Stay Away
By Anonymous on 15th August 2017
So, I stopped ordering from Misguided due to their horrible customer service. A few days ago, I decided to order a dress from the company, optimistically hoping the service had improved. I am currently almost two weeks post-op from major surgery, so I felt comfortable ordering the item, knowing that if the item was not suitable, I would be able to use the Hermes collection option to return the parcel. When I received the item, it was evident that the item was not for me. I visited the Misguided site, to arrange for a collection. However, the system would not generate a collection time. I contacted Misguided via chat and chatted with Emma. Emma advised me that my item was not eligible for Hermes collection because it was delivered by Yodel. What?? For starters, as a customer, I do not have the choice as to which delivery company Misguided chooses to select to deliver my parcel, secondly, on the Misguided website, Hermes collection is offered as an option, it does not offer a disclaimer that the service is not available if the company decides to use Yodel to deliver parcels. I advised Emma of these concerns, and that I would be unable to travel to the Hermes shop due to my surgery. I further advised that I may be able to get a neighbour to travel to a drop off location at a corner shop maybe a minute away, but that was it. Emma advised that the closest Hermes shop was 8 mins away. I expressed my disgust with the false advertising on Misguided's website; I further explained that customers should not be inconvienced, due to Misguided's decision to stop using Royal mail as a return option and to selectively choose which parcels are eligible for Hermes collection. I requested to communicate with a supervisor. Emma asked me what solution I wanted; and I advised her that Misguided needed to generate the required paperwork for a Hermes collection or if I called for the collection of the parcel, Misguided should reimburse me. Despite my request for a supervisor, Emma immediately claimed that she spoke with her supervisor Sowdha, and was advised that they could not help me, and I would need to travel to a Hermes location. This response is totally unacceptable! The blatant disregard displayed tonight from Emma and Sowdha was totally improper. Misguided's website site provides false information relating to their return options for their customers. The verbiage on the website attempts to give the appearance of returns being hassle free and low risk for customers when in actuality the company wants to make the return process as complex and inconvenient as possible. I will never do business with this company again
By Hannah Wilkinson on 3rd April 2017
I placed an order with next day delivery on 28/03/17 expecting delivery on 29/03. The tracking stopped updating once it had stated it was on the way to the courier.. I queried this with Missguided, they said there had been a delay with the courier and it should be with me on 30/03 but to keep checking the tracking for updates. The next day I had a look at tracking in the morning and it had still not been updated, I queried this and they stated the parcel had never been scanned with Hermes and it would take roughly 48 hours for them to find out more. I then took the assumption that meant it would be delivered on 03/04 and they stated this should be the latest date it would be with me. I asked them for an update on the progress with my order midday 30/03 and they advised that the order had reached the courier and its on the way to the driver, I asked if this means I should expect it 31/03 and they replied telling me there had been yet again another delay with the courier, surprise surprise. As you can imagine this is where I started to get very frustrated as my next day delivery had so far taken 3 working days at least and as I needed this for the following Monday 03/04, I was starting to panic. It got to Friday 31/03 and yet again my tracking still hadn't been updated, so I asked if it could be reordered there end for Saturday delivery as I needed this for Monday and the parcel was obviously lost. They declined this and told me they couldn't as the parcel could still reach me and just repeatedly told me to keep looking at tracking and wait a further 24 hours which I could not afford to do as I had previously stated I needed it for the Monday. I cancelled my order with them and demanded a refund, and then placed a brand new order of the same items for Sunday delivery. Bearing in mind, I am now out of pocket for one delivery that I haven't received and have then had to pay out again for a further delivery. Shockingly but not surprisingly.... my parcel ordered for Sunday delivery DID NOT TURN UP. I waited in from 8am-9pm to await the parcel. Funnily enough, late evening after 9pm the tracking updated stating it had been delivered to 'reception'?!?! One, not one person called at my house on Sunday. Two, I live in a 3 bedroom house.. there is no reception. I brought this up with Missguided and they told me to check with my neighbours as it could be with them if I was not in. but I was in so why would the courier deliver to a neighbour and which neighbour?!?! End result is I have to fill out a disclamer form which takes 72 hours to process, I have paid for two deliveries and received neither, my friend has not received her birthday present and Missguided have lost a loyal customer that has spent a fair amount of money with them. Safe to say, I wont be using them again.. I now await my refund for both orders.
Never ever Oder of this site again!
By Jade on 9th February 2017
Placed my order was showing out for delivery 1st day didn't recive my parcel second day out for delivery didn't receive. Live chat with Adam that night explaining that I haven't received my parcel then I released that I had put the correct address but made error on my post code (my error)as this company is online based and so is the courier this can only be changed by email I was then advised the goods was on way back to the sender as delivery attempted 3 times. When asking where my delivery as been attempted was unable to provide this information and was told I will now have to wait 14days for refund when corrected about this information regarding attempting delivery 3 times now being return when in fact goods was only out on 2 separate occasions and was not to my address no cards left and post code area totally different also asked why the courier had not contacted myself or the sender to check the address on the first attempt realising that the post code that was given no number 4 or the correct name of street they couldn't provide a reasonable answer and kept repeating that they would have to check with the courier and this could take 24hours I was then told this would be put back out for delivery as information on courier site incorrect only attempted twice and my post code as been changed. I checked this the day after with chloe who once again repeated the same as the night before goods showing return to sender and that I would have to wait for refund. So that night I emailed this being the 3rd day to say I would like my refund asap! now 4th day the delivery is showing delivered and signed for when nobody was in all day to take this delivery when asked for POD couldn't provide this information and asked me to check goods left save but once again no cards left to say delivery attempted or where goods have been left now I will have to fill out a form and email and wait some more and still nobody to speak with policy all wrong will never order from this site customer service is appalling for this company If I have made the Oder and can provide all relevant information as to who I am and that I ordered the goods then no reason to why I can not be provided with where the goods have been attempted delivery and also who's name as signed for the goods! I have been given no information apart from we will can't the courier and if goods not turned up send more information so they can look into this! And this is why at some point you should have people to speak with not just irrelevant live chat that gets you nowhere
By michele on 29th December 2016
I returned items back for a refund OVER 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago i got in touch with them because i never got a refund. They are telling me they have not received my package. According to my tracking number- they did successfully received it. they are asking me to provide the "proof" of delivery and tracking number - which i no longer have because this was now 3 WEEKS weeks ago. SO basically i lost all my purchase. they will NOT refund me and what irritates me the most- they will NOT ADMIT their mistake of loosing my package. They are completely disorganized. one customer service advisor says one thing- another one says something different. Very poor customer service, customer care, unethical, cheap clothing, overpriced and liars.
if there was less then a 1 star review- i would give it to them.
By Far on 7th December 2016
Misguided is not a place to spend your money unless you don't mind waiting two months for a refund! They also have a tendency of sending incorrect and damaged items to the consumer! Unlike most reputable companies they would much rather go back and forth with you and give you a solid run around as opposed to being professional and solving the issue immediately! When you email them they will continually ask you for information that you've already submitted in order to buy time! After all of their wrong doings I continue to give them a chance but because I've reported a $600.00 claim to PayPal because they claimed they didn't receive it when I have confirmation that they did, they revoked my student discount!! Any company with a reputable name and in good standing would humble themselves and reach out to the customer to rectify their situation but not missguided! I will continue to shop ASOS who is courteous, professional, upstanding and appreciative of my business!! You can stay petty and keep my student discount deactivated because that is reflective of your professionalism!!
By stay away from miss guided on 6th December 2016
promise to deliver items next day - they never even ship the items but you can guess they still take your money!! when you confront them (after spending a week even trying to get them to respond) they accuse you of lying then refuse a refund!!

they are a scam f a company and urge anyone to report them to trading standards - a few people currently are!!
STAY AWAY - scam company
By IH8MISSGUIDED on 6th December 2016
Miss Guided have the worst customer service as well as delivery service!!

They offer a next day service which they have NEVER been able to achieve as they do not actually send out your items - BUT they take your money and keep it still!! they then accuse YOU of lying and refuse a refund!!

Only idiots work at this place - I'm confused how they are even still own business!!

Incompetent Muppets
By MuggedoffbyMissguided on 10th November 2016
AVOID MISSGUIDED!!! Ordered next day delivery to arrive Monday - it's now Thursday and still no order. Attempts to get in touch with them to find out what's going on are useless. They don't have a phone number so you die of old age waiting for them to respond on web chat. When they do respond it's just lies and fob offs. I've asked for a refund but they won't give me one until the parcel is returned to them - how does that work then when the courier has obviously lost the parcel??Seriously ladies DO NOT ORDER from this bunch of muppets! They are thieves and just make off with your money!
By Anonymous on 17th October 2016
SAVE YOURSELF AND SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. I placed an order on 9/9, and hours later, Missguided puts up a sale for 30% off. I email customer service to try and cancel my order so that I can place another order. CRICKETS - NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER from that email, even until this day. Believing that nothing would go wrong, as this is my first experience with Missguided, I placed a second order of the same items, same color, same size. So that I could return the first order and bite the cost of shipping the items back to Missguided.

I speak to a representative on 9/29 because Missguided refunded the entire order on my second order and not my first. He assured that I would receive my entire refund (as I wanted to return another item on my second order).

I speak to another representative again today, because the refund was not the correct amount that I should have received. The rep today is telling me that the original rep told me mistakenly that he would return the correct amount to me.

They are basically trying to make me take a loss of $36 on money I spent on their company and provided no solution in refunding my money.

I will never shop here again. I will tell everyone I know to never shop here again. I will post on their social media platforms to prevent others from purchasing from Missguided.
What a disappointing company
By Anonymous on 6th October 2016
I needed an order for the next day! Hasn't come yet . Furious with it, website has no tracker the chat groups are never responsive, never order from here unless you want poor quality or late shipping for prices you pay extra for so you can get it delivered early!
By caitlin on 26th August 2016
First, I was charged twice for my order. It took me noticing myself in a bank statement so I had to reach out via chat AND email, AND follow up twice in order to confirm that the second charge would be reversed.

I ordered on Aug 11 for my Bachelorette trip in Vegas and purposely shipped the bathing suits to Vegas so that they would be there in time. I checked the tracking multiple times after the shipment processed and there was no update so I reached out via chat. They said they would "look into this" and never got back to me.

I reached out AGAIN the next day. They said that product was just leaving the warehouse, 5 business days after my order was placed and that they were sorry for the delay. The day I land in Vegas the tracking says the order still hasn't left the warehouse. At this point I'm so angry because even if it is over nighted at this point, it would only arrive with 1 day left of my trip. I reached out AGAIN to request that they re-ship an express order because of the delay on their behalf and they refused. So then I request a refund which they refuse!

Long story short, after over 50 chats/emails and after dealing with over 15 reps (not 1 ever letting me speak with a manager), I could not get anyone on the phone once and my order is still not refunded!

I WOULD NEVER WASTE TIME ORDERING WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Not only did they completely ruin my bachelorette party weekend in Vegas, the customer service ONLINE ONLY runs you through the ringer over and over torturous and noone is acting accountable! No one tried to rectify the situation once and after all this I have literally wasted HOURS of my life.

