Avoid avoid avoid
By Martine on 9th May 2022
If you’re thinking of purchasing then let’s hope it fits and you’re happy with it because you’re screwed otherwise. They ignore your comments on social media, take forever to reply to emails, don’t refund you & when they do finally reply to emails it’s a sarcastic email. Probably the worst customer service I’ve received in a long time which is a shame.

I am most unhappy about the service and the way they’ve handled (or failed to handle) my issue however, the products were also very disappointing. I ordered their “Abbie Metallic cardigan dress” and I was gutted because it was absolute nothing like the pictures, no way on earth you could wear it as a dress, it’s a cardigan unlike the pictures.

Save yourself the hassle and order somewhere else, the customer service team are absolutely dire.
Do not order from this brand.
By Olivia on 27th May 2020
Do not order from this brand. My order arrived missing an item and they are refusing to take any action. Honestly shocked. Disputing via PayPal now so wish me luck...

In terms of quality, it has been hit or miss. The good items are really good but some stuff isn’t lined which is a shame.

Overall not worth it if they are going to lie about packing orders and not actioning disputes.
By Anonymous on 13th January 2020
By Zoe on 11th August 2019
I purchased a couple of 2 pieces and a top and didn’t read any reviews before buying but came across many bad ones whilst waiting for my order to arrive and became worried it wouldn’t arrive or if it did that the quality would be poor. When they did come the stitching was slightly scruffy in some places and the top stained my hands somehow after the first wear so I’ll definitely hand wash to prevent staining other clothes. Aside these problems I do like what I ordered although I probably won’t purchase anything from Sorelle UK again as it doesn’t look like they do refunds either, just a bit too risky for me
Beyond disgusting
By PR on 7th January 2019
To cut a long story short Sorelle UK are a joke. I don't care about the money they have scammed from me but I do care about them getting away with no consequences for this action. My case is in the hands of the fraud team.
By Bianca on 19th December 2018
By Bianca on 19th December 2018
By Carer on 15th December 2018
I have taken my complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. I was disgusted with the way they treated my sister was treated.
Time is up for this company
By Anonymous on 28th October 2018
Everyone who is out of pocket bu not getting refunds on faulty goods or incorrect orders should not have to put up with this company and bad customer service
So my advice to all of you who have complained with no response is keep proof of any correspondence and take your case to trading standards or get legal advice now as to where you stand
‘‘This company based in Sheffield is probably run by a one man band and should not be trading
I am going to be giving all the information to trading standards about this company
So ‘SOREllUK’ your time is up you will not abuse the British customer any more wit your appalling customer service or lack of it
By Anonymous on 10th October 2018
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!!! I ordered an outfit from them it took 2 emails and an upgraded payment to get my order to me. It was no good so I sent it back. I’ve been trying for 2months now to get my money back and they just keep ignoring my emails. Do NOT shop with them. Proper scammers!
By Anonymous on 5th October 2018
I placed a review on Trust Pilot which commented on the terrible customer service and the fact that they do not offer refunds which is against UK trading law. Yesterday i received an email from Trust Pilot saying that my review has been temporarily removed as company have no recollection of my order, Sorelle state that i have left several reviews using different names.

This is a lie!! i have left one truthful review which will be reinstated as i have just forwarded necessary proof to Trust Pilot

There are several similar reviews as many people have the same complaints.

