in production
19/1/18 asked for a refund and told that glasses are in production
19/1/18 help desk re-ordered my glasses even after I had asked for a refund. Help desk had obviously lied the previous 4 times about my glasses being in production.
24/1/18 asked again for a refund and quoted info from citizens advice bureau. Told that glasses are in production. (the only time this phrase was not a lie.)
26/1/18 order has been dispatched. 82 days after order confirmation.
This is a complete joke and a ridiculously terrible service. If you had just been honest with me in December and actually followed up my email instead of waiting for me to threaten to take matters further it would have been a much better way to deal with people. I don't want the glasses anymore as it has taken so long I have had to sort something else out. Now you are forcing me to have to send them back and keep fighting for a refund in protest of your terrible service. By reordering the glasses you have made this situation a lot worse for me. I will never do business with you again and I will try and put this email in as many online review places I can.
By Anonymous on 25th January 2018
Can I just say, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use @directsight - they are unable to provide correct prescriptions/orders or any kind of general customer service. I had to send both of my re-glaze frames back twice because of their silly mistakes and they still haven't refunded postage.
They also replied to me on a previous online review and lied!
They're untrustworthy cowboys. Pay a tiny bit more and go to someone who is able to do the job and who cares. These guys don't have a phone number or complaint procedure so you can't be heard as a dissatisfied customer. It's very frustrating.
Cheap Rubbish
By George on 31st May 2017
paid £215 for glasses but were too small and wrong prescription would not give full refund. Ignore emails and no phone number. Offered eventually different frame. was much cheaper but no refund offered for difference in price. This was after 2 months and when glasses arrived frame broken so another lot of postage returning them. Asked for refund but only received £22. I then asked for frames to be repaired and glasses returned but had to give them their £22 back. Still waiting for glasses after nearly 3 months a dont answer correspondence. No telephone number.
Waste of money!!
By John u on 30th April 2017
Sent my prescription for a new pair of Brownline glasses, wrong prescription and frame is not correct size! Word to the wise, stick to a high street optician! Total waste of money..
By S.Pugh on 20th February 2017
I ordered two pairs of glasses at the total cost of £24.95 using the same prescription, one pair arrived and the prescription was totally out and the glasses were not fit for use.

I cancelled the second pair as 10 days later they had not arrived, for this I was refunded £10 I also returned the glasses I had received, which cost me £2.85 in postage for which I was refunded a further £12.45 to cover the cost of the glasses but not the postage.

Direct sight said they matched my the prescription and blamed Boots who did my eye test.

I then ordered two more pairs of glasses from another online company using the same prescription and values. These glasses gave me perfect vision, which confirms that there must have been a mistake with the glasses I ordered from direct sight.

Direct Sight continued to insist they hadn't made mistake and would not refund the remaining £5.35 I insisted they owed me. They suggested I write to them rather email to escalate my complaint, this I did but the only reply I got was an email from the same person who told me to write the letter, still insisting that they had refunded re their policy and that they had not made a mistake with my order.
By Anonymous on 31st October 2016
I bought 2 pairs of varifical glasses for £108.45 both were unsuitable in the lens of right eyes and the frames were cheap and bendy , lie contacted them for a refund under their 30 day guarantee to find they had refunded £28.45 I am disgusted that this company refused any compromise , .stay away from direct sight and support your local optician
Lucky escape
By Anonymous on 24th February 2016
Looking at these reviews I must have had a lucky escape , my glasses were bought with a credit card thru a very well known online payment system.

Glasses took 2 weeks to arrive which was within the expected time , however the prescription was wrong ,sent back at my expense via recorded special delivery , I kicked off immediatly when I was told they hadnt gone thru the system and I knew they had been signed for that morning.

I lodged a dispute with you know whoes pal and within 24 hours I had my money back in full minus my return post fee that I forgot to claim for so thats my fault.