Seriously, I hope this company goes out of business for the way that they treat their customers.
Worst Online Shop
By Anonymous on 24th July 2016
I was falsely encouraged to purchase some clothes with this website under the promise of free next day delivery. I place this order on the 21st July. However, I was appalled to learn that the courier company they employ claimed to have attempted delivery on the 22nd July at a time where there were 4 members of my family in my house. Under no circumstance did anyone knock on our door or ring our doorbell. Not only did the courier lie, but when a formal complaint was made to Misguided, they dismissed the false attempted delivery entirely and informed me I would have to be home for the whole of the following day as well to collect my clothes. I had plans in the evening and left the house at 6pm. I had instructed the help centre to leave my parcel either with a neighbour or in a safe place. Yet again, on the 23rd, my parcel failed to be delivered. It was not left with a neighbour or a safe place, but returned to the depot.
What is worse is that I asked the help centre to tell me which depot my package was at so I could collect it myself. They provided me with the address to a depot which was an hour's drive away. After me pushing the matter, only then did the help centre inform me that they could not confirm if that was the actual depot where my package was being help or if I would in fact be allowed into the depot to collect it. The fact that their customer service operators were willing to let me drive for an hour only to discover that they had fed me completely false information is beyond outraging.
I am still awaiting my supposed 'next-day delivery'. If you have any common sense you will not order with this website for their customer service has proved to be astoundingly poor.
Disgraceful Customer Service
By Anonymous on 22nd July 2016
Recieved an order with a top missing which I paid for as its on the invoice. Looking at the packing slip and it's not on there. I have emailed customer care five times without a single response. Disgraceful and reading other reviews I'm not the only frustrated and disappointed customer. They need to be investigated, it's appalling, I just want the top I ordered. I'll be looking into who I can report this to and taking further action. I finally just got an email back just then saying not to send anymore emails as it will push me further down in the cue. It's been 2 months since my first email and this is how they deal with it. They should not be in operation if they can't deal with customers in a professional and timely way. I will never order with them again and make sure everyone I know doesn't either. Unbelievable really!!
Refuse to Reply To Numerous Emails - Appalling Company - AVOID
By Jayson on 11th July 2016
Bought a £35 jumpsuit on behalf of my 16 year old daughter which arrived split at the seam and was too small. Sent it back and received a £32.50 refund after an 'adjustment' of £2.50 was made for some reason. I've now emailed them 3 times over the past 10 days to ask what the adjustment was for (there may be a legitimate reason) but not got a single reply. Problems happen, but the test of a good company is how swiftly they resolve customer issues. This company simply ignores them and buries their head in the sand. Shoddy, unprofessional and I see on here they do it regularly and don't improve. Would NEVER buy from them again when there are so many excellent companies out there. I was seriously. 'Missguided' - yep, sums them up. I won't even mention the lack of a telephone number to call their customer care department, I guess that's because there isn't one.
$490 MISSING!!!
By Anonymous on 26th May 2016
I made several orders from Missguided although I had never ordered from them before. I was greatly disappointed by the sizing even though I used there sizing guide and returned approximately $490 worth of clothing. They acknowledged part of the return although it was all in one shipment. They said that I would receive the refund in 3-5 days and I have yet to see a penny. I emailed them about the remainder of the returned items and they asked for proof of postage. I emailed the information promptly and didn't hear from anyone at all for several days. I then sent a follow up email to see what was going on. Someone replied asking what items I'd returned the following day. I provided that information in the original email and when I received a response to the email it detailed how much I should receive in refunds upon sending the requested information. The reference # and the previous emails were attached to the email I sent so I don't understand why it would be so difficult for the customer service agent to scroll down and simply read the emails. I am beyond frustrated with Missguided and will be pursuing other ways to get my money back. I am going to contact the Consumer Finance Bureau and anyone else I can think of until my money is returned. I believe the clothes on the website are significantly tailored or Photoshopped and appear to be a MUCH better quality than they actually are. Between the product, the customer service ( or lack there of), and the fact that they are just a total scam, I will stay away from Missguided and I suggest you do the same.
Absolutely disappointing
By Sarah on 15th May 2016
The first ordered I made went really well everything was fine, the second order I made was extremely disappointing I payed for a pair of jeans £35 and next day delivery £2 on this discount code, I never received a confirmation of my order through email or even on my order history but the £37 was taken out of my bank as soon as I placed the order, I was confused so contacted the help team through email, Instagram and Twitter and after 3 days I finally got a response saying that my order hadn't been properly made and I should give it another day to make itself but obviously I waited and nothing happened so they refunded my order straight away, as I'm a 16 year old on less than minimum wage losing £37 is a lot of money but I was refunded the same day they'd said they would. I thought I'd try to order a shirt a week later for a party the following evening the shirt was £25 and next day delivery £2, I ordered that on Thursday and it's now Sunday and still no sign of my order I didn't bother emailing as they take way to long to respond so I Instagram messaged them and got a relatively quick response, they told me to wait til tomorrow and if the order still hasn't come they will class it as a missing parcel and refund me. I am so disappointed, I had to last minute re arrange a whole outfit for the party I went too and the order still hasn't come!!! Never ordering from there again!
overall brilliant
By b on 2nd May 2016
love this website I always buy my dresses from here! I end up getting more than one because you can get more for your money and also the quality it brilliant for what you pay. it always arrives in perfect time, and they usually send discount for your next order!
By Anonymous on 5th April 2016
I placed an order with Miss Guided at the beginning of March. Unfortunately the dresses I received were not suitable for me, so I returned them in the post.
Miss guided received the parcel on 11/03/2016 – I am still awaiting my refund for £23.99. I have since sent over 6 emails to customer services and have only had one response. One of the customer service representatives advised me there had been a technical fault and would process the transaction once I sent along the order details..... why she did not have these I dont know

I have since done this twice and raised a compliant and NO ONE has got back to me.
Working in customer focused roles my whole life, I understand the value of good customer service and I feel really let down by this service. I raised a compliant on Friday 01/04/2016 and have still not had a response.
I posted on the 'live chat' and no one got back to me there either. What is the point in having live chat

I feel really let down by this and know that they will play the long game in returning my £23.00. Thank God I only spent that much.
There clothes are cheap and the service is poor. I will never use this service again!
By Melissa on 26th March 2016
What a terrible company. Bought two dresses, returned one and kept the other. They refunded the dress that I had kept which was £5.00 cheaper than the one I had sent back. Their complaints department have ignored my emails. I am £5.00 down, it was my first order and my last.
Surprisingly satisfied first-time US buyer
By Rika on 24th March 2016
I am a first-time customer from the US. To be honest, after all the negative reviews, I was VERY hesitant to buy. Most of the bad reviews claim one or two of the following: quality is bad, they send the wrong size, item, missing item, VERY late deliveries, and untrackable package.
However, after looking at their items online and what some Youtubers got, I decided to take a leap of faith. After all, none of them claimed it was SCAM. Moreover, out of all the affordable online stores I was browsing, I found theirs to match my style and they looked very cute, stylish and elegant for me.

I knew what I was getting into, so I honestly did not EXPECT much. I ordered 6 items (UK SIZE 2) which were mostly ON SALE, and I placed my order on March 16, 2016. The total was 61.20 (I used the student discount code as well). I would have spent MORE, but my boyfriend advised me not to spend more than $100 JUST IN CASE. I paid via Paypal (I heard it is the SAFEST way to pay), and after not hearing from them for more than 24 hours, I got a little paranoid (lol) so I emailed them to inquire of my tracking and delivery details. I did NOT get a response; though I got an email the next day containing the tracking and delivery details.
Like most customers noted, when I clicked the link, it did not work, and the details were nowhere to be found. Yet, I decided to just think positive, be patient, and not sweat it, as it is something out of my control. I believe in karma anyway. So I kept trying the link within the next few days, and I was delighted when it worked.

My package finally arrived on March 24, 2016, exactly 8 BUSINESS days after I ordered (which does NOT include WEEKENDS, fyi). I was quite pleased they were right on time. To my dismay, they gave my a UK SIZE 6, and I was puzzled, because I thought, had the sizes been converted without my knowledge? Then, I tried them all, and they ALL fit me to a tee. They look EXACTLY like the photo, and I was very puzzled, in a good way.

I am a VERY satisfied customer, however the SIZE part still confuses me. I hope the team can explain that to me one day. Lol. In the mean time, I will enjoy wearing what I ordered. I feel sorry for what other customers have experienced but I guess they are trying to improving their service now. I HOPE they are, if their service was truly unsatisfactory in the past. (Remember, no matter how good the food is, if the service sucks, nobody would want to come back to your restaurant)!

My advice to those who are contemplating on whether to buy or not buy from MISSGUIDED, I say do your own research.
If you are TRULY petrified after reading the bad reviews but REALLY wants to buy their stuff, I suggest just buy one or two items (up to you) to try their product, just spend an amount you WON'T regret!
Misguided are awful
By Anonymous on 16th March 2016
This is the worst service ever.. I can't even type my whole experience with them. They stole my money and kept on saying it's being refunded and they are looking into it. I hate them. Avoid at all costs
The very WORST company in the word
By Anonymous on 14th March 2016
I ordered a dress for a family wedding. I waiting over a month for the dress to come in my size. I was emailed to supply an identity document (passport or driving license) for them to process my order. They assured my dress is on hold for me and they need the documentation to get it processed.

I emailed their customer service team, Brian was the not so wonderful person I dealt with who told me if I do not provide the documents then they would cancel my order. Needing the dress I foolishly provided my ID and then received an email to say everything is cleared and my tracking information would be attached to the link in the email. Clicking on the link I found they canceled my order.

I replied to the email to get no reply. I contacted their facebook team, to no reply. I contacted their customer service team on the website to be dealt with Danial. He after explaining my order is canceled and I should just reorder something else. After asking to speak to a manager, he ended our chat.

I work in a customer service based industry and I was shocked at the treatment received. I would in all honesty avoid using this company. Only for the dress was picked out by someone and I needed to wear it I would not have shopped as missguided anyway!!!
Good experience overall... Can't complain!
By Anonymous on 10th February 2016
I don't usually write reviews, however after reading the bad reviews for missguided I thought i should rate my experience.

Overall the delivery was fine, I ordered on Friday evening and the item arrived on Tuesday morning. I hadn't selected next day delivery, so I was expecting it 3-5 days from the date of ordering.

The item it's self is true to size and looks great on.

I was a little apprehensive about ordering from here due to all the negative comments, however I decided to risk it as the item I was purchasing had 50% off! Anyway, I'm glad I did as the item is what I was expecting.

I also recieved a free lipstick with the item which was a nice surprise!
Horrible Return Service
By Anonymous on 26th January 2016
I have been trying for a month now to get a refund for an item I bought in December. I did receive it on time however, they sent the wrong item. One would think since this is a mistake on their part that you would easily return it and get a refund. NOPE! I'm still trying. All I get getting is a run around from their chat service and their stupid emailing service. First I did not get a return label so I had to pay for it to get sent back. Then they said they can't give me the amount I paid for shipping originally because they had to send it to me. At this point I would just like someone to reply email. And of course get my money I paid for the item. Its not my fault they are screw ups. I shouldn't have to pay for that. They should. Its called training employees.

Also you can't call them, only email and chat.
WORST E-TAILER they shud b sued & closed!!
By Anonymous on 10th January 2016
Firstly I ordered NEXT DAY DELIVERY and my parcel came after 3 days!

Secondly I returned my items because they were nothing like the picture described using the Asda TOYOU, unfortunately they lost my parcel, and dos not cobtact me until 2 weeks had past I realised I must check into this.

I emailed them and they said it has still not reached the warehouse this situation has prolonged OVER 7 WEEKS!! Believe me honestly!

I sent over 45 emails and finally they said we will only refund HALF the AMOUNT, not full! Only until the parcel reaches the warehouse we will refund in full, WHEN clearly over 7 weeks the parcel is LOST!!! Then the 'customer service advisors' tried to accuse me of lying about my sum but I proved them wrong by showing reciept of return items and they finally returned me the amount!!

Appauling customer service, and they describe items wrongly using cheap material and there returns and delivery profedures definitely need fixing!!
Appalling service !!!
By Anonymous on 28th December 2015
I ordered with missguided on Christmas Day using a code on the website. This code gave me money off my order. I recieved an email on the 26th saying my order was dispatched and on its way. This was good as I ordered in time for New Year's Eve! I then recieved an email on the 27th claiming that the discount code was wrong and they had cancelled my order and returned it to the warehouse. If they had explained to me, I would've paid the extra money they needed to that I could still have my items! Now, on the same day, I go to order the dresses again none of which are in my size! So without telling me they have already re sold my order! I'm absolutely livid!! It was their fault in the first place for getting the amount of the discount code wrong!!! My order was accepted and confirmed and on its way to me! It's disgusting that they cancelled it before even informing me of the situation! I'm now in an absolute mare over what I can wear for New Year's Eve and take on holiday with me! Absolute idiots.
By Anonymous on 6th December 2015
I returned two pairs of heels to misguided 3 weeks ago in the same package!!