Please Please shop elsewhere with a reputable company that has some Customer service.
By Anonymous on 16th June 2018
The worst company I have ever used- I do not advise anyone to order through them. And when you email them to discuss the issues, they are so rude!
I ordered 7 items from Sorelle. Two items didn’t fit properly. Two items were damaged. The wrong colour body suit was sent with two dresses. And one item I didn’t even order. (I kept a dress and jumpsuit I ordered from them, which proves I am genuine)
When I returned them I got an email saying they would credit note me, even for the item I didn’t order! And they wouldnt refund the damaged items because they believe they were not sent out this way. So basically said I had put them there myself. They blocked me on Instagram after making a complaint- so who knows how many others they have done this to!
Eventually, after many rude emails from them they agreed to refund the Dress I didn’t order and one of the damaged dressed. But will not refund the items that don’t fit properly (even though every company, online or retail have to allow a refund period after purchasing. And you do not need an explanation) and refuse to refund the damaged dress because apparently they take pictures of their stock before it is sent out and I put the large black mark on the dress myself. Surely if the check and take pictures of every piece of clothing they send, they would have never have got my order wrong in the first place?
I am taking it further and I will get my money back and anyone else who has had issues with this company should do the same. They will soon not be allowed to trade!
After reading the replies to their customers on here too, they are just making themselves look worse- it’s quite laughable! My friend knows Manuela and did warn me about her- I should have listened!
By Claudia fernine on 5th February 2018
Just tagged myself in my sorelle dress on Instagram and made my 4th order,I’m in the USA and it arrives to me the day after I order!
I always look at their tagged photos to see different bodyshapes and what will look best on me As I am a size 12 and the model is very small
Great customer service
By Acacia on 5th February 2018
I read the reviews on here and was worried about ordering from this website but I did anyway as I loved the look of one of their tops. I ordered the top in pink but received an email about 15 minutes later explaining that colour was out of stock. They asked me if I wanted it in a different colour or to choose another item. They were very polite and apologetic and when I recieved my item (next day, Saturday!) I loved it and was very happy with the colour I chose instead. I will definitely be ordering from this website again.
Love this site
By Melissa Teens on 30th January 2018
Gorgeous outfits put together and every new item is better than the next.
Bought a pair of Vinyl pants and love them! Next day delivery is only about £1 more than standard so would recommend that!
love looking at all the tagged photos on their Instagram page, shows you that they are genuine
Bad customer service
By Alisha on 25th January 2018
The fact that they make you tick a small box to say you “agree to the terms and conditions” at check out is very dodgey. You feel tricked by the fact that you didn’t realise the products they sell are non-refundable. This is hidden in the T&C which they make you agree to on the purchase screen. Why not just write it clearly so that the buyer knows what they’re letting themselves into. Who in this day and age wastes their time to skim through a 1000 word page. Seems scam-ish to me! Also, when sending a complaint had no response from the company. Only when I escalated the issue with PayPal did they respond. And with an attitude and no apology.
KC customer
By Milan on 13th January 2018
I saw some of these reviews and was worried, however after going on the Instagram page I felt better about making my purchase . I absolutely love the coat I got and plan on ordering other items. The only downside is the cost of shipping to the US. I received my item in a short amount of time and I was able to track it.
Amazing dresses for my bridesmaids!
By Hannah alsop on 3rd January 2018
I bought 5 of the offshoulder Taylor dresses as bridesmaid dresses! I am over the moon! Amazing quality for a good price!

Will be recommending on my media
USA customer
By Mica Randi on 1st January 2018
Wanting to share some Christmas love with all at Sorelle UK.
Living in the states and admiring your site for a year now. I fell in love with your Taylor dress. I ordered express a little too late to get it in time for NYE but got it 24hrs after ordering!!
I’ll be rocking out in New York in my amazing SorelleUK dress
Lilly Anne
By Lilly Anne on 30th December 2017
Just received the ‘Taylor dress’ from sorelleUK! The quality is incredible I’m so happy I purchased for New Year’s Eve!
Love this website!
By Amelia linghard on 28th December 2017
I just tagged myself in a dress from this company on their Instagram!

Their are loads of tagged photos in customers wearing their beautiful dresses!