I had checked them out with another review company which had nothing but good to say about them , so I have to question the viability of reviews?
By Jan on 25th January 2016
They did exactly what and when their website said they would. Saved me £300 on the price Boots opticians gave me for reglazing my specs. received my specs in time specified and are great. TY.
Poor frames and mediocre lenses
By CraigM on 27th November 2015
A few months ago I purchased four identical frames with different lenses (one distant, one near, one photochromic distant and one sunglasses distant). Within a couple of weeks the first one failed with one of the arms detaching from the hinge. This was replaced free of charge after about 3 weeks. Then a 2nd one failed, and the 3rd one, or failing in the same way clearly indicating a faulty batch of frames. Next one of the ones that had been repaired also failed making a total of 4 failures over a few months. In addition, the photochromic lenses were clearly defective in that the lens had been inadequately polished before the antireflection coating was added to them. This produced rather curious diffraction patterns. As I work on optics in the University I was able to provide images to demonstrate the failings.
After the 4th failure I decided to return all to DirectSight since it was clear that I could not rely on any of these glasses to last, and would be lost without them. I requested a full refund of the £278 paid for them. The company in fact refund it only £103 claiming that the lenses are never refunded.
I have been buying glasses online for many years and had extremely pleased with them from a variety of suppliers. This is the first time I have used DirectSight and would certainly not use them again.
This company has generally very poor ratings and I could not recommend them at all in the future.
Don't use, unless you like wasting money.
By Paul R on 16th August 2015
I ordered a pair of glasses and they cost £104. They took over a month to arrive, when they did they were unfit for purpose as the frame which was supposed to me a man's was too small, the arms did not go over the ears. The lenses were very flimsy and fell out when trying to clean them. I returned them for a refund and did not want a replacment as the quality left so much to be desired.
It took well over another month and an email before they refunded me £33.95. I was charged £70 for the flimsy lenses.
I see there are a few positive reviews for them on here, but I honestly do not believe many of the are real! I found that once I started questioning the amount refunded their emails were rude and dismissive. Looking on other review sights they score an average of 1, so use them at your own risk as I think they are crooks.
I ended up going to Asda opticians and was able to get a pair of designer glasses for £100 ten time better than the rubbish this firm passes off.
Glasses Finally Returned
By Anonymous on 4th June 2015
I finally got my glasses back but without the new lenses.
By Unhappy Customer on 1st June 2015
I posted my glasses for re-glazing on 24th April. Order accepted on 27 April. No sign of the glasses by 20 May. I contacted the company who then said 28 days meant 28 working days plus bank holidays.....
Then I started reading the dreadful reviews. Finally the order was cancelled on 28th May and they claimed they would return the glasses and the money - neither have arrived. I checked with my credit card company and they said had the money been refunded it would have been immediately received by them - but no, nothing at all.
I then started some digging - all I can say is check Companies House before you order.
My lovely glasses appear to have disappeared and so has my money.
A total loss so far of just over £375.
By Megan on 27th May 2015
Ordered glasses and they didn't arrive. I have now been waiting 3 weeks from the date of dispatch. All I get from Direct Sight are repetitive emails asking me to confirm the address. I have confirmed the address 3 times and they still haven't given me a satisfactory response, or my glasses.

I am in the process of claiming back the amount through PayPal.

My advice is do not order from these people. They are conning you!
By Anonymous on 7th January 2015
Hello, I Purchased a pair of glasses. Unfortunately they sent me the completely wrong lenses. In order to return the glasses they made me pay for recorded postage which they promised they would pay me back for. Unfortunately it has been over a month since they have received the returned glasses, and I am still yet to receive my money back. They are also not responding to any of my emails.
Please help, am I able to contact the police or have I just been a victim of Fraud, with nothing I can do about it. Please could someone give me advice. It would be greatly appreciated, as I am desperate to get my money back
Good Service and quick.
By Bertie Doe on 4th November 2014
Excellent service, had an acknowledging email from DS to say specs had arrived and another one to say they had been dispatched.
Specs arrived in less than 7 working days, in this mornings (signed for) post, which included new case and old lenses. Total cost was £26.45p + £4.40p postage.
Cost with local optician would be £79 plus £10 to fit into old frames. I would recommend Direct Sight. I had no complaints.
By Anonymous on 9th October 2014
Ordered glasses-never arrived. Tried ringing them. Got the engineers working on phone line lie. Did eventually get an email saying big demand for this type of glasses but will be sent out shortly-did not send.
poor customer service still waiting
By Anonymous on 22nd September 2014
six emails sent off still waiting for my glasses, 16 days have gone only one reply nothing since, phone line suspiciously has technical faults, avoid like the plague.
Returns at Direct Sight - avoid
By Anonymous on 16th June 2014
Firstly I have had 2 pairs of custom made varifocals from this Company and there were very good indeed nearly as good as £300 ones from the optician for less than half the price.

However, I then ordered a third pair which did not fit my face properly so sent them back under their returns policy. I received an email to say that they had received the glasses back and that I could choose alternative frames as they would not refund the money because the lenses were custom made.

I chose new frames and then heard nothing....... no response to my emails their phone system has had technical issues since 28/05/14 still ongoing and their customer service does not respond to emails - it used to but doesn't appear to anymore.