I got refunded for only one pair of heels.. and was told the other pair did not arrive

Does anybody know how to make a formal complaint as I can't send any more emails its so infuriating!
absolute appalling company! worst ever! +++++++ DO NOT BOTHER!!!
By liz on 4th December 2015
Absolute disgusted with this company, never ever ever will i order from them again, ( me and my girlfriends order ALOT of clothes online! ) neither will any of my friends, colleagues or family ever use your company! I have moaned that much, even they are sick of missguided now!

After reading all the bad reviews online and twitter, i thought i would give missguided the benefit of the doubt! I spent £80 thursday the 26th nov for next day delivery, which was due on sat the 28th November. I received a tex and email at 7am on the 28th stating my parcel would be delivered that day....waited allday at parcel.
Logged onto the delivery company website called dx and they say the delivery was 'attempted' and 'unsuccessful' what a lie! I don't live in the middle of nowhere or in a flat, just a normal house with my house number clearly visible and a residential area.

I emailed missguided sunday am the 29th asking what had return i got no apology, no help and a reply... 'your parcel will be with you soon' i emailed back saying i wasn't happy with this reply as i wanted next day delivery to know when i would receive my parcel.....NO reply.
The problem now being the address i gave for the saturday delivery was my home and i wouldn't be in during the week, if the parcel came...again another problem for re delivery.
I then received another email a few hours later asking if i was satisfied with 'erins' reply to my email earlier that day....the girl that emailed me back was actually called 'anna'. Answer to that a big fat NO.

I emailed the twitter misguided help, who were little more helpful to a very small degree, but still no joy, they asked me to ring the delivery company dx!! Bearing in mind i had to fit this around work and its costs to call them.
dx informed me monday morning at 10am that the parcel was under 'investigation' most likely lost!
I then again email misguided, no joy! apparently they are waiting for a phone call from dx. Misguided then asked me to call dx again, even though dx had asked me to contact misguided and that my parcel had been lost! honestly i give up, do you not listen to your customers

!!!! Have you seen these reviews and the twitter hate you are getting

I then immediately asked misguided for a refund of my £ which i was told 'we would look into it'. Later in the day i received a email/tex from the delivery providers dx 'your parcel will be with you the 28th of november' bearing in mind the date was the 1st december!
i contact dx delivery again who say they now have the parcel......yeah thanks missguided for the update by the way. i was offered the choice of delivery address, at it was now in the week, i gave them my work address which is 3 miles away. The unhappy woman on the phone said yes to my work address and the parcel will be with me the next day.....yeah right it came 2 days later! so i waited 7 days for a next day delivery!
When opening the 3 items i purchased...they had sent me the incorrect top! I absolutely give up with you misguided!

My colleague ordered from you a few weeks ago and had very similar problems. problems with the delivery and lies they had 'attempted to deliver' and she received a broken zip on her £40 dress!
my father felt sorry for me and secretly re ordered my top i really wanted last night at 8pm and paid the £5 next day delivery and guess hasn't come today!

You should not get any custom! listen to your customers! You are quick enough to take out money, charge us for returns and take 10-14 days for refunds, and your customer service is appalling!!!

everyone DO NOT even bother with missguided! They have to be the worst company i have ever dealt with!

i have never had any problems with asos, boohoo, pretty little things etc. I am definitely sticking with them from now on!
By Sarah on 18th November 2015
So I was a very big fan of misguided until the last couple of months which now I never order from them again! From their customer service to simple delivery times, they are completely unprofessional and have messed up every single time! My past 5 orders have had some kind of "error" or "mistake" happen which I don't see as a coincidence and will shed some light on in this review.

Firstly, the "order before 9pm to get next day delivery". If missguided mean "next day" as in 3 or 4 days later then I believe that is not quite next day. Every single one of my last 5 orders has been days late! Even though I have selected next day delivery. Seems like a small issue but is very infuriating when you combine this with more "mistakes".

Secondly, the return charges have always gone through wrong. I sent back an item through doddle, but will get charged for the royal mail postage. A very small thing but also very annoying.

Now to THE BIGGER ISSUES, I made a very large order from missguided only to notice that one item that I wanted, ordered and paid for was not sent to me. I contacted missguided about this and they were very unresponsive. Not only did I have to send them 4 emails, but I got one response asking for my details and no reply on how my issue would be sorted. I then had to bombard them with more emails to get a simple reply. They did not even have the courtesy to inform me that I would not be receiving this item or even send me an email to refund me the money!

I was then passed about between 3 "customer care advisors" before a "customer care advisor" then responded to me, with a coupon code for 20% off, even though I was getting 30% for the item at the time, a refund of my item & the refund for incorrect charge for the postage. Also, she told me that when the item is back in stock, I can then place a new order for it. A hassle, but I took it as I couldn't be bothered arguing with them anymore. However, no word on why the "next day delivery" was not so next day. Another thing, being described as customer "care" advisors is very misleading as missguided do not care about their customers at all.

You would think this would be the end of the problems, however it was not! I then found the item back in stock, went to use this 20% discount code that I was given and is says "code is no valid".

More infuriated than ever, I just used my student discount of 10% ordered the item and had it sent to me. I emailed missguided telling them about this and they sent me another 20% code and refunded my the 10%.

Not such a bad outcome right? WRONG! Today I opened up my parcel from them to find that I was sent a completely wrong item!

Of course, I will have to go through the hassle of emailing them again and trying to sort it out with a bleak hope of any kind of "good" result. They have no phone number so I am just going to have to waste more of time in my very busy life sorting out un-needed hassle because missguided do not know how to run as a company.

Moral of the story is, DO NOT ORDER FROM MISSGUIDED unless you want a hassle, worst service and not so great clothes. Choose a company like ASOS or Pretty Little Thing. They are much more affordable and have much better service! Trust me, I have ordered from this rubbish company 5 times with something going wrong each time! DO NOT SHOP AT MISSGUIDED!
worst delivery service ever
By Mhairi on 9th November 2015
Ordered an outfit on Friday with next day delivery as I needed it on the Saturday, it didn't come in time. However, my order now says it's complete and I'm yet to receive the goods. When I first spoke to them about the fact I hadn't received the goods the next day they promised me a refund on my delivery charge however I'm yet to receive this too. Worst online retailer with shocking customer service.
By Anonymous on 23rd October 2015
Completely disappointed with Missguided. I have ordered from here a few times and been happy with service. However, the last two times I have been extremely disappointed with their service. I usually use this website as it is one of the only websites which does next day free delivery which is great if you need something quickly, but my order arrived 3 days late and to make matters worse the three items which I had sent for looked nothing like they did online! The second order was another last minute order which I needed within the next two days, I had previously ordered a dress similar so I knew I could rely on it! However, they sent me the completely wrong dress and sold out online on the one I ordered meaning I have no outfit for tomorrow! very disappointed and to make matters worse you can't even speak to anybody to try and get it sorted.
By Anon on 8th October 2015
I can’t believe I am writing this about Missguided. I’ve ordered numerous times. I noticed that you HAVE to use FedEx with the frauds. In the past, I opted to pay the $13.00 FedEx Fee to receive my merchandise in 2-3 days. So I ordered clothes for over $250 on September 17, 2015.. I CHOSE the Fedex option, which was $0.00 since my order was over $200. Can you believe they STILL sent it via their Royal Mail, (cheapos). Fast Forward, it is now October 8, 2015, 21 days since I ordered, still nothing. I tracked the package and it’s been at some “depot” since September 21, 2015, utterly ridiculous. I emailed customer service, they asked if I want them to “Re-dispatch,” Yes! I want the clothes! They came back with, “we only re-dispatch on Wednesday’s.” Basically I have to wait another week! It is now Tuesday, I emailed them to confirm that my “Re-dispatchment” will go out. It’s been over 24 hours, no response, enough is enough! I called PayPal to immediately escalated this into a dispute. Finally! They answered me saying that the reason they didn’t send the items is because PayPal “reversed the transaction” Missguided, that was less than 24 hours ago, what happened to the re-dispatchment? It’s Wednesday, it was supposed to be re sent to me before PayPal intervened. It is laughable at this point. This company, their customer service is a HUGE JOKE. Do NOT waste your time, or ORDER at your own “Risk.”
Shocking Customer Service - If you need any advice?
By Alex mansfield on 8th October 2015
I am absolutely appalled by the customer service of Missguided. I have used them before on a few occasions with no issues, considering I didnt want next day delivery on those orders. Ordered a dress and some other clothes on Tuesday next day delivery, should have received on Wednesday. Heard nothing, chased, kept getting told I would receive my dress, we are really "sorry" emails. Still no dress, so I ordered the dress again on the Thursday to ensure I received it for Friday, again no email confirming when it will be delivered. Finally received an email to say I would receive the goods on Saturday

Party was Friday, in the end I had to take leave from work early to go and buy something on Friday!! I received the parcel on Monday, with none of my other items and 2 dresses which I now clearly didnt need. So many emails back and forth advising there was no customer services that can call me, low and beyond receive a call 3 days after my final email, to be honest she was ok, refunded back my money, took 5 working days though and finally received my refund today. And now here I am £2.00 out of pocket, 2 1/2 hours holiday taken and thoroughly disappointed. Missguided you should be ashamed! As a Project Manager my previous role was to support implementation of a courier company into a large corporation, i would clearly be looking to your project managers because something has gone horribly wrong......if you need any advice on smoother implementation and notifications to your customers I'd be more than happy to help, please dont let anyone else have the same experience. Oh wait, checking your FB page, looks like its still continuing.....the offer still stands

last review put 3 stars - it is not worth 3 stars
Shocking Customer Service - If you need any advice?
By Alex mansfield on 8th October 2015
I am absolutely appalled by the customer service of Missguided. I have used them before on a few occasions with no issues, considering I didnt want next day delivery on those orders. Ordered a dress and some other clothes on Tuesday next day delivery, should have received on Wednesday. Heard nothing, chased, kept getting told I would receive my dress, we are really "sorry" emails. Still no dress, so I ordered the dress again on the Thursday to ensure I received it for Friday, again no email confirming when it will be delivered. Finally received an email to say I would receive the goods on Saturday

Party was Friday, in the end I had to take leave from work early to go and buy something on Friday!! I received the parcel on Monday, with none of my other items and 2 dresses which I now clearly didnt need. So many emails back and forth advising there was no customer services that can call me, low and beyond receive a call 3 days after my final email, to be honest she was ok, refunded back my money, took 5 working days though and finally received my refund today. And now here I am £2.00 out of pocket, 2 1/2 hours holiday taken and thoroughly disappointed. Missguided you should be ashamed! As a Project Manager my previous role was to support implementation of a courier company into a large corporation, i would clearly be looking to your project managers because something has gone horribly wrong......if you need any advice on smoother implementation and notifications to your customers I'd be more than happy to help, please dont let anyone else have the same experience. Oh wait, checking your FB page, looks like its still continuing.....the offer still stands
WORST customer service I've ever experienced
By Carly M on 5th October 2015
WORST COUSTOMER SEVERICE!! I have been having issues receiving my package for the last week. I wrote them, letting them know what had been happening. I got a reply to fill out a document (claim report) to "help" me figure out how to get my package back to me or get it sent back to them and get a refund. It's been a week and I have yet to get a reply. It seems to me that I am the only one concerned on the whereabouts of my package, they are absolutely no help.
By Anonymous on 1st October 2015
Awful ! Clothes don't look anything like they do and can never actually do next day delivery ! always pay next day delivery but with this store you will never get it
Missguided lost all credibility
By Miss C on 29th September 2015
I ordered items well over £60, and what should have been a next day delivery is taking more than a week, not to mention the slowness of their website whilst shopping and picking items. Just 5 items took almost an hour to pick and place in the basket and make payment.