Quality in their luxury fur camo coat is incredible! It’s so soft and warm!
By Anonymous on 26th December 2017
CHEAP QUALITY! Do not order from Sorelle!
By Jackie Chlumsky on 5th December 2017
I received my shipment and the clothes were not as shown in the pictures. I wanted a refund but they wouldn’t give it to me. I read their policy AFTER the fact. No wonder they don’t order refunds because they KNOW that their merchandise is terrible. PLUS I had to pay customs. So I lost out on a couple hundred dollars and I am stuck with cheaply made clothes. How they are still in business is beyond me but something tells me that they won’t be for much longer.
Terrible customer service
By Carrie Kolba on 5th December 2017
I ordered their furry jacket last week and it was cheaply made and the little hook thingy for the fur was ripped. Customer service wouldn’t do anything about it for me.
I do not recommend buying from them at all.
Please do your research.
By Jennifer Z on 5th December 2017
DO NOT order from SorelleUK! The quality is horrible AND the customer service is even worse. I had to pay $80 to return my coat to them and they were RUDE. The zipper was damaged. So because they sold me a crappy coat, they were bitter that I didn’t want it.
By Anonymous on 30th November 2017
I ordered a top and a skirt. The top arrived with stains on and the quality was awful for the amount I had paid. The skirt was way to big for me even this I did check the measurements and it shod have fitted. I emailed the company multiple times to which I had no response. I then went to instagram to voice my complaints on their page, they then blocked me. DO NOT BUY HERE. You can certainly find the same items online for a cheaper price too. This was a terrible shopping experience and I completely wasted my money.
love my coat
By Maria on 20th November 2017
just received my order, i read some of the reviews on here after purchasing so was so worried until it came. strange that all the bad reviews are from "anonymous"
I live in Canada and chose express shipping. it came three days after my order was placed!
the coat is great quality, detachable faux fur gives it a really warm cosy feel.
can't wait to see what they bring out next!
I want everything
By Arna mathias on 2nd October 2017
So happy with my first Order! Hope I am as happy with my second order I have just placed.
My ripped jeans go with anything and I wear them nearly everyday great quality
Camouflage Coat!
By Litza on 25th September 2017
After seeing this coat on Instagram and wanting it since they sold out last year I finally got it!

It's better then I thought it would be! Amazing quality the false fur is so thick!

If you live in freezing Germany in the winter i defiantly recommend purchasing from this amazing web store!

I even tagged them in an Instagram photo
Awful customer service!!!
By Anonymous on 18th September 2017
Girls never order off sorelle uk!! There customer service is absolutely awful they are so rude
By Anonymous on 2nd September 2017
Worst customer service, clothes are terrible quality, don't waste time ordering from them
Horrible Customer Services
By Anonymous on 30th August 2017
Horrible customer service and poor quality!!
By Anonymous on 21st August 2017
I ordered a handbag from this website and I only wore it twice before it broke. The zip came off the first time I wore it so I attempted to wear it broken for a second time and the leather piece connected to the bag and the metal chain ripped off whilst it was on my shoulder, the bag wasn't overfilled or had anything heavy in it and it was just on my shoulder. I sent an email to Sorelle with pictures of the bag explaining what had happened and they replied with an automated message stating that they would reply within 72 hours (excluding Weekends and Bank Holidays). So I waited and waited and emailed again 17 days later saying 'You haven't replied to my message for 17 days?' and then another 16 days later I emailed saying 'I've messaged 3 times now and no reply' so they finally responded after a month asking for the paypal account that was used to make the order so I responded saying it was under my boyfriends name and gave the full name and I got no response again so I just gave up! This company is also very overpriced and clearly not very good quality and there customer service is absolutely dreadful, to not reply to a customer for a month about their rubbish stock is not good and i would not recommend this website!
By Anonymous on 21st June 2017
Just ordered clothes from this website and the clothes are awful material.. not impressed at all. I spent so much money,wouldn't recommend buying things from this website.
By AMMALEE SLIKERZ on 14th June 2017

Best place to buy from
By Lizzie Bottomley on 18th May 2017
love this site, you get what you pay for - wouldn't trust most companies online now coz they are forever using Sorelle UK photos to promote their cheap china knock offs.
If you want the real thing then buy form the original site.
Love my holiday bits!
Mega Happy with my purchase
By G Walker on 4th May 2017
Bought a few bits for my holiday. they came the next day and loved every one of the items.
I put a photo on Instagram and they even featured me in their InstaStory!! So Happy!
Searched everywhere for this bralette
By Chloe turner on 19th April 2017
Saw one of Sorelleuk's pictures on a random Instagram post, search everywhere to find the Bralette in the photo!
Finally found them and bought it! Was better then expected when it arrived I was so happy! Highly recommend
By Ellie blackwell on 10th April 2017
I bought a beautiful pink embroidered dress for £10 in the sale! Next day delivery which came on time! Can't wait for my next order!
My prom dress
By FATIMA LOWVER on 5th April 2017
In love with all my beautiful clothing! Best prom dress ever I can't thank you enough! ❤
By Anonymous on 5th April 2017
The clothes are an awful standard and the customer service is atroachous do not order from here you will waste your money
Lovely Customer Service
By Maggie x on 14th March 2017
Just need to give praise where it's needed.

