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Last updated 26th August 2020

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By Em on 12th February 2015
I own an online store and have never shopped or looked on this website before, i was told by a friend at work that she wanted a ring from regal rose for her birthday so naturally searched instagram first to look for the one she was talking about.

I found that they had blocked my shop profile for no reason at all, I've never left any abusive comments or acted in a way which would warrant such behaviour. I sell mineral jewellery but after looking on the website, we don't sell anything at all similar so i really don't understand what the issue could be.

I googled out of curiosity to see if anyone else had picked up on this, and found this review thread. Seems like a reoccurring issue, which is a real shame. Very sad to see such an unsupportive and hostile attitude towards fellow artists. I agree with the below, the comments are childish, but I suppose it's as equally childish as blocking people for no reason

No hard feelings towards them anyway, i'm sure they have a reason for it but as a result I will be looking for an alternative shop to purchase my friends gift.
Regal Rose Rocks!
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2015
Above comments are very 'childish'. I'm sure regal rose had very good reason to block these abaove. Never had a problem with regal rose and I have been shopping with it since 2008! Great store, couldn't help their customers more. 5 star *****
lol regal rose blocked me because i'm a jewellery designer
By Anonymous on 16th January 2015
same situation as the other comment, no joke. i wouldn't shop there for myself because it's overpriced and a bit tacky, but was looking for the instagram because my sister said she wanted some head chain from there for her birthday. they must be seriously scared of competition to be so childish, ended up buying elsewhere for her as a result  
By Anonymous on 20th November 2014
Regal Rose blocked me on Instagram because I sell crystal necklaces. I am a previous customer but will not be returning again! 

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