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Last updated 26th March 2019

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Excellent Idea
By John Klip on 7th March 2013
I have used many Services but never came across such hassle Free approach. All I needed to do was to be at home when the pick up courier service came to pick up the valuables, money was paid as soon as verification  completed. 
Quick and easy
By Florence on 13th February 2013
A friend recommended 62days to me as I wanted to sell some bits and pieces, including some old jewellery I have been given, but never ever wear and a few bits of silverware, cutlery, candle stick, that kind of stuff.
62days was really helpful, gave me a quote for the whole lot, picked it up the same afternoon and after they have received it the next morning, I had the money in my account within minutes. This has been two weeks ago. So will certainly bare them in mind next time I have something to sell and can't thank my friend enough for the tip.
Total Con - don't ever use!!
By Kim Russell on 6th February 2013
Absolute Con - Don't ever use them
Quoted £273.00 initially, when they received the jewellery reduced to £168.00 - paid £118.00 plus a voucher to spend on their site!!! And on top of that if you don't want to go ahead they charge £38.00 to get your stuff back. Wouldn't go near them with a barge pole!!!
Free appraisal for my rings
By Lucy on 3rd February 2013
I used 62 Days two weeks ago, as I wanted to sell some rings.
Unfortunately I did not know all the details, so they gave me a price based on assumption, which they amended when they had the rings. As it was less that I hoped for, they send me my rings back completely for free.
Good thing, now that they have checked the rings, I have all the details I need for my rings and can compare prices much better. Can only recommend them.
Cash for goods
By anne on 4th September 2012
We had some old jewellery we no longer needed but we did need the cash so looked into ways to achieve this. Googled 'how to make money' and 62 days was the first site to be listed. It is easy to upload photos and details and you are coached along the way if more information is required. I had problems accessing chat and email when I had questions about what happened with goods if they were higher or lower carats than I listed and ended up having to ring. I found it VERY confusing when it came to cash and vouchers, particularly when I was first told that, being in the UK, I would be paid totally in sterling and not vouchers but then found out this was not the case. I don't need any vouchers as the plan was to sell jewellery we didn't need, not to accrue any more, though I am fairly pleased with the amount of money we finally received. It is more than taking it to an antique dealer or jeweller and less of a gamble than an auction. Overall, would do it again!

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