I made an order two days ago, then about 3 minutes later saw an instagram post and had to buy the top advertised. so made another purchase.

yesterday i received an email from Sorelle UK to say they have refunded one lot of postage for me and combined my orders.

They didn't need to do this, as it was my choice to make a second purchase but service like this makes me want to order again from them.

I didn't ask for a refund on the postage but they obviously have customer service at the heart of their business.

Well done Sorelle UK, i can't think of any other company that would have done this off their own back!

Thank you!
By Anonymous on 10th March 2017
Absolutely awful company! Con for your money! Ignored emails! Refused return or refund so £150 worth of stuff wasted! Awful awful awful. DO NOT BOTHER!
Great site
By Jenna on 21st February 2017
I ordered a dress after stumbling on the website and then had instant regrets after reading all of these reviews.

And then I got an email my item shipped with no tracking number. Panic.

I emailed the owner and got a reply almost instantly with a tracking number. I ordered my dress on Thursday, February 16, 2017 and it was delivered today (Tuesday, February 21, 2017. I am in Toronto, Canada.

The dress is very nice and I am so pleased with how fast it came.

Thank you!!!!!
Worth a purchase
By Liliana amaya on 21st February 2017
Even though the shipping costs are high to Miami I'm happy I made the order for a few items!
Delivered to my house within a week, fits perfectly can't complain!
In love with this website!
By Jeneva indilch on 17th February 2017
Received my items today! Quick 3 day delivery to Germany

Ordered 7 bras, so cute

like this site
By Malika Rabba on 16th February 2017
ordered from here two weeks ago, the clothes are good for the price.

Will order again because there prices are good
By Anonymous on 14th February 2017
After ordering over £200 worth of items for my holiday and waiting over a week for my delivery I ended up having to email constantly to track the items down. When they finally did arrive one of the tops I had ordered had a strap hanging on by a thread!! I returned the item recorded delivery and have since spent the last 11 weeks fighting for them to answer me. I have been ignored since before December, we are now in February!! After they FINALLY responded (after me having to comment on their public Instagram post) they said the signature proof I had to prove my item was sent back was not recognised. they then asked for a tracking number (which I had already given them) and I then waited several more weeks before having to hunt them down again for a response. To which they have now issued me finally with a credit note... I certainly will not be accepting a credit note as I know my consumer rights. Terrible company, crap customer service and basically day light robbery. The clothes are of the worst quality I have ever bought and would certainly not have bought any of the items had I known this previously. Trust me guys, run a mile!!
Amazing quality coat!
By Indre on 6th February 2017
After seeing the luxury camo coat with combat fur I had to purchase! Even though buying from the other side of the world is risky I was reassured by looking at the sorelleUK tagged photos on Instagram!

My coat and Adrianna Bralette came within 2 weeks of ordering and I couldn't be happier with the quality! The fake fur was very thick!

I also tagged them in my photo on Instagram which they commented and reposted on their Instagram! Over the moon thankyou very much!

Indre x
Shame on you Sorelleuk shame on you!!!!!
By TF on 5th February 2017
Sorelleuk are an awful company to buy from, and with respect to the person that said ppl leave bad reviews all the time I.e rival companies. I'd suggest that with this company that is not that case, in fact I think most of the half decent reviews on here are put on by Sorrelleuk themselves.

There is no value for money, in fact one can buy much better quality bras or cloths from more reputable company's for that same of price or a little more.

They debited my account before dispatching items and when my order arrived it was incomplete and they had sent the wrong item. I ordered three bralette's, one was not included in the order so only two were delivered, of those two one was not what I ordered and both where of extremely poor poor quality!
I'd advise anyone considering buying from the site, to think again or better still don't do it.
The images on their website are deceiving and do not paint an accurate picture of what is delivered.
I have repeated asked for my money back and returned their poor quality products but have not heard anything from them, most online stores won't just ignore you unless they are dodgy.

I will be taking the advise of the reviewer below and spreading the word about this awful company and reporting them to PayPal!