So, now they have my money and my glasses and don't appear to want to do anything about it so I won't be using them in the future which is a shame as their custom made varifocal lenses were good and I usually find it quite difficult to find varifocals that I get on with.
So pleased
By Kath on 9th May 2014
Really pleased. First time buyer for glasses online so bit nervous but they arrived today and for the price I paid, I am absolutely thrilled. Chose green frame with varifocal lenses and they are perfect. Would definitely recommend and will be going back to buy more.
Don't waste your money here
By mike on 8th April 2013
Just before you go and order your cheaper glasses please read the following.

Waited 2 MONTHS for these rimless glasses after about 10 emails and 2 phone calls the VERY low quality glasses came with the holes not drilled evenly.
When i complained they said send them back and we will adjust them --- how can you do this when the holes don't line up I said.
So I sent them back for a refund as they said they would only replace the lens they mucked up with inferior ones.
And guess what they refunded me HALVE THE MONEY, because in their contract it states refunds on the frames only.
To sum up.
1 delivery takes for ever 
2 poor quality product 
3 Surly unhelpful staff
4 Poor refund (small print)

So I can save you money and a lot of time by advising you to go to your opticians get your glasses fitted properly and not use this useless company.
Get a new job Helen !!
By Keith Donald on 25th March 2013
Complete flannel from start to finish ! Name an excuse - they have used it !Can't believe they are still in business ! Helen's complaint computor must be red hot at the end of every day !! Stick to high street opticians ! So - it's goodnight from him, and goodnight from me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
direct sight don't care, avoid at all costs!!!
By russell on 29th December 2012
I ordered my frames to be reglazed on the 15th October 2012 and still haven't received my frames back. Going on three months of waiting, false promises and terrible customer service.

They also falsely advertise on their website, luring customers in with prices that are untrue.
Very poor indeed
By Stephen Mathews on 14th November 2012
I ordered glasses on the 1st October  2012. Straight forward single vision. It took a full month to get them and when I did they were wrong. Customer service is almost non existent and only occasionally answer anything (Facebook was best ) still no refund! I have reported them to trading standards. Watch this space.
Probably the WORSE online retail I have EVER come across
By Eirini on 13th November 2012
This is my second order from Direct Sight. The first one, although a very painful, and rude customer service experience, resulted into me managing to get hold of a correct-prescription, good looking glasses (after a TERRIBLE month of rude email exchange -AROUND 15 OF THEM- with their customer service, me sending back the frame for reglazing, etc etc)

However, since I needed some sunglasses, and it's still winter, so I am not really in a hurry, I thought I'd take my chances and order from them again (on the 3rd of October 2012, since the summer is still a while to come.)

Up to date, my glassed remain marked as order send to lab", I've emailed their customer service 4 times in 15 days, and have not received a single response from them. Today is the 13 OF NOVEMBER 2012.

They have conveniently taken the money from my bank account from the 8th of October.

I really hope I can still manage to get hold of my order, even if already is late, but if you are really in need of a reliable pair, at a descent timeframe, this is to be avoided at all costs. There is a good chance they'll just keep not responding to my emails, and never refund me, but I will of course pursue my customer rights, and take this to the very end, until I get every penny back, if that is the case.
By 1 of many badly treated customers on 22nd October 2012
I would like to start off this true review by highlighting the positives first and then I share my extremely bad experience with this company.
After using high street opticians I thought it was time I considered the online marketplace as advances in internet technology coupled with high consumer demand especially on the UK platform of ecommerce and secure payment facilities, maybe I needed to change the way I purchased my spectacles. After surfing many different optician websites I came across Directsight and was immediately drawn into the website design; sleek, professional looking, easy to navigate and most importantly they advertise the right products at great prices. It's also worth mentioning they are a UK based company and production in the UK too so this was the icing on the cake for me.

