So so bad Luxdeco
By Anonymous on 18th March 2024
This company are so bad, they don’t answer emails, phone calls, anything you just can’t get in touch with them.

My advice DO NOT USE THEM!
By Ad on 18th March 2024
I work for a national wholesaler, and we ordered a chandelier and various items from this company for one of our big customers (total value around £15000)

As seems the way with this company, we are still waiting, 6 months later, for the goods, despite them taking the money from our company credit card.

After numerous attempts to get an update, I kept getting told 'Lorenzo' needs to sort this for you, but every time I phone (no matter what time of day) he was on lunch.

Only after some heavily worded emails did he respond saying ''they will be with you soon''

6 months later. No answer on the phone, no answer to any emails (I have emailed all employees I can find on their website and they all just bounce back).

I can also see the CEO was registered for Forbes but has since disappeared off their register.

Our head office will now be taking legal proceedings against this company.
Crooks. beware
By Anonymous on 14th March 2024
i ordered two item over a year ago and recently they stopped even to reply. Beware
i have been emailing endlessly and no one is replying from either the phone, emails or even management.

what shocks me is they are up and running. an active website taking money as well.

how is this even legal?
Fraud Alert! LuxDeco is a scam! Do not order from this company!
By Andreas Brunglinghaus on 21st February 2024
Do NOT order from this company!
I ordered two lamps for a client and they gladly took my money. A few weeks later they cancelled the order. Months have gone by and despite numerous emails and calls they still have not send a refund. I have only received multiple generic emails and empty promises "I'll escalate this up to a manager" or "Jeffrey, Lorenzo, etc. will call you back before 5pm"... "all the managers are on the other line right" . NOTHING. No returned phone calls, no refund. Nada. Just empty words and blatant lies and excuses!
This company is fraud! Any positive review is clearly fake. This company does not deserve a single star! Refund peoples money! Total scam and Trading Services should seriously look into them. Please close them down!
Fraud - Luxdeco
By Anonymous on 15th January 2024
I have placed an order worth 10K in the month of May 2023 with the delivery date of Aug 2023. We started following up with Luxdeco on the delivery schedule but there was no response from them and they later said there was some mismanagement with our order and agreed to pay the refund. We have been chasing since Sep 2023 for our refund but nothing credited as of now. We have called them many times with the same response that their accounts team is processing the payment. Very bad customer service. No response from their management. Worst experience with this company. This company is a fraud and cheater. We will be going to the police to file a complaint against them.
By Anonymous on 4th January 2024
Never place an order here!! Everything is always late.
Cancelled an order two month ago and still waiting for my refund of almost £1200, despite emailing them at least once a week. This should not be legal.
By Anonymous on 28th November 2023
Do not order from this company!! I ordered an expensive product with a delivery date of 2-3 weeks. This product still hasn’t arrived 3 months later and I have had no clarity from luxdeco on delivery date. I have had to call 3 times a week to receive updates that they ‘don’t know where it is’, promise of escalation to management and no calls or updates after that. There are plenty of other companies like Sweetpea & Willow that provide the same products with faster and more reliable delivery dates. I would recommend shopping there instead.
Outdoor furniture? not a chance but they'll take your money
By Anonymous on 16th March 2023
Ordered some amazing outdoor furniture 10 months ago (May 2022). Despite chasing, chasing, chasing - customer service (such as it is) had nothing to say - backlogs being cleared bah, bah, blah, we'll keep you informed, blah, blah, blah..........tumbleweed!

So as we head into another spring I have reluctantly cancelled my order and have the joy of attempting to get a refund processed for almost $3,000

All I can say is I wish I'd checked more of the reviews of this 'shower of shit' called LuxDeco. Please don't give them your order and don't give them an extended, interest free loan like I have done.

We shall see if I get my money back pronto of if I will dust off a suit to see them in court.

By Anonymous on 2nd August 2022
Agree with others.

These people simply do not know the meaning of Customer Service.