I need my items for my holiday to Jamanica, and at this rate would have to source from another retailer. The annoying part is no one is saying much, each time I email the customer care, they have no idea when my order will be shipped out.. Really?! But the funds have been taken from my account...
Mesh Picks at Missguided
By Anonymous on 10th September 2015
check out my review and some of my favorite mesh items from at
Missguided Catastrophe
By Anonymous on 7th September 2015
I ordered two tops on July 16th next day delivery for the Thursday 17th as I had to go to London that day and the tops that I ordered were for a festival. ANYWAY it comes to noon on the 17th and I don’t receive an email regarding it being despatched. I email the customer care and contact the help twitter account regarding my orders to make sure they are coming.
They contact me back and tell me that they had a technical difficulty with the system and that my order will not be sent out until tomorrow.
At what stage where they going to notify me regarding this technical difficulty?
Why am I paying £4.99 for next delivery if I not going to receive my order the next day

I told them to cancel it as I didn’t want it and I would like the money back for my delivery. They said they couldn’t do this but they would refund the del charges even though my order had not been sent out yet due to “technical difficulties”.

I had told them why I needed it as I was travelling to London ad they said they could get the order redirected to me in London but in the next 2-3 working days which clearly makes no sense as I needed it for Friday which is why I paid for net day del.

A couple weeks pass and at this point were in August now and I had to email them back to ask where the delivery was because she said she couldn’t cancel it, why have I not received the items or the refund?! So after contacting them on 4 occasions speaking to 4 different customer care agents’ occasions she told me that she could in fact cancel it and I would be refunded.

The next day on a Saturday morning I receive a call saying that my items being delivered but he can’t find the exact addressee? Why has it been shipped out after she said she could cancel it

I then told him to take it to the warehouse which he did thank god.
I get an email saying they have received it and I will get my refund in 10 days
Another week passes and I don’t have my refund. I have to contact them AGAIN and they say my refund never got processed!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all the company have nice clothes but don’t pay for the next day delivery or expect them to give you any help. Probably the worst I’ve had to deal with. Stick to ASOS.
Absolutley Terrible Experience with Missguided...
By Lucy on 2nd September 2015
I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated with Missguided. I placed an order on 5th August 2015 (purchased 6 different items totalling to approx. NZD $180) and 20 days later I still hadn't received my parcel.

I tried using the tracking number I was given but the website failed to load my results and so I was unable to keep track of my parcel and find it's whereabouts. I contacted customer service and told them this, was given no proper explanation or apology as to why the website wasn't working and not displaying the results it should have been!

A few days later my parcel still hadn't arrived so I contacted customer service AGAIN and
enquired about my order, I was told it was still in transit (20 days in transit, really?!) but could expect to receive it the following Tuesday. Of course it still didn't show up so I contacted them AGAIN (third time for just one order) and informed them that it still hadn't arrived, I was then told my entire order had gotten LOST and they had no idea where it was!

I was told my order would be re-dispatched and I would have to wait at least another 10 working days for it to be processed and sent out again. I was patient enough to wait for this but in the mean time received an email with my order details. Only 2 out of 6 items were included in the order! I found this very strange as my original order had 6 purchases, all for different things, and enquired AGAIN (fourth time) as to why the email only showed 2 items. They said the rest had gone OUT OF STOCK and they could only send what was still available!! So basically I'm only going to receive 2 out of 6 things that I ordered and paid good money for (a very small portion of my purchases).

I was given no other compensation other than a refund for the unavailable stock, although I expected some sort of coupon for my next purchase with them or a $10 voucher - anything really! They also didn't seem to take this seriously as I was given no real apology for any of the mistakes made on their behalf or the fact that I was kept in the dark about my own purchases. I say this because I actually had to spent a lot of my time enquiring about it and was then told what had gone wrong - they didn't have the respect or courtesy to email me and let me know! It seems extremely slack service that they don't even bother to let customers know that their order has gone missing and won't ever arrive, also that their ordered stock is now unavailable and won't be in the parcel. The only reason I knew these things had happened is because I contacted THEM and ASKED...otherwise I doubt I would have ever been told!

I'm very annoyed and angry that the rest of my orders went out of stock, it's no wonder considering a full month has passed since I placed my original order. So while I was waiting for my order to arrive, it was actually lost somewhere between UK and New Zealand and the rest of their stock was quickly running out! I had no idea this was even happening until now, when it's too late! To make matters worse, I really really wanted everything in my order and was so looking forward to receiving it, now I will never get them because there's none left.

I do like the clothes on Missguided but I must say they are overpriced for what they are, nothing that special and pretty simple styles and fabrics. Also I'm not sure I could handle another mistake made with my orders in the future, this experience has put me off Missguided for at least the next little while.
Horrible Service
By Anonymous on 28th August 2015
I'm in the US and learned that this company does not properly manage their returns- it takes them literally months to find your parcel and sort it out. Without proof of postage, you're screwed, even if you did actually send it to them, so ALWAYS get that.

Have gotten a top once that was so cute but unfortunately HORRIBLE quality and fell apart when I opened it up. A few things I returned because the quality looked cheap, but I've also gotten really quality wonderful things from here too. Just be wary the return process can take forever and involve a lot on your part.
By Anonymous on 20th August 2015
I have ordered almost all of my dresses from Missguided and 95% of the time I am completely satisfied, the only time I return clothing is when I personally don't like the item on myself. Their refund system is always fast and reliable, unlike sites like Boohoo where I have waited over a month for a refund. All the clothes are well made and not tacky like a lot of cheap online clothes shops.
By TONI LONGDEN on 6th August 2015
Missguided is the worst company i have ever had the displeasure or dealing with. Order ordered co-ords shorts and top, I received the correct shorts but a random bright orange bikini top (worth no more than £3) I was left with 2 useless items of clothing. I contacted them over a week ago regarding the issue, They said i would need to return the bikini top and wait for the item to be sent out, I advised i was going on holiday on tuesday and needed this sorted asap. They again advised they could be of no help. I then replied advising this was their fault not mine and i need the item, They then advised for me to send a picture of the bikini top and they would send the correct item before my holiday. I sent a picture of the bikini top, they replied stating sorry it would take 5 days to get the item to you so they couldn’t get it to me before my holiday. I looked online and realised the item was actually out of stock, So the whole of our communication was lies. I stated i would like a refund for all of this inconvenience, They will still not refund me until they receive the worthless bikini top back that they sent me in error. Absolutely disgusting, not an ounce of help in them. I am away so i will not be able to return for a refund until two weeks... Then it will be too late to receive a refund... BE WARNED DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, BOOHOO DO SIMILAR ITEMS AND HAVE MUCH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY ARE HAPPY TO HELP UNLIKE MISSGUIDED, I CERTAINLY WILL NOT BE USING THESE AGAIN.
Next day week delivery
By Anonymous on 3rd August 2015
You pay an extra £5 for next day delivery because you're expecting the premium service and therefore are expecting your delivery the next day. But no, it's safe to say the 'elves' working for misguided seem to think that next day is next week. I ordered crucial items of clothing for my holiday on Friday morning and chose next day delivery as I leave for my holiday early on Tuesday morning. I woke up the next morning with an email from misguided telling me they are experiencing a few 'delays' and my order will be a day late and to 'make it up to me' I was offered 10% off my next order, however, this service only lasted a week and I wasn't able to use it on any items on sale. Anyway the next day (today) is Sunday which means I wasn't expecting my order today, however doesn't this mean misguided have a whole day to sort out my order? Nope. It is now 00:35 of Monday morning and I have received no email to tell me my order has left the misguided HQ making it pretty obvious I will not be receiving my order today.
I checked on twitter to see if anyone was have the same issues as me and it seems many people are experiencing the same yet a small minority seem to be getting their orders just fine, this doesn't seem fair? I saw numerous people tweeting "ordered from misguided 7 hours ago and it is already being dispatched". This angered me, not only did this person order 2 days after me they were also being told their order had already been dispatched and I was still awaiting an email to tell me whether my order had even left the HQ. I have emailed and Direct Messaged misguided on twitter and have still had no reply on both. I feel extremely misled and upset that I have been conned out of my money to pay for a service that isn't even working and I strongly recommend that people don't waste their time and go to other websites like: and
By Anonymous on 2nd August 2015
Crap crap 'service'
By Ray on 18th July 2015
Seriously almost each time I've ordered something with this company there's been an issue. This time they sent me some random dress instead of the leather pants I ordered. The pants are now out of stock so too bad for me. Hopeless customer service also, just said return it back

Gee thanks. Also asked about a size of a particular item and had no clue. They always offer a crappy 10% off next order each time they stuff up. No thanks no more shopping at Missguided for me.
By Shannon on 17th July 2015
By Anonymous on 11th July 2015
Absolutely rubbish. Staff incompetent and clearly can't do simple jobs correctly.

Ordered a skirt in a size 14. Came in a size 10. Even the delivery note said it should have been a size 14. I was so annoyed because I ordered the skirt for a night out the next day! Messaged on Facebook to see if they could send a replacement in the right size. After a long wait for a reply they said they couldn't send one out until I had sent a photo of proof of my postage for sending the incorrect skirt back. Bearing in mind it was now about 8PM, what post offices are open at that time. I needed the skirt for the next day! So I just thought I'd order the skirt AGAIN, next day delivery. How could they make the same mistake twice, right?.... WRONG. The second skirt came in a SIZE 10 AGAIN! How can you get a size 14 mixed up with a 10 TWICE? Now I don't know much about the packing process but really... It can't be that hard. I messaged to complain again and got offered 20% off my next order when both the wrong skirts had been returned. Do they really think I'd be stupid enough to order from them again? What a joke. Avoid shopping at Missguided if you need last minute purchases. They really need a customer service phone line. By the looks of it they have to deal with A LOT of complaints, surely these complaints would be dealt with a lot quicker than having to wait an hour between replies when messaging through social media. Missguided's customer service clearly isn't on the top of their priorities though.
Never Again!!!!
By Anonymous on 25th June 2015
I spotted a cute two piece co-ords set on the website and my boyfriend surprised me by ordering it for me with express shipping. Unfortunately when we opened the package they sent me a clearance skirt instead of the matching top even though the package slip said it was packaged and checked by Michael, one of missguided 's employees. My boyfriend emailed missguided and they said just to send back the skirt and they would send back the correct top...COMPLETE LIE!!! He express shipped it back and received confirmation from the post office that they received the package. After OVER a month and a half  of emails back and forth (which missguided ignored a few) they stated that they still have not received the return and it can take up to 21 business days...IT'S BEEN WAY OVER 21 BUSINESS DAYS and all they offered for a mistake that they did is stupid 10% off!!!! Which was not even a coupon code to use online, they stated to get 10% off my next purchase I would have to pay full price first then email them my order number which then they would "eventually" reimburse me the 10%. It doesn't make any sense for a company to cause more of an inconvenience to a customer for a mistake they made. Till this day still no top or refund. DO NOT BUY from this company they completely do not know how to treat their customers!!!! BEWARE YOU WILL BE GREATLY DISAPPOINTED!!! Order number is 108842745
Never Again!!!!
By Anonymous on 25th June 2015
I spotted a cute two piece co-ords set on the website and my boyfriend surprised me by ordering it for me with express shipping. Unfortunately when we opened the package they sent me a clearance skirt instead of the matching top even though the package slip said it was packaged and checked by Michael, one of missguided 's employees. My boyfriend emailed missguided and they said just to send back the skirt and they would send back the correct top...COMPLETE LIE!!! He express shipped it back and received confirmation from the post office that they received the package. After OVER a month and a half  of emails back and forth (which missguided ignored a few) they stated that they still have not received the return and it can take up to 21 business days...IT'S BEEN WAY OVER 21 BUSINESS DAYS and all they offered for a mistake that they did is stupid 10% off!!!! Which was not even a coupon code to use online, they stated to get 10% off my next purchase I would have to pay full price first then email them my order number which then they would "eventually" reimburse me the 10%. It doesn't make any sense for a company to cause more of an inconvenience to a customer for a mistake they made. Till this day still no top or refund. DO NOT BUY from this company they completely do not know how to treat their customers!!!! BEWARE YOU WILL BE GREATLY DISAPPOINTED!!!Order number is 108842745
By Anonymous on 23rd June 2015
I ordered the smallest size dress and when it came it was so large and loose, it looked nothing like how it did on the model, I'm never ordering from misguided again, catfish!!!!
1st shopping experience at this site was excellent!
By Citrine on 19th June 2015
Having read the reviews below, I felt apprehensive placing my 1st ever order from this retailer, however since the jersey dress I decided to buy seemed like practically everything I was looking for and it was discounted from £20 to £10 in the sale, the opportunity seemed to be too good to miss, so I decided to give it a go.