Don't be fooled ppl, I'm a police officer and I very rarely take the time to write reviews but on this occasion it's not just bad service or rude staff, these ppl are in effect stealing and if the shop was on a high street I would definitely be visiting them in full uniform.
Love their clothes but hate the wait
By Alia P on 27th January 2017
After shopping 'similar' sites I stumbled across Sorelle UK on Instagram.
Their photos and approach is different to other sites with the consistency of using just one model in 'real life' situations instead of overly staged photos.
As a blogger I need to keep up to date with the latest fashion (and try not to spend all my income on one purchase!) - so Sorelle is ideal. The clothes are current and good value for money.
Shipping to the US is costly for just one item so I tend to have a splurge once every couple of months so that I get value for the shipping cost. They seem to use the normal USPS postal service which is a little slow for me so my one star knock off is for that - come on guys! Use a faster service :)
Better than expected
By Matt Summerby on 27th January 2017
Needed help ordering for my girlfriend - mailed the customer service and got a reply the next day.

They answered all my questions and when the items arrived I was really happy.

My girlfriend was over the moon with my choices and all the pieces looks great on!

Thanks to whoever helped me, looks like I now know where to go for Valentine's Day gifts!!
By Sarah allott on 4th January 2017
Anyone can leave fake reviews on this page

Example- competitive clothing company's wanting to leave a bad mark.

This website "shopslike" you should have to sign into a legit email acccount to be able to leave a review, looking through these negative comments and thinking how false they look!

i have shopped with sorelleuk for two years now.. as they recognised the loyalty I also have my own discount code!

Never once had a problem and will continue loving their clothing!
Christmas gift!
By Issac toniual on 3rd January 2017
Ordered a luxury fur camo coat from sorelleuk on the 15th December for my girlfriend, we live in Germany and we received it on the 22nd December.. just in time to give it her for Christmas!.
She loved it! Better then expected,great quality!
She has posted many photos of it on instagram and also tagged sorelleuk!

Thank you will look forward to buying more next Christmas
By Anonymous on 20th December 2016
I had the worst experience with this company!
I live in Australia so understood my items might take a while to come but after waiting 6 weeks I thought I would email the company for a tracking number just to see how much longer I would be waiting. Another week passed and I still hadn't got a response. I was annoyed by this because before I purchased my items I sent an email enquiry and received a reply within 24hours so I sent a second email and STILL no reply. When it got to the 8 week point I was starting to worry that this was a scam and so I sent a PM to their Instagram page stating that I was not impressed what to so ever. They opened that message but AGAIN no reply. At this point I decided to research the company and look for reviews and of course came across loads of bad reviews. I wish I checked reviews before purchasing. The final thing I thought I would do was to send one more email because I had spent over $200 with this company plus a huge postage charge. I emailed once more but this time i threanted to share my horrible experience around and warn people not to buy from this company. I also said I would be taking this to PayPal to get them to investigate so I could get my money refunded. I received a reply within 48 hours. The girl claimed to have no received any of my emails even though I attached photo proof of previous emails I had sent.... she provided me with a tracking number and said she would get my items sent out right away. About a week later I received my items in the mail however one of my items was the wrong colour and the other pieces were cheap tacky quality. For the amount of money I spent I expected the receive good quality clothing that wasn't see through crap material that you literally can't even wear because it covers nothing. I understand some items on the website state you will require nipple covers but for a dress I paid $60 for.... my underwear was completely visible even with a g string or seemless underwear. I expected more. Please don't waste your time and money with this company. If you MUST buy from them PLEASE purchase through PayPal and request a tracking number immediately to save yourself being completely stuffed around for weeks on end!
Sorelle UK Review
By Stephanie G on 19th December 2016
Order placed 1st Dec and received on the 5th of December - pleased that it came on time.

Dresses were of the quality expected and a good price

company delivered to expectation, no issues hens the 5 star rating.

Will order again
Best of British
By Josie Zen on 17th December 2016
I never usually buy from British sites as it's usually a pain to send items back from Canada.
But my friend bough from this site a few months ago and we got what was advertised so I felt a little happier buying.

The model is super cute and I love the style.

