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Last updated 20th November 2015

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By S.Pugh on 20th February 2017
I ordered two pairs of glasses at the total cost of £24.95 using the same prescription, one pair arrived and the prescription was totally out and the glasses were not fit for use.

I cancelled the second pair as 10 days later they had not arrived, for this I was refunded £10 I also returned the glasses I had received, which cost me £2.85 in postage for which I was refunded a further £12.45 to cover the cost of the glasses but not the postage.

Direct sight said they matched my the prescription and blamed Boots who did my eye test.

I then ordered two more pairs of glasses from another online company using the same prescription and values. These glasses gave me perfect vision, which confirms that there must have been a mistake with the glasses I ordered from direct sight.

Direct Sight continued to insist they hadn't made mistake and would not refund the remaining £5.35 I insisted they owed me. They suggested I write to them rather email to escalate my complaint, this I did but the only reply I got was an email from the same person who told me to write the letter, still insisting that they had refunded re their policy and that they had not made a mistake with my order.
By Anonymous on 31st October 2016
I bought 2 pairs of varifical glasses for £108.45 both were unsuitable in the lens of right eyes and the frames were cheap and bendy , lie contacted them for a refund under their 30 day guarantee to find they had refunded £28.45 I am disgusted that this company refused any compromise , .stay away from direct sight and support your local optician
Lucky escape
By Anonymous on 24th February 2016
Looking at these reviews I must have had a lucky escape , my glasses were bought with a credit card thru a very well known online payment system.

Glasses took 2 weeks to arrive which was within the expected time , however the prescription was wrong ,sent back at my expense via recorded special delivery , I kicked off immediatly when I was told they hadnt gone thru the system and I knew they had been signed for that morning.

I lodged a dispute with you know whoes pal and within 24 hours I had my money back in full minus my return post fee that I forgot to claim for so thats my fault.

I had checked them out with another review company which had nothing but good to say about them , so I have to question the viability of reviews?
By Jan on 25th January 2016
They did exactly what and when their website said they would. Saved me £300 on the price Boots opticians gave me for reglazing my specs. received my specs in time specified and are great. TY.
Poor frames and mediocre lenses
By CraigM on 27th November 2015
A few months ago I purchased four identical frames with different lenses (one distant, one near, one photochromic distant and one sunglasses distant). Within a couple of weeks the first one failed with one of the arms detaching from the hinge. This was replaced free of charge after about 3 weeks. Then a 2nd one failed, and the 3rd one, or failing in the same way clearly indicating a faulty batch of frames. Next one of the ones that had been repaired also failed making a total of 4 failures over a few months. In addition, the photochromic lenses were clearly defective in that the lens had been inadequately polished before the antireflection coating was added to them. This produced rather curious diffraction patterns. As I work on optics in the University I was able to provide images to demonstrate the failings.
After the 4th failure I decided to return all to DirectSight since it was clear that I could not rely on any of these glasses to last, and would be lost without them. I requested a full refund of the £278 paid for them. The company in fact refund it only £103 claiming that the lenses are never refunded.
I have been buying glasses online for many years and had extremely pleased with them from a variety of suppliers. This is the first time I have used DirectSight and would certainly not use them again.
This company has generally very poor ratings and I could not recommend them at all in the future.

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