The dress arrived within a reasonable time frame of 3 days by courier (Hermes). It was neatly folded and packaged twice for protection - in a clear plastic wrapping and an outer plastic jiffy bag. The size was true to the measurements given on the website and fitted perfectly - but what really took me by surprise was the quality. It's so easy to overprice a clothing item these days, so I wasn't expecting much, but I would have happily paid full price for this dress - it's just SO nice. In my opinion, while the pricing seems to be similar, the quality beats the likes of ZARA, H&M or Forever21. The stitching is impeccable, there are no loose threads, and it's made of what I would describe as a "luxe" jersey - medium thickness, very soft, with just the right amount of stretch to hug the figure in all the right places, but simultaneously retain its shape. For the record - I don't know how it washes yet, as I've not worn it enough since I bought it 2 days ago, but I expect no problems there. Very impressed with my purchase.

Last thoughts - in my experience Internet clothing retailers tend to be extremely hit-and-miss, so I suspect not everything sold by Missguided will live up to my description - but in all honesty, my experience with them has been really good. I will definitely be ordering more and will report back if my opinion changes.
Horrific, tacky and incompient
By Nicole on 17th June 2015
I've been shopping from missguided for years and most of the time i've been delighted with my purchases. First of all I bought a £20 leather skirt, and I'm a small size 12...the skirt was roomy and definitely not too tight. But within 1 minute of wearing it the zipper broke and I had to cut myself out of it...£20 down the drain there. On numerous other items of theirs the zippers seem to just give up after a few wears, you can tell they're sweat shop quality. Next I order an all lace bralet, and I receive a leather and lace bralet, I'm not sure who they employ but that's a ridiculous mistake and I put it down to stock levels. Luckily I liked the bralet and decided to keep it. My last order consisted of a £25 bralet and £30 playsuit. After one wear the bralet was falling apart and the playsuit I wouldn't dare wear. The material Primark wouldn't even use and the fit is ridiculous. For a size 12 the sleeves are hanging off of me and the fit is so odd it hangs off of me in all of the wrong places looking frumpy and grim. I forgot to send it back in the 2 weeks and have emailed them twice since seeing if they can do me store credit, and in that time I've had no reply and have noticed that they put the rrp of the playsuit down to £ maybe I'm not the only dissatisfied customer? On top of that I qualified for free next day delivery which didn't go through, and the order took over the 5 days standard delivery time. What're you doing Missguided? Sort your shit out.
Nice Stuff but there Return System SUCKS!!!!
By Anonymous on 9th June 2015
I love the clothes and the prices. But just hope you don't have to return because every time I have they have not sent me notice of receiving it. There is no 1800 number so you have to email and they take forever to respond. Plus they force you to get proof of your return because their returns system sucks. Takes forever to get your money back. I only order if I think it will not have to be returned!!!!
By Anonymous on 8th June 2015
I placed an order and purchased a good amount of clothes for my vacation. After placing my order I received an email saying they need proof of address. I submitted everything they requested. I received an email back saying everything was verified and my clothes would be shipped. After 2 weeks of waiting I receive an email my order will be cancelled. So not only am I leaving on vacation without the clothes I ordered but they charged me and held my money for more than 2 weeks. Not to mention it takes 5 days( as they say in the email) for the refund to hit my account !!!! Totally regret ordering in this site. Was my first time and will definitely be my last !!!!!!! I don't recommend STAY AWAY!
What a load of rubbish
By Melissa on 26th May 2015
After reading these reviews it made me giggle.
Miss guided is one the best online stores and you get your money's worth so what all of the moaning is about it beyond me.
I have had nothing but fabulous items from miss guided and will purchase many more!!!
literally missguided
By Anonymous on 20th May 2015
How much guidance does one need to send the right items? I ordered two co-ords, both had problems!! The top of the first one had a rip around the neck, the other one was a different case entirely, they sent me two skirts. I thought it was a prank. I checked the list of items on the paper it came with and I did not even make a mistake. I exchanged the items but they sent the exact same things back to me!! I have been wanting to wear one of the outfits to my graduation which is literally in a week, but now I can't. I'm just so angered, I literally lived and breathed missguided until I opened the parcel yesterday. They take so long to reply to emails as well... I have ordered a lot of other things from Missguided like jeans, crop tops and a pair of boots...but I wouldn't recommend co-ords
By Rachael on 15th May 2015
I recently ordered a number of items with the intention of sending a few of them back after trying them on to see if they are suitable. One of the outfits that I had ordered was coordinating trousers and top. I ordered these in a size 8 (which normally fits me fine or even a little bit tight). The outfit I received could have fit a size 12 - 14. I knew as soon as I pulled the trousers from the bag that they would not fit me because they were almost the same height as me (I'm average height). Extremely poor quality also. I decided that only one item was suitable and returned the rest the next day, all in the same parcel with the returns note included. I waited 18 days before, today, receiving a refund of £15.50. I was expecting a refund of £65. I emailed customer service to bring the issue to their attention. I noted that none of my items even cost £15.50 so I am not sure where they have picked that value from

The reply I received was initially apologetic but then explained that the £15.50 was for an £18.00 top but with delivery costs deducted. On top of that they requested photographic evidence of proof of postage. It has been 18 days since I posted the items so the chances of me finding this receipt is slim. They also requested that I send them a list of the items that I had returned.
I replied to inform them that proof of postage would be impossible for me to recover at this stage and also that the items were all posted together along with the returns note. Surely if they received one item then they would have received them all? As well as this, the returns note is included in the package. They should have the gumption to check the returns note that they requested I fill in when they receive the package. If not all of the items were included then the package must have been damaged in which case they should have informed me via email. Regardless, I do not believe the package was damaged and it is the negligence of their staff members which have led to an incomplete refund.
By Anonymous on 5th May 2015
Ordered goods and returned in the same week. 4 weeks later still no refund and an email from them says refund in 4 days!! Don't shop here!!
Awful service!
By Tess on 27th April 2015
Last month I ordered a dress for my prom and I also ordered a top. However the dress was too small and the top was very cheap quality. I returned the items within the returns policy clearly stating I wanted to exchange the dress for a size up and return the top. 13 days later I received communication that my items weren't sent back withing 14 days (!!!) and they would send the items back to me. I have sent emails which have been ignored and now I have wrong items and no money to buy a new dress. Sort it out Missguided!!!
sizing needs reviewing!! do not shop here.
By Anonymous on 21st April 2015
The one star is for the excellent one day delivery that I received on time as for the clothes I was very disappointed. If you are going to be an online store your sizing of clothes should atleast almost match the high street. I am usually between 8 and 12 in high street stores so opted for size 14 as I know online retailers can be a bit smaller and it was quite fitted dresses I ordered.. However the size 14 was more like an 8/10 completely ridiculous this is what puts me off buying from online companies.. not to mention the poor quality stitching and fabric.. One of the dresses look like it's made by a 5 year old!! I definitely would not order from here again!
By Bre on 17th April 2015
After ordering my clothing, I read the online reviews. I got really afraid that Miss Guided was not a legitimate company and I would never see my clothes arrive in Canada. 4 days after ordering, my clothes arrived. New, in packages, and the correct sizes. I did pay an international shipping charge through FedEx, but was not surprised as the company is based out of the UK. I would recommend this company to others. I did originally email the company asking about shipping and refunds )after I had read the terrible reviews) but they promptly replied to my email, reassured me that my order was on its way, and answered my questions.
By Jade McDonald on 8th April 2015
I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THE SERVICE FROM THIS SITE! The only available delivery option yesterday was a Sunday delivery at £5.99 which I assumed they would refund because it wasn't even a Sunday AND I qualified for FREE NEXT DAY delivery but that wasn't an option at the checkout! And I don't even know when I will be getting my items! I assumed I could have this delivery charge refunded as it didn't apply to my order but they have refused it! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. WORST customer service I have ever experienced
If I could give it minus stars I would
By A xoxo on 7th April 2015
I don't even know where to begin with this joke of a company. I placed an order last Friday for Saturday delivery and after many attempts on iPhone, computer and laptop the order kept not going fully through. So I left it in the end and couldn't be bothered. However they charged my account £81.94 and gave me no confirmation email and I didn't receive the items on the Saturday. So of course I email their joke of a customer service and they apologise and say my money will be back in my account in 3-5 days. Obviously I replied saying that wasn't good enough and they had changed their mind and said the money was nothing to do with them, they had no control and it was in a holding account. Oh and it would now take 7 WORKING DAYS er no I'm not waiting that long. So I replied again and they told me to ring my bank and give them this vendor tx code and OF COURSE THAT DOESNT BLOODY EXIST. My bank had no clue what I was on about, never even heard of this 'vendor tx code'. my bank said I need To get missguided to fax my bank and they were the ones holding the money (not fricking sage pay as missguided tried to blag to me). And of course missguided are awfully sorry but don't get involved with that type of thing and don't do faxes! No faxes my arse. They refuse to cooperate and all they do is apologise.
Responses were from different staff everytime so they were all clueless.
rude replies in emails
biggest joke I've ever dealt with
By LAUREN W on 3rd April 2015
I placed a big AUD$200 order and had to return my ENTIRE ORDER (8 items!) i paid over $20AUD to post the items back and received an email almost 2 weeks later to say they received it (after i had tracked the parcel and knew that it had been delivered way before that) and that they were sorry i was not happy with my order and being sent the wrong sizes etc and that i would received a FULL refund.
Next i had an email from PayPal and surprise surprise.. Missguided only refunded HALF OF THE TOTAL VALUE OF MY ORDER.
I sent an email to ask why i received only half of MY MONEY and when i would be refunded the remaining amount.. weeks later and no response. I have just sent another email today but i don't have high hopes of getting my money back.
I have read many other reviews who also claim Misguided like to take your money then disappear when their customers aren't happy with the service and products.

DO NOT SHOP THERE. Shop on Asos!!!
By Anonymous on 2nd April 2015
it was also delivered to my door in 4 days.
By Anonymous on 2nd April 2015
I read the reviews so I was hesitant to buy my prom dress from Misguided, but I did anyway and it came in PERFECT. The size guide was very useful and correct, the material is better than expected, and the dress exceeded my expectations!! awesome. (from Canada)
Wish I had read these reviews first
By Anonymous on 23rd March 2015
Ordered some dresses from Missguided as I have some weddings to attend in the summer. Dresses arrived in expected time however one of the dresses was not one of the dresses I ordered nor the size I ordered. The other dresses were all terrible quality...they look cheap. Thoroughly disappointed and won't be ordering again. Looks like I'm not the first person to receive a wrong item though!
im getting trading standards involved
By melissa on 17th March 2015
paid for a floral skirt from missguided and when it came it had black stains all over it and a rip down one side when i conatcted thm about this they told me to send it back and they would issue an exchange. sent it back and was told to send proof of these stains as the 'skirt was in perfectly good condition' of course i hadnt taken pictures because i didnt know i had to!! so was unable to, so thats 30 pounds ive lost out on as they wont refund me it without proof it was damaged.