The coat I bought was perfect! I just wish they'd open a Canadian site so I don't have to wait so long for delivery!
Love this site
By Denise Malpas on 17th December 2016
Best site by far! Always the best photos
Clothes are the best value for money too - I just need to remortgage so I can buy everything!!!
Absolutely foul and degrading
By Anonymous on 15th December 2016
So I ordered a top from this site...

Clicked and payed for next day delivery... £7

It didn't come the next day; I wrote to the customer care and was ignored several times then finally I wrote to the lady on insta...

I got a reply the owner of the clothing site who is also the insta account only was absolutely foul. Spurting insults and was very unhelpful...

Order at your own risk
My new favourite site!!
By Maggie de Souse on 13th December 2016
Beyond excited to wear my new purchases.
This site is amazing!!
Thanks SorelleUK - will be ordering again soon
order merchandise
By Sarah on 10th December 2016
how can I order. the site will not allow me to add my address. It keeps asking for the state.
Great value for money
By Martine Huggler on 7th December 2016
First time shopping on this site.
Ordered the faux fur coat with black trim , seen it on other sites but ordered from here as they had the biggest Black Friday discount.
The quality is amazing! Love the Faux Fur!
Will feel much more confident buying more from this site.
Only downside is the smaller sizes go quickly
I have been waiting 3 weeks for a refund
By Beckie on 29th November 2016
I returned my order first class signed for and it was signed for on 9/11/16, today it 29/11/16.
I bought two pairs of trousers as I wasn't sure what size I would need, costing £50. I didn't keep either pair as they were MILES too long. I have had no response so I have emailed them twice and messaged them on Instagram - no reply either way, and I like I say it has been 3 weeks. Robbing theives, I had emailed them my proof of postage and with proof they have signed for it but just getting ignored!!!
Bad rep but not deserved
By Alexandra Pennance on 14th November 2016
Never usually write reviews but saw that that this site I've used a couple of times has got a some bad reviews so wanted to try and even it out.

The clothes are reasonably priced and therefore the quality reflects that - everything I've ever ordered has been great. They take all their own photos using one model, loads of other sites steal their photos and probably don't even stock the same thing.

They could do with having despatch emails so you know when your item is coming - that's probably a negative

The people who work there are human so if you need any assistance I'm sure they are not ignoring you. Could be a number of reasons why they don't respond - mails going to junk mail, DMs going as message requests if they don't follow you...
By Anonymous on 7th November 2016
THIS IS THE WORST WEBSITE IVE EVER SHOPPED AT. I don't even know how this company is still running, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Their clothes are not at all what they look like online. This website is a fraud and I will never be ordering from them again.
By H. on 28th October 2016
This company customer service is not good. Thought that I will be one of the few ones but the reviews are baaad for this site! Seemingly being successful is false, this does not seem like a successful business so whoever is behind it- dont be so cocky.
By anger on 20th October 2016
This stupid website never again will I order from here again!! nor will i recommend to anyone, Don't waist your time or money here, I ordered a shirt from here, never received a tracking number I emailed them a week ago still no respond (which they say to give them 48 hours to respond) which they never did. so I have now opened a claim with paypal they also have been trying to get a hold of the company by emailing them but no reply as well, But that's fine if they don't reply to paypal in 10 days I will be getting my money back :) And the shipping is expensive as hell to the U.S
By LYNDSEY on 25th September 2016
Clothes look amazing online. My dress arrived faulty. Returned dress to them but they deny all knowledge. I have proof of postage, but that's not good enough to for them apparently. They have told me to go to trading standards, so I off I go.
Disgusting customer service. How does this company still exist

