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Last updated 27th March 2019

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Morrisons anti wrinkle eye cream
By Mary Cameron on 30th May 2011
I have used Morrisons anti wrinkle eye cream for quite some time now and think it is wonderful. The price is very good and I think it is the BEST eye cream I have tried. I am 65 and find this cream works very well. I find some of the more expensive brands don't sink in very well, where this product sinks in very quickly. The eye cream does what it says on the box and is very easy to use. I LOVE it. Could not find it last time I was shopping in Morrisons please don't say they have discontinued this product!
Why I like Morrisons
By Elliot on 28th February 2011
Being a student on a loan, the comparatively large selection of own brand and value products is heaven. I also go there for handwash, shower gel, shampoo, toilet roll, kitchen roll (etc)... all ridiculously cheap.

There are also the fresh meat/fish/bread sections. I often like a loaf of freshly backed bread. It's not too expensive either, especially compared to the "Farmers Market" that come every week and somehow get away with charging a very lot to students.

One disadvantages is that they don't do deliveries. This doesn't really bother me since I probably wouldn't want to pay the delivery charge anyway since I chose to cycle rather than pay for bus tickets.

Another disadvantage is that it is often quite crowded.

In conclusion, there are more reasons for me to go to Morrisons.

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