I found a pair of spectacles and placed an order under their 2 for 1 offer. Great value I thought! Well....thats where things turn sour in terms of my customer experience. Fully aware that my particular order would take 28 working days as with the majority of online opticians on like-for-like spectacles the main issue I have with them is their service (or lack of):
1.As a general consumer it can be perfectly appreciated why it would be common courtesy to call your supplier for a simple update on the progress of your order being that completion is estimated approx 5 weeks for a product they have in stock and will be produced in a UK lab. I called after 7 working days to be specifically told my order would take between 7 - 14 working days to complete. (Fair enough we're still within the 28 working day period but my order should be completed early - nice).
2.After 14 working days had past I still remained optimistic and contacted them on the 20th working day to ask whether I would receive my order by the 28th working day. They were very evasive in their comms and could not therefore guarantee anything.
3.On the 22nd working day I received two emails; 1 a email informing me that my order was complete to scheduled to be dispatched within 24 hours and another to confirm dispatch had taken place....wait here's another issue....they were only dispatching ONE of the TWO pairs of glasses to which I queried and they flippantly replied that one was ready before the other and I would receive another dispatch email for that one.
4.My order is over £49 and so qualifies for a next day delivery so I thought - finally with relief at least I will receive something from them. At the same time I questioned why they would split my order and send me two separate next day delivery parcels - it just doesn't make any sense.
5. 48hrs after receiving the dispatch email I have not received anything from them. They have ignored my emails to them, cut me off over the telephone and have today ( 26th working day) not even apologised for their errors. Only after numberous attempts they then pathetically say that they haven't dispatched HALF of my order (even though I've recieved confirmation of this 48hrs ago), to which I correct them...and an hour later they claim its with the RM and their responsibility now!!! CAN'T MAKE UP THEIR MIND IF THEY HAVE THE PARCEL OR NOT!!
6. So Saturday (friday was the 26th working day) to my suprise I recieve a parcel from them of HALF or my high value order 1st class recorded which they posted only yesterday. Which means they still had the parcel all along and whats worse is that my order being a high value order £100 + wasn't sent as a next day delivery as promised according to their T and C's on their website!!!
7. Just the other half of the order to recieve now.....THIS WILL BE INTERESTING as we're only 2 days from the 28th working day!!!

Shame really as the products themselves are decent quality.
Bad & rude service, glasses sent were incorrect - not mine!
By Sandra on 17th October 2012
First time I used Direct Sight,never again, "my" glasses arrived, they weren't mine they had sent someone else's prescription glasses to me, not even their stock! Had to wait a further month for my glasses after returning the incorrect ones. When I called Direct Sight on a few occasions they were very rude with a bad attitude....my advice..avoid go to Tesco's my partner got his new glasses there in less than 5 days, while I was still waiting for mine from Direct Sight & they were designer glasses, cheaper & no hassle!
One word to describe Direct Sight "INCOMPETENT"
By Joe on 27th July 2012
I ordered a varifocal tinted glasses from Direct Sight on 2 June 2012. They claimed "claimed "91% of orders currently 3 days" and delivery may take up to "28 days". 

On 1 July, I emailed them to enquire about my order. I got no response. On 17 July, I sent them another email and also post on their Facebook wall and Twitter. They responded saying my order will be delivered in 5 days.

I just came back from Holiday today and found my glasses have been delivered, but they got the order wrong. The glasses do not have the light tint which I ordered.

I can only describe Direct Sight as "incompetent". I would never buy from them ever. 
Customer service ???
By Anonymous on 13th May 2012
I have had a Nasty experience with this
Company came very close to calling trading 
Standards they kept telling me that my refund
Had been paid but waite 28 days for it to go
into my acount this happend TWICE then when 
I rang yet again they said that my card had
Expired and could not be paid without new
Details. Yes it took that long to pay me
My card had expired. Costumer service
I don't think so. You have been warned
Terrible Customer Service, False Returns Policy
By Anonymous on 2nd April 2012
The customer service at DirectSight is terrible; they are unwilling to help in the event that the glasses do not fit your face properly. They have listed the "Direct Sight Returns Policy" incorrectly on their website, stating that you will receive a refund as long as your items are returned in their original condition. They fail to state (possibly in order to purposefully mislead their customers) that you cannot return lenses that have been made to your prescription. The glasses I ordered were not the correct size for my face and thus I could not see properly with them, but the customer service representative refused to assist me with a full refund, even after a full refund had been guaranteed to me a day after I received the glasses and called the customer service for the first time, in order to be sure I returned them correctly. Do not trust DirectSight with preparing your glasses - they felt very cheap and, should they not fit your face correctly, you will be out of a lot of money. All in all, they are a bad company because their website is deceptive and misleading, saying "easy returns" and then listing incomplete and inaccurate information under their online "returns policy." Beware!
Love these guys
By James Hampton on 30th September 2011
I'm a bit of a newbie to buying glasses, but had a great experience with Direct Sight. They made the whole process very easy, were helpful when I rang to check up on my order and they arrived in great condition.
Altogether, cant fault them, the only downside was the delivery time and that was down to Royal Mail I guess?
By Anonymous on 22nd September 2011
awesome glasses really like em
im very happy
By Anonymous on 17th August 2011
Just recieved my glasses and i must say i am very happy and will use direct sight again! Well made,good packaging and fast delivery! Thanks
By Anonymous on 13th July 2011
really great service but the person on the phone sian was really mood towards me with a bit of attitude

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