scam artists ive got trading standards involved, deffo something they need to sort out
thanks for mucking up once again missguided!!!!
By Holly on 17th March 2015
Never shopping here again. Ive recieved tops that have had holes in them and been MADE TO PAY THE RETURN COST EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT MY MISTAKE. Ive been sent the wrong things, that cost less than what i ordered. Emails never get replied to 'we will reply in 24 hours' my arse. My facebook comments get deleted. Appauling, lost another customer yet again missguided. how hard is it to send the RIGHT BLOODY ITEM. sort it out
utterly disgusted
By Anonymous on 17th March 2015
the worst customer service i have EVER come across!!!!!! stick to asos or likewise. at least you will recieve the correct items!!!!
terrible terrible terrible
By Anonymous on 17th March 2015
wish id read the reviews before i shopped with MISSGUIDED. ordered a dress off the site, its been a month and still havent recieved it, paid 50 pounds for it !!! have emailed customer service and get a different bloody person each time so have to explain the problem about 10 times. still has not been rectified. fuming.
awful disgusting service
By Anonymous on 17th March 2015
ordered a dress from missguided and paid six pounds for next day delivery, instead recieved some JEANS. contacted them and was told i would need to pay to send back these jeans and also pay to have my dress re delivered, DISGUSTING when its THEIR mistake. will never buy from this company ever again, scam fraudsters, no wonder its called MISSguided
Awful customer service
By Anonymous on 6th March 2015
Ordered several items for an event on next day delivery. Item didnt arrive and i am having no response from customer services. Disgusting. Avoid and order from decent retailers!!!
By Anonymous on 2nd March 2015
I have literally been trying to add things on to my cart for the past hour and a half and nothing saves. They have crappy service and I do not trust them with my credit card information. Not a very good first impression. Sucks bc a lot of their items looked super cute.
By ladonna on 26th February 2015
I ordered three items 2 skirts and a bralette, I used missguided's size chart which says I'm a size 10 US6 but for some reason the model's info says she wears a size 8 and wears US6, the both skirts looked like an extra large which could be more of a size 12, it fit me like I was playing dress up in someone of a larger sized clothing and one of the skirts looked nothing like the picture. The top fitted but looked nothing like the picture, I'm never ordering from misguided again I'm truly disappointed in what I received.
Missguided indeed
By Anonymous on 18th February 2015
Wouldn't recommend shopping with this store to anyone! It took 1 month to receive the order. It took them a few days to get back to me. I finally received the order to have it in poor quality/faulty. It has now been another month and they've taken their time to process a refund. Let alone get back to me about receiving the parcel. Worst online shopping experience by far!!
By Anonymous on 16th February 2015
I ordered $200.00 dollars worth of clothing on the 22/1/2015 it never turned up when I tried to track it it said tracking not available.. I emailed them countless times finally they said they will refund my items. Waiting almost four weeks for about 10 pieces of clothing is an outrage asos though is amazing everything always comes on time. I will not be re purchasing off missguided
The worst!!!!!
By Anonymous on 15th February 2015
Misguided is a sam site, i ordered form them after watching a youtube video and now i regret it so much. My order was never processed so i looked for a contact number and all i found was a email. The email address they provided has no association with the actual site. after emailing them over 100 times i put a dispute on the charges and the next day they emailed me saying my items had been shipped. I checked the website and the fux fur coat i had ordered was removed and they charged me $13 in shipping and have yet to refund the difference. Im so annoyed with this website. I wish i had never ordered for there.
Worst Customer Service
By Aoife on 15th February 2015
I am currently in an ongoing battle with Missguided to try get my money back. I ordered a dress off them but they delivered the wrong item. I sent the photos to prove it and they said if I returned it they would send me the correct product but they wanted me to pay the shipping costs. Basically pay for their error so I argued my case and they sent me a free postage stamp to an address in the Netherlands. I did as instructed, since it was a free stamp I didn't have proof of postage. OF COURSE they never received the return and wanted proof of postage to confirm I'd sent it.

The most frustrating part is every time I email Im with a different customer service agent. None of them EVER read previous emails to understand my situation so I keep getting sent useless information irrelevant to my case. Complete waste of time. EVENTUALLY after about 3 days of back and forth stupid emails I snapped and sent a very angry email and it got their attention enough to offer me store credit to the value of the dress. which would appear in my account in 3-5 days.
Needless to say I haven't received this credit.

I have ordered plenty of times from them without issues but after this expereince I don't think I'll be ordering from them again for fear of losing my money. AVOID COMPLETELY.
colour faded
By Anonymous on 15th February 2015
I bought a pair of black high waisted jeans and washed them as soon as i got them and they shrunk a lot and went pretty gray. last time i buy from there again
Do yourself a favor and never shop with Missguided.
By Anonymous on 8th February 2015
Trusting the various fashion bloggers I've seen purchase items from Missguided, I thought that they must have wonderful service. The clothing had great prices and everything looked consistent on their website.

Before purchasing, I was sure to go through all their FAQ's and even email customer service to ask a few questions. I received a quick response, so I figured that I could trust them and customer service would be there if I needed them. I was absolutely wrong.

2 weeks ago I made the grave mistake of ordering $200 worth of merchandise from them (because I thought they were credible) and Missguided couldn't even do their due-diligence of filling out the CRUCIAL declaration forms to get the package into the US. FedEx reached out to them for days about filling out the necessary declaration form and they completely neglected to do so.

I've sent countless emails to their customer service and receive almost completely automated-looking responses. Along with that, they refuse to put me in contact with a Supervisor and have passed me along to 6 different "Customer Care Advisors". Which is absolutely unacceptable.

They charged me, knowing fully that they would not deliver the product and fill out the necessary documentation, which is essentially fraud.

I should've known that a name like "Missguided" meant no good.

If you know what's good for you DO NOT by any means shop with Missguided!
By Anonymous on 7th February 2015
The first time I ordered from here I received my items fast and they were of good quality, HOWEVER, returning them (as they didn't fit), was a different story. Firstly, the return fees were extortionate, secondly, they did not fully refund my purchases (minus postage of course). I initially received half the payment I should have, then after querying it via missguided customer care, I received a further quarter of what I should have. After going through this hassle I honestly could not be bothered to further pursue getting any more money back. I would NOT recommend this site, just a scamming, wasteful website. DO NOT USE!
Avoid this company at all costs
By Melanie on 4th February 2015
I placed an order with Missguided on the 30th of January, and received my package on February 3rd. The only good thing I have to say about this company is the very fast shipping. My two dresses came to around $70, although, I was hit with hidden fees of $40. When I opened my package, I was disappointed to find the dresses I ordered in a size 6, both arrived in a size 10. Way too big. I don't want to go through the return process because from other users it sounds very time consuming and costly, and you may not even receive your refund. Also, one of the dresses appeared nothing like it looked online, and I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the dress. I am now behind $110 and there is nothing I can do about it. I will never order from this company again and I beg you all to not give these people your money either!
Missguided is misleading!
By Halli on 3rd February 2015
A couple of months ago I ordered a pink coat from Missguided which looked great on the website however when I received the item it looked nothing like it did on the image. It was fluffy and massive, it looked like a was being swallowed by a pink polar bear!
A couple of weeks ago I ordered a black coat, jumper, jeans and two pairs of shoes. Although the shoes had much bigger heals in person than on the website (again misleading images) I decided to keep them both.
Now onto the coat... OMG
This coat is labelled the 'Ana Faux fur coat' on the website in black. I received a coat completely different to this as much like the pink coat, it was huge, horribly fluffy and was an entirely different coat. There were no collars and the material was sticking out, it was awful!. I complained and contacted them via their email and they agreed to pay the postage since it was the incorrect item. So I exchanged it for the item I originally ordered.
4 days later, what comes in the post

The same horrid coat which I didn't want!
In the end I've ordered a refund because they clearly don't know the difference between their products, or didn't care about my exchange request and just packaged up the same coat and sent it back to me. Maybe that's what the coat actually looks like and they've just used a different picture of a completely different coat.
Either way I am hugely disappointed because I often like Missguided's products.
However I will not be returning as their customer because I am sick and tired of the endless trips to the post office returning their stupid coats!

Apologies for the rant, just needed to let off some steam. Hope this helps anyone xox
Was ok...until now!
By Megan on 3rd February 2015
I've never had a bad thing to say about Missguided after ordering from them for years. But my past couple of items have been so poorly made, I've had longer lasting clothes from Primark. To top it off today I ordered a skirt which claimed to be white, it was delivered and I found it was actually a pale baby pink. How they can claim it is white I will never know!! And now I have to pay money to get it returned! Safe to say I'm avoiding from now on!
not happy.
By natalie on 2nd February 2015
I am not happy with the jacket i received, it arrived with make up stains on it. Why are the items not checked when sent back? Why should i have to pay £2.50 for posting the jacket back, when its there fault for not checking when sending it out to me!! I will not be buying from miss guided again!!!!
By Anonymous on 2nd February 2015
Waited on my item for a week after paying next day delivery. No contact number available. Then my too arrived with the bow tie missing from it, it was so crinkled and thrown into the bag like it had just been returned by someone else. AVOID AVOID AVOID
Most frustrating site ever
By on 2nd February 2015
Don't ever shop on this site , worst customer experience ever , took several attempts just to pay , so much custom charges . And when I tried to return my items I had to pay extra and they claimed they had not received my payment such scammers , don't be fooled by how the clothes looked I was really disappointed , don't shop not his site ever I wish I read the reviews earlier , I'm so sad right now I wasted my money .
Everyone is telling the truth!!
By Anonymous on 29th January 2015
ordered from missguided despite my better judgement due to having ordered before and was happy with it. I went to order a dress.. the order didn't process but they still took my money!! not only that.. the item plus postage came to £22.98 and they took £27.99 from my account!! are they even authorised to do that? needless to say I contacted them countless times and just got ignored. I knew there was something dodgy about them but I was waiting until they mugged me off before I made the decision to not order again from them. they are supposed to be a professional company!! so disgusting
By Candy on 28th January 2015
My order was for next day delivery.They took my money & have not sent the order! After so much inconvenience they then asked me to fill in a form they emailed with my signature on it (don't know why, just a way of prelonging it I think).
I'm worried I have lost £77.00 now not sure what to do really angry about it.
Don't waste you're time & money there is something not right about Missguided at all.
Great service!
By Kat on 27th January 2015
I've ordered from missguided several times and I've never once had to complain.. My clothes were always delivered on time and they were always exactly like the pictures, got my prom dress and my birthday outfit on this great site.. They've seriously improved. Definitely ordering soon again!.
Don't be fooled by the pretty clothing
By Mia on 22nd January 2015
I wish I would've read reviews before ordering from Missguided. 
I can't believe what an actual scam their company is. 
People haven't received what they ordered months ago, some receive hideous quality or ripped clothing, and I am one of the MANY who was sent the incorrect item from what I ordered. 
If Missguided are striving to expand in the near future then they better think again. 
I ordered a coordinate, meaning, a top and a matching skirt. I received two skirts. 
As I was extremely furious about their mistake I went straight down to the post office after opening it and returned it. 
Today it's been 9 days since I returned the incorrect item and I have still not been hearing a word from them. 
So I emailed their customer service, which ironically is the last thing they provide, and now I'm being told:
"we need you to provide us the clear pictures of the incorrect item before you return them so that, we were able to request our relevant team to initiate re-dispatch for the correct item at the earliest.
Now we are unable to help you unless we receive your return at our warehouse. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused"
Also note that the instructions for returning an incorrect item are very poor. It doesn't say anything about taking pictures and providing them with proof. Even then I'm almost certain they'd find another excuse, and try to make this my fault.

I am so disappointed with this company. And from what I've read I can forget about getting the top nor the refund. Cause even though it only took me 3 days to receive their package, it apparently takes triple the amount of time for them to receive it at their warehouse, look into it and solve this issue for me. I can even bet that I'll get an email saying that my return "must've been lost in the mail" or some other unprofessional excuse. 
I am not very happy about paying for others mistake. 
So please please please, read reviews about a company before ordering from them. I was foolish enough to believe that Missguided was a legitamite corporation, but that is the last thing they are. 
From reading reviews it seems like 1/1000 actually receive what they ordered and in a short period of time. 