Plenty of better choices.
Appalling customer service
By D Moore on 3rd February 2022
Complete lack of customer service.
Not taking calls or answering emails.
Awful company
By Anonymous on 20th September 2018
Just an atrocious company to buy from and deal with in general. Could not be further from Luxury.
After product already being over 2 month delayed they then have the audacity when I contact (yet again I contacting them - they do not contact) to say it is in their warehouse and now waiting for dispatch in 10 days?! Send it out first class, next working day to your customers who are waiting! Treat your customers better, we have our clients the other side to let down.
You are meant to be selling Luxury... Luxury products with awful delays and customer service does not work.
Avoid this retailer
By Anon on 15th May 2018
This company is awful, they take full payment for items and then it takes 8-9 weeks for delivery. They do not contact you if there is a delay or reply to your calls. My order took 9 weeks , when I called , they said there was a delay !! Really , after 9 weeks. As a result, I asked for my money back , which , in turn , took 30 days . This in total was over 3 mths , where they had an interest free loan of my money . Don’t buy a thing from this deceitful company .
Appalling company - do not trust them
By Anonymous on 27th April 2017
As almost everyone else has said this is a terrible company and I wish I hadn't ever used them. I made an order on 22nd Dec 2016 with an 8 week lead-time. 18 weeks later I have still not received it, nor do I have any hope of receiving it. They refuse to refund me, only give me vague updates, won't put me through to any managers and just fob me off every time. I have never had any contact with them that hasn't been a result of me chasing them, they are totally uninterested in customer service. I am going to take legal action against them as I have no trust in them.
4-5 week delivery time - 13 weeks and counting AVOID!
By Disappointed on 2nd March 2017
I placed an order for a piece of furniture on the 26th November 2016 which had a 4-5 week delivery timeframe. It will be 14 weeks this Saturday and I will be calling them tomorrow for a refund. Terrible customer service, failure to respond to agreed call backs, failure to respond to emails. I've contacted them several times only to be told there is a problem with their supplier and they don't know when they will be able to complete my order. The customer service Is shocking and I would strongly suggest avoiding this company. Luxdeco might sell high end goods but they fail to deliver a high end service not to mention failing to supply you with what you have paid for. AVOID AVOID AVOID
By Anonymous on 27th February 2017
Wish I had seen these reviews before. Same thing as what everyone else describes here happened to me and still waiting for a refund, again was told would take 30 days!, which now I worry I might never get...Luxdeco is a scam
By Anonymous on 4th February 2017
Like so many others here, I ordered items on the website, waited months (never heard a word from them except in delayed response to my many requests for updated information about the status), now it is four months after my order and no sign of either my items or a refund. Do NOT order from them.
Ditto - to be avoided!
By Anonymous on 23rd January 2017
5 months later, they hang on to my money, no delivery, no updates, no ability to give an estimated delivery. Sham company - do not use!
Follow up to Christmas Review
By Victoria on 10th January 2017
Unsurprisingly, LuxDeco have now told me the order will not be completed at the end of January, and they are unable to advise of any probably date of delivery. I have asked for a full and prompt refund - and I will post here again if I do not receive it. Shockingly bad service - avoid this website.
Failed to fulfill Christmas delivery
By Victoria on 19th December 2016
I wish I had read the other poor reviews of this company before placing an order.

I ordered a Christmas gift at the beginning of November and contacted LuxDeco this week to enquire about the delay. They can offer no reason but tell me the item won't be delivered until the end of January at the earliest. (Having read other reviews I'll be surprised if it does indeed arrive by then.) This is so disappointing as I now have no Christmas gift for my mother.

I would recommend avoiding this company.
LuxDeco - Terrible. Beware.
By N. Vendemiati on 1st December 2016
I bought 4 wall lights on 28th June online, they never arrived. Subsequently, in early November, LuxDeco agreed to cancel the order. I still haven't received any refund. I am fed up of being palmed off.

I had also placed a separate order for a cushion online which has never materialised.

The customer service has been appalling. They are amateurs, unable to run a business, unable to fulfil orders or manage the logistics and cashflow of their business. I am out of pocket over £1,000. Beware. Don't buy from them, the website may look good, but what sits behind it is rotten to the core.
Love these guys
By Pam Hollingsworth on 10th October 2016
At last a site that has all the products that I want and none of that overly modern plastic rubbish. Couldn't recommend them more the white glove delivery team were so polite. I have bought an AMAZING sofa and some accessories and they made the whole process effortless. I received a sample of my sofa fabric before I made my choice which was great, I was slightly concerned about not sitting on it before I bought but I am glad I didn't worry too much as it is perfect. I just wish that they did stuff for children
Great company, great selection
By Melinda Smith Clarke on 6th October 2016
I really love the items that feature on LuxDeco, there is just so much choice. I bought a few pieces for home and I am on my 3rd order now with them. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The support I have received has been great and I have loved everything that has been delivered. The packaging is also divine! I would recommend :)
By ANDREW FARMER on 5th October 2016
i wouldn't give a single star to this company, i placed an order with them they took my money and never supplied the order, it took me 5 weeks to find out that they had sold my order and it was discontinued, no refund or apology, not able to speak with anyone in management or owners as nobody in the building. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY, THEIR SITE LOOKS GOOD BUT THERE IS ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. IF YOU WANT A GOOD PRODUCT & GOOD SERVICE THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY FOR YOU!!

I have never been ripped off so blatantly before, i am instructing my solicitor today if i do not receive a full refund along with compensation.

i will update this blog when i have more news!!

By ANDREW on 5th October 2016
i wouldn't give a single star to this company, i placed an order with them they took my money and never supplied the order, it took me 5 weeks to find out that they had sold my order and it was discontinued, no refund or apology, not able to speak with anyone in management or owners as nobody in the building. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY, THEIR SITE LOOKS GOOD BUT THERE IS ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. IF YOU WANT A GOOD PRODUCT & GOOD SERVICE THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY FOR YOU!!
By Lucy on 18th August 2016
We purchased thousands of pounds worth of goods from this terrible company. Their website is beautiful and product offering fantastic but the actual service is appalling - I have never had such an awful experience with a company. Their estimated delivery dates are complete rubbish - we're still waiting for items with estimated delivery dates of 2 months ago.