Do not waste your time or money with them.
By Anonymous on 18th September 2016
I have previously left a bad review for this website and I feel awful honestly it was my mistake. I thought the seller was ignoring me but She had messaged me privately about my order but I never saw it because it was a message request because we wasn't following each other. I have now received my order and it is lovely, fits perfect and looks like the picture. it even come with a voucher for 10% off my next order in the parcel. I apologise and take back my previous comments. The clothes are beautiful and decent priced.
Will never use again!
By Lesley on 16th September 2016
Ordered a dress for my daughter on 6th Sept. No order confirmation from the company at all as yet. All I have is confirmation that payment has been taken from paypal. My daughter has emailed and heard nothing. WIsh I had read these reviews first and wouldn't have gone near them. I will have to try and get a refund through paypal now. This company should be reported to trading standards. Seems like they take a lot of peoples money and don't deliver!
By Hattie Lloyd on 15th September 2016
Reading these reviews and thinking.. It's strange how no one leaves their names on negative ones?.. I order from this website almost every week and use a discount code that they always have.. Amazing quality and the prices are even better! I always order next day delivery and they have never disappointed!
Just don't
By Anonymous on 15th September 2016
Do not order from this website. Their clothes look beautiful yes but will you receive them? Probably not.
I ordered a pair of trousers from this website and I never received confirmation email or delivery information. After a couple of days I emailed them to make sure they received my order (as payment had been taken) and wondering when I should expect it. They ignored my emails. I then decided to go on their Instagram account and comment on a picture of the same trousers I had ordered explaining that I hadn't received any emails about my order and that I was being ignored. They deleted my comment almost instantly.
The fact that they are not responding to me at all and deleting my comments means it is highly unlikely I will ever receive this order. I am going to open a dispute with PayPal to attempt to get my money back and I will never be ordering from this seller again. I recommend no one else ever order from this website either.
Amazing trousers!
By Amanda rippin on 31st August 2016
Amazing quality for the price! Would order again But only on next day delivery as ididn't realise I had to wait 4 working days for standard delivery!
By Anonymous on 29th August 2016
This was my first time buying from this website and it's by far the worst experience I have had with online shopping. I ordered a dress it finally turned up after a week even though It said I would get next day delivery the dress was tacky and cheap looking and It was a completely different colour to the one that was shown on the model on the website I have tried emailing customer services for a refund but still haven't heard anything back from them. Do not order from this website i wish I had read the reviews before I placed my order. If you go to scam adviser.com they have ranked this website as 36% safe meaning it's a high risk of being a scam.
Never received my order
By Anonymous on 23rd August 2016
I ordered on the 1st of August and paid £3.99 for next day delivery it is now the 23rd of August and I still haven't received my order. I contacted the customer services and received no reply from them, I then contacted the customer services a second time and again received no reply. This is without a doubt the worst experience I have dealt with buying online the customer service (or the lack of) is shocking. When I made my order I received no order confirmation email from them or a order number I only had a email from PayPal saying the money has been taken out of my account. I would not recommend buying from this website it is very shady and looking at the reviews here I'm not the first one to not receive my order
Never again
By Anonymous on 5th August 2016
I ordered from them back in June. Still haven't received items. I emailed the company 3 times with no response back. I would never order from them, EVER again!
Sent faulty items
By Anonymous on 25th June 2016
terrible customer service.
the items sent were faulty and cheaply made. After two emails sent, and 16 days, there was not a sound back from the seller.
Only interested in making the sale, nothing else.
would never use again and would never suggest to friends.
Miss K
By Anonymous on 1st June 2016
Ordered a maxi dress from here. On the model it was a figure hugging, champagne dress, but what I received was a baggy, wrinkled cloth. They don't refund either.
Rude af
By Anonymous on 14th May 2016
I purchased a loungewear set in grey and in black. Had them shipped to the US which is costly, REGARDLESS. I try on the first set which is totally see through and then the second which is see through as well. I posted on their insta that my sets were seethrough and they rudely wrote back, "maybe you ordered the wrong size...We see thousands and YOURS is see through." I ordered a M/L in both sets. Im a 36d and a size US 6. A M/L should have fit without being totally seethrough and this was with me standing up...I would not order from the site if out of the country because shipping is too expensive, the quality of the clothing sucks, and the cost to ship back and deal with the junk customer service is not worth it.
Worst company I've dealt with
By Anonymous on 4th April 2016
Ordered a dress twice and paid extra for next day delivery. Both times the dress didn't arrive with no explanation or apology from them letting me know it wouldn't be arriving. I have emailed 3 times demanding my money back but still no reply. I had to eventually raise a dispute in PayPal to get my money back, they refunded it but still no email! You don't receive any sort or communication from them at any point it's ridiculous, avoid!!
By Anonymous on 3rd April 2016
I have ordered twice from this company and both times sent the items back due to them not being suitable. On the first occasion they denied all knowledge of a parcel and I did not receive any refund/credit note.
On the second occasion I made sure I sent the item back signed delivery. They again denied all knowledge of the item being received despite me having evidence that the item had been signed for by them. They have since ignored all emails.
Terrible customer service and the clothing is cheap quality.
Lovely little site
By Macie Loveday on 14th March 2016
Love this site and how the clothes are so on trend and not stupidly expensive, even on a student budget!

