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Last updated 17th July 2020

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TERRIBLE. RUDE. DON'T SHOP FROM or Choice stores unless your item fits you 100% !
By Anonymous on 23rd April 2014
I've been shopping from Choice store in Canary Wharf and also from website.

Recently I purchased a shirt that was on sale. You know the sale items are being tried on very frequently, and a white shirt is not expected to be completely clean when it's on sale.

Anyway, It was a bit large, but I thought my tailor could amend it to my size, so I purchased it and took it to my tailor's shop.  He told be it couldn't be amended as its style was very different and Italian-cut, so I took it back just after the Easter. 

First, the lady at the cash desk exactly said that "the particular shirt isn't supposed to be AS CHEAP AS 50 POUNDS, it was sold at that price because it was a faulty item and Choice store does not accept any refunds or exchanges for faulty items."

Then I wrote to their customer services.I told them I had no idea that the item was faulty and advised that what they were doing was illegal. 

The customer services replied me by saying the store refused my refund because the item was "screwed up" and worn, which was totally unacceptable. 

They just easily blamed me for buying, wearing and returning. The fact is; even if I try the shirt on me, it's f**** large and I can't wear it. It looks silly so what's the point in wearing it? I swear I did not wear the shirt. I swear to God.

Anyway, first I took it to the store. The store said the item is faulty, so they refused. Then the customer services said the shirt was worn before WITHOUT EVEN SEEING IT! As you can see, two departments concocting different stories..

As you will understand, the company is totally dishonest, rude and negative.

I'd recommend you to buy something that you are 100% sure it's gonna fit you. Otherwise you'll never get a refund or exchange. 
They'll try to fob off anything on you. Be careful.

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