The customer service however is the worst part of this extremely poor company - Greta and Ashley (there only seems to be two customer care people) are extremely incompetent - ignoring emails, promising to call back and never doing so, ignoring, ignoring, ignoring. Having read the other reviews on here it appears they are clearly very busy dealing with the endless complaints about estimated delivery dates not being met and wrong products being sent (a friend ordered a table from them and was sent the wrong one).

Throughout my horrible experience dealing with this company (we ordered the tables months in advance for a jewellery shop opening - we've had to open the shop without the furniture) Ashley and Greta refused to put me through to any higher management. I'm guessing management have got fed up of furious customers being put through, judging by all the terrible reviews I have read online since. The whole experience was actually quite distressing in the end and extremely frustrating.

This is such an appalling company. Do not shop here - you'll waste hours of you time chasing and dealing with horrendous service.
Do not use this company
By Anonymous on 17th August 2016
As with all the previous reviews - which I wish i had read. I paid in full and am still waiting for the goods 3 months later. I actually begin to wonder if this is a pyramid scheme.... They refuse to refund promptly for items they have never shipped - up to 30 days they say .... Most retailers process a refund immediately. Steer very clear. Amara are so much better.
Terrible Company
By Anonymous on 3rd June 2016
Luxdeco have taken £1500 of my money and failed to deliver either item ordered. They have ignored every email I have sent them over the last 3 weeks. Their stated delivery dates belong in a fairy story. Steer well clear unless you want your blood pressure to rocket.....
mrs kalley
By Anonymous on 1st June 2016
absolutely terrible company and a special mention goes to ashley do not buy anything frm luxdeco ordered a lamp feb they received my money they sent wrong colour may now lamp been sent back still waiting for my money ashley wont allow me to talk to a manager or says i will get one to ring you but i hear nothing i wish i had read reviews i would not have purchased anything instead use houseology who have excellant customers skills and tracey cullen is brilliant customer manager . Ashley you are a very poor customer assistant
Do not touch Luxdeco with a barge pole!
By Milana for HWCD on 22nd April 2016
I bought £8000+ goods in early Jan, paid in full, with promises of delivery in February. In mid March I had to cancelled £3000+ worth of goods for failure of delivery. It was agreed with their customer service rep Ashley in writing and she sent me modified invoice with cancelled items struken off (here I omit about 20 working hours just chasing them and checking their docs which are a shambles). Then without notifying me or the service rep, their logistics team sent cancelled items to my warehouse without notifying anyone. In early April, I contacted Luxdeco again after receiving only £367.65 out of £3594.31 refund. The rep Ashley then found out what the logistics team did and she promised me, and I quote: "We certainly would not expect for you to pay for any items you did not wish to receive". With this promise, I asked my warehouse to look for, pack and label their goods for free. However today Ashley told me I would not have a full refund as they didn't receive everything which was sent to me by their own mistake, UNWANTED, UNSCHEDULED, UNNOTIFIED, UNINVOICED goods! Talking about not honouring your own words! I lodged an official complaint with the Ombudsman. In short, they had £3000+ of my money with them since January which they should refund, and now in late April they still have it and refused to return it in full for THEIR OWN MISTAKE!

I would thoroughly recommend everything to use Even Houseology, which I had many issues with, were much better than Luxdeco. At least Houseology didn't lie!
Do Not purchase from LuxDeco
By Anonymous on 7th April 2016
I would definitely not purchase anything from this website. My first buying experience was a shambles but the second is just disgusting. I placed a £600 order in November 2015 and was told I would have my items delivered by the 10th December. I finally received my order on the 31st order after many phone calls and emails and I had to contact the supplier myself! I thought their poor lack of service was a one off at a busy time of year. Unfortunately I was mistaken! I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and I placed another order for £550 on the 30th December. The items on my order are from Eichholtz and you would normally expect to receive your order within 2 to 3 weeks. I am still currently chasing my order and I still have no deliver date as of today 7th April! After many emails of them saying they are taking the situation seriously and various excuses they still can't tell me when my order will be delivered! Disappointly it looks like I will be cancelling my order and I will be reordering the items with Houseology.
By TAI on 29th February 2016
After looking at their website I was most impressed with their products. I placed an order for some prints in the first week of January paying for the items in full as requested and was promised items would be delivered by the end of the month. During numerous conversations I was told that the items I ordered were in the Netherlands and would be shipped shortly. We are now in the first week of March and still no sign of my items. I am now told they will be with me by the second week of March. The level of service does not match the quality of the website or the service levels of their competitors. Think twice before using them. Having spoken with a number of interior designers it is clear that my experience is not isolated.

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