Love the model too
Great boutique but run out of small sizes quick
By Jessica Orzo on 24th January 2016
Great clothes but you have to be quick as they run out of small sizes quick.
Bought my birthday dress from here and love it! Bought two more for other special occasions :):)
Brilliant online store
By Francesca Emery on 4th January 2016
Shopped here three times now, nice clothes for the price.
The staff are always really helpful, it's a small business for what I can gather so you need to read the terms and conditions of sale before you buy.
You have to pay for returns which is understandable as many small businesses insist on due to the fact that they'd probably spend loads on postal charges for people who are paying for inexpensive clothes.
Overall great for the price!
By Anonymous on 10th December 2015
I would never buy from here again the dress I ordered was £25 then £5 delivery the dress didn't fit so I sent it back paying £3 postage then never got a refund as they claim I never recieved the item so lost out on £30
By Anonymous on 27th November 2015
I've had two experiences with this shop, my first experience was excellent I bought a dress for my birthday that I absolutely loved! The quality of this clothes are decent and the prices are good so you can't expect the best but overall I was happy. My second experience was not so good, I ordered a top but when receiving it I didn't like the fit and it just didn't suite me, which is understandable as not everyone is the same but when I asked for a refund they only offer a credit note, now for one this is against trading standards as you must offer refunds. Secondly I have to pay to return the item which would cost around 5.00 plus I paid 3.00+ to receive the item and then I'd have to pay again for postage when I receive the credit? How is this fair the item cost 20.00, 23.00 with postage so I'm only credited 20.00 back yet I have to pay nearly 10.00 to get another item. I would not recommend orders from this company unless you know your going to love everything they send you which isn't always the case. Now I'm stuck with an item I don't even want and I've lost out on 23.00
Amazing online store!!
By Natalie Granger on 25th November 2015
Love love love this online store!

Clothes are always perfectly packaged and great quality. Love that it's always up to date fashion and the clothes don't cost a fortune

Will be a regulary returning customer!
By Sue farmer on 17th November 2015
I have made 6 orders from www.sorelleuk.com, they come and are always beautiful packaged! You can email them and they respond with a tracking number as their packages are always send signed for! Highly recommend the clothing and service!
No package, no refund
By Trine on 4th November 2015
I ordered a package worth 70£, but I have never recieved it. After several emails I got an answer saying that it is at my local post office (I contacted them, it isn' t). After that I got a very rude response, and then no answer. I have written about 20 emails now, they dont reply, and they still have my money and my package. I have never tried anything so unprofessional before. Don't buy anything from that site!!!!!
By Anonymous on 2nd September 2015
Didn't receive eyelashes and is refusing to send them to me or give me a refund! Asked politely what was going on and got a rude reaponse! Absolutely disgusting!
Very disappointed
By Anonymous on 4th May 2015
The dress broke the first time I wore it. The strap snapped which meant me having to go home early and change. Ruined my night!!!
Avoid at all costs
By Suzanne on 25th February 2015
I ordered a dress for my daughter from this website. The dress arrived plucked and with a black mark on the front of it. When I contacted the seller, I was told that they do not offer refunds, only credit notes. I stated that I would return the dress, if they would agree to pay for return postage. They refused. This goes against the Sale of Goods Act completely. I emailed frequently and was ignored until I said I was giving them five days to respond before I contacted Trading Standards. Their reply? 'Contact them.' I have since contacted Trading Standards who are now looking into this company. The fact that they state 'no refunds' on their website is illegal. They were insistent that the dress was sent out perfectly, and I was willing to believe the damage had happened in transit (even though I still have the original, undamaged packaging). I am sure their clothes are lovely, but their customer service skills are non-existent. I have never ordered from this site before and obviously won't again.

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