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Last updated 27th March 2019

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So so bad Luxdeco
By Anonymous on 18th March 2024
This company are so bad, they don’t answer emails, phone calls, anything you just can’t get in touch with them.

My advice DO NOT USE THEM!
By Ad on 18th March 2024
I work for a national wholesaler, and we ordered a chandelier and various items from this company for one of our big customers (total value around £15000)

As seems the way with this company, we are still waiting, 6 months later, for the goods, despite them taking the money from our company credit card.

After numerous attempts to get an update, I kept getting told 'Lorenzo' needs to sort this for you, but every time I phone (no matter what time of day) he was on lunch.

Only after some heavily worded emails did he respond saying ''they will be with you soon''

6 months later. No answer on the phone, no answer to any emails (I have emailed all employees I can find on their website and they all just bounce back).

I can also see the CEO was registered for Forbes but has since disappeared off their register.

Our head office will now be taking legal proceedings against this company.
Crooks. beware
By Anonymous on 14th March 2024
i ordered two item over a year ago and recently they stopped even to reply. Beware
i have been emailing endlessly and no one is replying from either the phone, emails or even management.

what shocks me is they are up and running. an active website taking money as well.

how is this even legal?
Fraud Alert! LuxDeco is a scam! Do not order from this company!
By Andreas Brunglinghaus on 21st February 2024
Do NOT order from this company!
I ordered two lamps for a client and they gladly took my money. A few weeks later they cancelled the order. Months have gone by and despite numerous emails and calls they still have not send a refund. I have only received multiple generic emails and empty promises "I'll escalate this up to a manager" or "Jeffrey, Lorenzo, etc. will call you back before 5pm"... "all the managers are on the other line right" . NOTHING. No returned phone calls, no refund. Nada. Just empty words and blatant lies and excuses!
This company is fraud! Any positive review is clearly fake. This company does not deserve a single star! Refund peoples money! Total scam and Trading Services should seriously look into them. Please close them down!
Fraud - Luxdeco
By Anonymous on 15th January 2024
I have placed an order worth 10K in the month of May 2023 with the delivery date of Aug 2023. We started following up with Luxdeco on the delivery schedule but there was no response from them and they later said there was some mismanagement with our order and agreed to pay the refund. We have been chasing since Sep 2023 for our refund but nothing credited as of now. We have called them many times with the same response that their accounts team is processing the payment. Very bad customer service. No response from their management. Worst experience with this company. This company is a fraud and cheater. We will be going to the police to file a complaint against them.

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