I will never order anything from this website again. Don't be fooled be the pretty clothing because you will for sure NOT get what you wanted. 
By Anonymous on 21st January 2015
I ordered a play suite..Received a total different item paid 5.99 for next day delivery witch didn't come couldn't contact anyone no one apologised or tried to help. I needed the play suite for the next day instead I'm left with a dress I didn't want and no money there isn't any number to contact all has to be done thru a email the communication is awful it is disgusting. 
I'd never use missguided again 
Useless at Dealing with complaints - Missing Parcel
By LV on 21st January 2015
This complaint goes back to before Christmas 2014. I have contacted Misguided several times about a parcel which they say was delivered when it was not.
I always use my work address for items to be sent. I received an email at 9.45pm to say my parcel had been delivered and left in the porch with a delivery card at 8.22pm. As my work is a hairdressers in a small parade of shops on a public highway no sensible person would have done this but drove down there just in case. Nothing there. The next day when I went to work there was no card through the door. It is obvious that if anyone had turned up to deliver a parcel, they would have put a card through the door to say they were unable to deliver it. Misguided have ignored all my emails and do not provide a telephone number to be contacted on. They are actually not adhering to The Consumer Contracts Regulation which came into effect on 13th June 2014. Who regulates these companies! I wouldn't even give the company one star but I cannot post this item without it.
By Anonymous on 20th January 2015
I'm so upset and angry, my very first order of missguided after waiting for weeks and weeks and weeks LITERALLY WEEKS for 1 ITEM to restock. so finally that item came back in stock. First of all my boyfriend pay for this item with his bank, because it was a little birthday gift from him for me. everything went fine. Then i received a conformation email about my order, i always check the email because of my address well i found out they missed my address number.. They had my address street name but forgot the numbers of my address, so i emailed the customer service. I got a poorly email back saying they can't change the address i have to log in my account and change it. So i did. (which is weird because i've never had problem with other stores before if i emailed them about my address they said always we will change it directly). How ever.. later i received and email because the PAYMENT has made DID NOT MATCH UP WITH THE 'ACCOUNT' SO THEY ASK FOR MY ID TO CHECK MY ADDRESS .. first of all my ID AND PASSPORT DO NOT HAVE MY ADDRESS IN IT. THEY REFUSE TO SEND ME THAT 1 ITEM BECAUSE THEY WANT PROOF OF MY ID FIRST. ARE YOU SERIOUS

By Anonymous on 15th January 2015
So i ordered a dress for next day delivery, NEVER CAME. They never emailed me i had to email them then they explained it was lost in transit. ordered again this time for saturday delivery NEVER received it till this day they gave me a tracking number its been 1 WEEK WHY advertise next day delivery when you cant deliver for the next day obviously to steal peoples MONEY, TIMEWASTERS, STEALING site. I was obviously MISGUIDED into thinking they would deliver the second time but NOO. they havnt evan got a number to call just an email address because they are a bogus shambolic website that dont understand the meaning of customer service. save your money and time and go somewhere else!!!
I like.
By Anonymous on 10th January 2015
I ordered a few items from misguided for my little cousin's prom(something cheap and cute, I was her date). Everything came on time and was exactly how it was in the picture. The material of the dress I bought was nice and the dress fit perfectly. I ordered a clutch from them also that actually wasn't in stock so after abt an hour I got an email telling me so. They never took the money out of my account for the clutch. I will definitely order from them again. 
Waste of time
By Claire Warriner on 9th January 2015
Awful service non delivery and a fight to get a refund. Customer services have no idea what they are doing tell you false information and just spill out useless information. No proof of delivery but yet they think it's been delivered even though I tell them it hasn't. Cannot speak to them over the phone and no managers will talk to you. Worst company they need an complete overhaul based on all the reviews I have read. Happy to take your money but won't give it back when they are in the wrong 
By Leo on 8th January 2015
I think its safe to say i will NOT be using Missguided again!!! I sent back two orders one on the 28th Nov and the other on the 1st Dec. After not hearing anything for two weeks (as they say it takes 10days) i emailed them on the 10th Dec for an update and got the automated response email. That same day i received a response and another two emails stating that both had been received and i thought finally!  However on the 14th Dec i received another email to state that one out of the two orders (bearing in mind it was the second order sent on the 1st Dec) had been processed and i will receive my refund which i did two days later. On the website it states that if you sent back multiple orders it can take up to 72 hours to process, however this was certainly not the case!  I sent another email on the 22nd Dec asking where my second refund is to which i was told i will receive it by Boxing Day but surprise surprise i didn't, so i sent another email on the 30th where i finally received a breakthrough and my refund was initiated. I finally received my refund yesterday (7th January). I don't understand why it took a further 22days to process the second refund and i think if i hadn't of kept pestering them i wouldn't of got it!  

I think its absolutely ridiculous and on top of that they take off £2.50 for Royal Mail delivery!!! 

Its not a very good service - from late deliveries to taking nearly two months to refund a product whereas ASOS take a week to refund - i will definitely not be using MissGuided again :-( 
By Alexis on 6th January 2015
Do NOT order from this company.

Their customer service terrible.

They shipped me the wrong sized dress and are trying to stick me with return & receiving shipping expenses for their error.

Trying to get the issue rectified is a nightmare and I honestly wish I'd never bothered ordering a dress from them.

I wouldn't recommend anyone order anything. Find another retailer who will own up to their mistakes and work to correct the issue.

At this point I am proceeding with legal action against the company for false information supplied to have me pay more $$ to receive the right item.

-10000 star rating
should have known better
By Kimberly Smith on 2nd January 2015
UGH!!! I should've known not to order from this company and at the least should have checked reviews first! They are very similar to an international company I ordered from before, can't remember the name that's how POOR they were with delivery, quality and customer service. And it looks like these people are the same. They certainly have chosen a great name for their company because MISGUIDED is exactly what they are.

I ordered two items on 12/14/14, they promptly charged my card the $38 and change, which included a shipping charge. Well today is 1/2/2015, and I still do not have my order. I tried tracking my order using Spring Global, which is the carrier they use, the first screen shows delivered to the country of destination, however, using the track feature on the Spring Global website, it shows that the tracking number cannot be located?!?!?? So I email MISGUIDED, and get a response back from someone who apologizes that it appears my order was lost in transit. The asks if I want a re-dispatch or a refund. UMMM HELLO!!!!! clearly I want a refund now, do you actually think I'm willing to continue waiting?? THEN, about an hour later I get another email from RUBY, who claims that the previous CSR was misinformed, and that I should go hunt down my package myself at my local post office, and if not there, then fill out a form to send them to begin a lost package investigation. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS, First of all my post office would never attempt delivery and not leave a notification that my package is being held, never have in the 5 years I've lived there. Why the heck should I have to go find my package when I PAID for delivery

Secondly, I am not about to wait another 15-30 days for some investigation, when clearly the outcome of the investigation will be the same. That this is a lazy, incompetent, poorly managed company who has a track record of taking people's hard earned money and never delivering the goods to them. Thank goodness I only ordered a small amount but $38 is $38!!! I want a refund I no longer want these stupid good! If MISGUIDED cannot follow through on delivery to other countries, then they should not offer it. SHAMEFUL!
By Anonymous on 26th December 2014
I can honestly say that this company customer service and shipping is terrible. I cannot speak to the quality of its product because I have not received my order. I order my item on December 5th with the guarantee that it would arrive before Christmas, the item did not come. I emailed the Customer service 4 times before I was able to get a response. When I emailed it the first time, I was told I would be contacted within 4 days, I was not contacted. When customer service finally contacted i was told, "as the parcels are delivered at your local post office, we request you to kindly check with them." I had previously contacted my post office on the 23rd and there was no parcel there, which means it was delivered to my post office on the 24 or 25, I did not receive the item I purchased in time for Christmas. This company does not care about providing a service to its customers, just making money. Even though it did not respond to my email or shipped my item, it had time to charge my account. I implore you not to buy from this site. Again, I do not know anything about the quality of its products and its products may be great, but the lack of respect that they treated me and the poor customer service, confirms that I will NEVER purchase from this site again. So please feel free to purchase if you want to have a headache, not know whether your item has been shipped, and deal with terrible customer service.
Don't deserve one star
By Anonymous on 23rd December 2014
This company are a set of scammers they take your money and don't send the goods. Someone needs arresting Im not even sure how they continue to trade. I imagine the directors are enjoying a very profitable Xmas at the expense of people who are still waiting for refunds or orders. Disgraceful!!
By Mia on 22nd December 2014
I have placed an orders for over 250 GBP for delivery at premium rate for Saturday. 

I have not received my orders.

I am leaving for My holidays now and demanded a refund all my emails are being ignored. 

There is no customer line that allows you to talk to someone. 

I feel extrimely frustrated and not happy all before Xmass Holiday.

Do not buy from them they are quick to take your money and then avoid you.
fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!
By Anonymous on 22nd December 2014
It was my first and last time ordering from missguided. Not only i got the wrong sizes, i ordered a cami top and i received a romper. This is it for me i wanted to give it a try but now i know that its not worth it.
By Jackie on 19th December 2014
I have given missguided so many chances but will never shop there again. They make so many mistakes, like sending the wrong sizes. Recently, they made the mistake of giving me express shipping to Canada instead of regular mail. That's a big deal for Canadians because then it goes through FedEx, which means the "customs" fees will be the same price as the item you purchased!! I would NEVER order express for that very reason. Because they messed up and put it through express, I ended up having to pay DOUBLE for my purchase!!! When I told them, first they said sorry too bad, then they said they'll reimburse me the customs fees, THEN they said they can't reimburse me but will give me a measly 10$ credit, which I NEVER RECEIVED!! Then they insinuated to me in an email that the only reason I don't get customs fees in regular mail is because merchants are illegally failing to declare, which is ridiculous, and also unbelievable because they basically incriminated themselves!!! There are so many other places to shop. Why shop at a place that is constantly making errors and then failing to rectify them due to absolutely zero sense of customer appreciation? Go to asos.

PLUS: The clothes never look like how they do in the pictures. The material is so cheap and a lot of the times, I had to laugh at how cheap and ridiculous a my purchase looked in real life.
Quick to take your money!! AVOID!!! (Zero Star option not available!)
By Anonymous on 19th December 2014
Returned some items on Nov 20th as they were unsuitable. Returns received but no email confirmation and no refund given!! Repeatedly emailed them, Sent them messages via Facebook to which it all got ignored. Eventually got a refund on the 15th Dec after reporting them to trading standards! However full amount not given. Avoid them at all costs! They do not deserve anybody's money or time!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO TRADING STANDARDS!!!
The worst service ever
By Nour Hanna on 18th December 2014
I placed an order from 21 of November and believe what , i have not received my order yet and it was an express shipping 
So the took the money and did not call or email or anything 
They are stealing i think 
I sent them like hundreds of time and no reply , and my oder was for 63£ 
So its not cheap , DO NOT Deal with this website.
The worst customer service ever !!!!
By Anonymous on 17th December 2014
I really can't be bothered to talk about this hopeless company - I agree with others you pay for a service and product that you just don't receive. They should be shut down, please do not order from Misguided or you will end up on here encouraging people to not make the same mistake.
total waste of time
By A on 17th December 2014
i ordered since November and only received it 16th of December, and it wasn't my size. ordered for a UK size 10 and received a size 14. extremely disappointed. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT WASTE UR TIME ORDERING FROM THERE.......
ABSOLUTELY APPALLING..should not be allowed to trade!!!
By Anonymous on 16th December 2014
Yet again Missguided appear to have charged me twice for 1 order, which has meant an extra £222 being taken from my account. Luckily for me I had enough in my account to compensate for their horrendous mistake but others may have not been so lucky and become overdrawn all for the sake of a bargain garment undoubtedly of poor quality. This is not the first time this has happened either! What makes it even worse is they won't even admit they have made a mistake. They just say they will reply to your message within 4 days which is ridiculous and then completely ignore the complaint. I then spend hours trying to reclaim money that is rightfully mine. On more than one occasion they have also missed items out of my order, they then say I'm lying and eventually say they will re despatch the item. 3 weeks later after numerous emails with no response the item sells out and I get an unexplained refund for the 1 item and none of the other items I've returned. PLUS unlike 99% of over online retailers they have the cheek to charge for returns. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE MYSELF AND COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE BY ORDERING FROM THIS COWBOY RETAILER!!!
Save yourself from being #muggedbymissguided
By Anonymous on 16th December 2014
I ordered a dress for an event I had the week after, selecting the 3 day delivery to make sure I had plenty of time to have the dress delivered in Nottingham, to take to London with me. The dress and belt then took 4 days to arrive (the day I was leaving the house) and once opened, it was in fact a completely different dress. I did still check the delivery note to confirm it had be signed to say it was 'quality checked'.

Once I had emailed and tweeted Missguided to explain my issue they reluctantly sent a 'freepost' return address, as returns are not normally free. I have waited 3 weeks for a refund (their website states 10 days) with no correspondence.

After posting my anger on social media, I came to realise that the majority of my female followers have had the same issue where they are all still waiting for a refund after returning the goods.

Steer clear, and save yourself from being #muggedbymissguided
By Anonymous on 14th December 2014
Non delivery of item and appalling service - theft of my money
By MW Yorkshire on 13th December 2014
Ordered four items, one of which wasn't packed or delivered.
No phone number to contact customer services and every email I sent was responded to with an automated reply with an increasingly long promise of response - first was 48 hours, then 4 days, then 6 days. I have received loads of marketing emails but no response to my missing item.
I now know how they have low prices- they basically steal from their customers. I paid up front by pay pal so they have stolen my money. I am going to get legal advice and would advise that others do the same. If the police get enough separate reports they will surely have to shut this disgusting company down.
The name Misguided now brings a wry smile to my lips, as anyone ordering from them in the future is seriously misguided! 
Awful customer service
By Anonymous on 9th December 2014
Yet to get a refund. Seriously doubting if I actually will. 
I feel really disappointed and angry as I've had no issues in the past. They owe me £70 but said they haven't received my items which is rubbish as I sent them separately in 3 parcels so I seriously doubt if this is true. Have sent countless emails and direct messages on twitter (as they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER!) and the only response I've had is to say they don't have the items. Everything else has been automated emails. 
Will NEVER EVER order from them again. 
Definitely no stars! 
By Anonymous on 7th December 2014
Absolutely disgusting company. No customer service whatsoever! Paid for next day delivery as I needed it asap and it came a week later! They only responded to my messages when I threatened to take legal action. Returns process is a NIGHTMARE. You'll be lucky to even get your money back - plus you have to keep chasing them up about it and pray you'll get a reply! Why? They take your money as soon as your order is processed but take months to refund you.. It makes NO sense. To make it worse they don't have a direct line.. Its 2014, how can you NOT have a direct line? It's absolutely barbaric. Will NEVER EVER shop at this company again. I will stick to Asos & Boohoo who have never failed to disappoint me!! 
For someone who is humble and calm, missguided really knows how to test my patience! 
By Laura on 4th December 2014
Absolutely ridiculous ordered 3 x products paid for next day delivery and they never arrived. It is now 5 days later and I have not received my order. They have taken the money out of my account, I have emailed them twice and you get an automated response saying they will get back to you in 48 hours still waiting for an answer as to whether or not they are sending me my goods!!!!!! I would never order from them again and I am doubtful I will get my money back therefore I will be taking legal action.
NO STARS!!!!!!!
By Anonymous on 4th December 2014
Placed an order for 3 day delivery, it does not appear it has even been processed (3 days later) or left The warehouse let alone been delivered. I cannot find a telephone number anywhere and customer services said will come back by email in 48 hours (not good enough). Needless to say what I ordered them for I will now have to go and buy something else last minute and send the item back (which I am not confident they will deal with appropriate either from other reviews. DEFINATELY WILL NOT USE AGAIN!
By Anonymous on 4th December 2014
Please be aware that this company is scamming by the simple method of deliberately sending you the wrong item and then when you return it to them, they fail to credit you the refund.
I will be taking steps to investigate the company with a view to having their illegal operation being dealt with at source.
Not worthy of any stars.....
By a disgruntled Niamh on 1st December 2014
So I ordered a dress for my 21st Birthday from Missguided (which, ironically,are miss-guiding). I ordered the dress on November 1st, which gave plenty of time for delivery since its meant to be delivered within 2-6 days. On the 6th day (November 6th) I received an email explaining my order was mixed up and now delayed. As compensation they offered a measly 10% discount (which was out of date on the 27th of November), which I wasn't inclined to use after this ordeal. 
So.... Finally my order came on the 11th of November LATE and by this time I had already bought a new dress since my birthday party was on the 16th and I began to panic. Thus, the dress was too late and as it turned out, too small.
So after my weekend of festivities, I returned the dress on 17th of November. For some reason the 'Fastway Couriers' couldn't accept my parcel and I had to return it using registered post. This cost a further 7.50euro, on top of the 45.50euro I had already spent on the dress.
Now it is December 1st and according to 'An Post' tracking, my item has still not been returned to Missguided. This means I probably wont be entilted to a refund because my item will be returned late, even though it was delivered late.
So to sum things up DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MISS-GUIDING MISSGUIDED. I know I never will again.....
Not worth it one bit
By Anonymous on 1st December 2014
poor customer service, a nightmare to get answer from, poor quality of clothing, 2 and a half weeks later after them receiving my parcel they still havent issue my refund. Just not work the hassle on bit.
Late delivery
By Anonymous on 25th November 2014
I ordered 3 items and paid for next day delivery it's been 2 days still havnt received it and they said they would contact the delivery company and still no one has got back to me ! Still don't know when I am going to receive it  Bloody awfull 
shocking!! doesnt deserve one star!!
By sf on 24th November 2014
I paid peruim delivery didn't get it till 3 days later what a joke of a company. My dress came with marks on it which I think is terrible as it was rapped up never will I order from them again scam!! 
Stay away from them waste of time
By Anonymous on 23rd November 2014
I ordered a dress and paid for postage, stated 5 working days, 9 days later plenty of pointless emails going round in circles, thankfully I paid via PayPal and I opened a dispute to get a refund, won't ever shop or even visit the website again. Ordered from boo hoo next day delivery and no hassle. 
Never received my refund.
By Janel on 23rd November 2014
I ordered two dresses from Misguided that I intended to bring on vacation. To start, they took over 2 weeks to arrive so I was unable to take them on vacation. When I finally got home and tried them on, they were way too big. I thought the sizing was all UK, so I ordered a UK 8 and 10 - turned out to be a  US 8 and 10 - wayy too big. I sent them back within a couple days using the return label provided. A few weeks passed and I still had no refund. It has now been a month and a half and I never got my refund. My order was over $100 and I lost it. The customer care service told me I needed to provide "proof of postage" in order to get my return, which I don't have (I don't even know what that is). I shop online VERY often and have NEVER had a company not receive a returned package. My home address was on the package, so it should have been sent back to me if there was a problem with the label. The dresses were really cute and I would have ordered more dresses from Misguided in the future had my refund been issued. The customer care service was not accommodating whatsoever. I'm extremely disappointed. I do NOT recommend Misguided.
Not worth the hassle
By Claire on 20th November 2014
I've brought (and returned) items from Missguided a few times - often tempted by discounts or sale items but I am ALWAYS disappointed, either because of poor quality or bad sizes. While some size 8 fits fine, other items which are marked size 8 are more like size 6 or even 4. Fabric and quality of items reminds me of Primark which is fine for a cheap price but not when you're paying £20 and more.
When items are out of stock, the site doesn't usually tell you, there will just be times when items won't add to your basket or add but there is no price. I recently ordered 7 items but while only 5 arrived, I was changed for all 7. When I queried this I was told I'd been refunded for one of the items already and they would process my refund for the other, which would 3-5 days. I have no idea why they took my money for items which they didn't have and I never received and there was no communication about my missing items prior to receiving my order or within my delivery. I honestly think they were hoping I just wouldn't notice.. I will be returning all of the items I purchased and will not be shopping there again. I have had similar experiences every time with poor quality clothing and problems with their website while ordering items but having to wait up to 5 days for a refund for items which weren't in stock and I never received is beyond a joke.
Lost in transit
By Anonymous on 18th November 2014
Made quite a pricey order with them, had to contact them when I never received it like a month after. They told me it might be 'lost in transit' and emailed me a form to 'fill in by hand' and email back. I truly doubt they ever sent the parcel, and after wasting my money I now have to waste my time to try for a refund that I'm not even positive I'll get back. Emailed them again regarding my disappointment and they just sent another automated response with the attached refund form. Not happy at all. 
Rip Off - do not order!!
By Laura on 17th November 2014
I placed an order for a £25 dress, as a first time customer I have had the worst retail experience EVER!

They said that they dispatched the order, then I received an email saying the courier has left it in the porch (I have no porch!).  I complained, was asked to fill out a claim form which I did immediately, I never heard from them again!

I chased daily and they did not bother to respond to my emails.

I doubt they even sent the package, if they did it is their responsibility to replace the item as the courier did not get a signature.

Basically they have kept my money and offered no help at all.  

Absolutely terrible service, looking at all of the negative reviews I predict this company will not last much longer...cowboys!

Non delivery of goods: avoid Missguided !
By Cari on 16th November 2014
My daughter paid for a jacket and top which she never received. Numerous e-mails were sent to the company and all that happened was an automated response with a claim form. We were informed that the items had been delivered. The delivery man had allegedly left the parcel on the doorstep which was unattended and close to a relatively busy thoroughfare. Missguided are not contactable by telephone. You go round in endless circles. They claim never to receive the claim forms even though one was sent by recorded delivery. In fairness to the delivery company they carried out an internal enquiry and found the driver to have been in the wrong. Missguided should now refund the money but they just say to send another claim form. So I have written off the £46.
The final insult was to receive an e-mail asking if we were satisfied with their customer services. I clicked on NO. This then took me to a new page. Fortunately I was alert to the fact that it defaulted to YES satisfied unless you moved the response with the cursor when intending to explain my reasons for dissatisfaction.
I feel that a company which refuses to have a personalised phone link for customer care is highly suspect. I would never deal with Missguided again
By Anonymous on 12th November 2014
I order a cute envelope skirt on the 30th on October. I live in the US so shipping takes 2-15 days. Granted it has only been 13 days, I NEVER recieved a confirmation email. When I click track order, while viewing my order, all it says is on the 31st on October it was awaiting dispatch. So I figured it was just an updating error, so I look passed it. When I click track here (basically going to the couriers actual website to track) a message pops up saying that that doesn't apply to my order. So I'm like "ok..." so I'm waiting for the package to come, it has yet to come. I emailed a complaint and nothing has been done yet. I was supposed to be wearing that skort this weekend on a date. Worst part is, I already purchased the rest of the outfit elsewhere.. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE.
By Carys on 5th November 2014
 have been a loyal customer of Missguided for a long time and have spent A LOT of money with them. Previously, I had never had a problem with their dispatch/delivery process or their customer service. However, the last 4 TIMES, i have had a problem with this company! As a professional business you would think that they would be doing everything possible to sort out their dispatch/delivery process, seeing as the majority of complaints on here and twitter are customer service and delivery complaints. Had this happened 1 time, I wouldn't be so angry however this is now the 4th time Missguided have disappointed me.

Every problem I have had with you guys has regarded delivery.
The last 3 times, i have paid for next day delivery, and my item has not come. Not only that but I never even received an email from them telling me that there was a problem with my order and that it couldn't be delivered. Of course I emailed them asking where my order was and when would it be coming, and all i got back was a 'sorry your order didnt come today it will be delivered tomorrow apologies for the inconvenience' !!!?? No explanation of WHY my package wasn't delivered DESPITE the fact that I had paid for next day delivery! On one out of the 3 occasions this happened i emailed back asking for them to refund my delivery as I needed it for that night and so there was no point in sending it to me! They replied saying that they had asked the courier to send it back to them undelivered and that they would refund me, however, the next day it got delivered any way! i wondered whether the person replying to my email actually even did contact the courier! 

Now the 4th and most recent time, I ordered something on the weekend just been and decided not to do next day delivery as is CLEARLY a waste of time and money. I opted for standard delivery instead which takes up to 3 working days. Well this is the 3rd working day since I ordered my clothes and I have not recieved a dispatch email to say my order is on its way.


Now i am not going to even blame this on Yodel as I have had things delivered through Interlink before from Missguided and they didnt come either!

You guys seriously need to rethink your strategy as you are going to lose LOYAL customers such as myself.

Really disappointed.
By Anonymous on 4th November 2014
I've ordered from missguided about 5 times and have had probably the worst customer service. Once they charge your credit card, they don't care to satisfy your request or explain in details when you ask them questions. 

Also, I was charged $72 in customs and duties for a $170 (can dollars) package. On the website it says you will only be charged customs
on order over $200.   
By Daniella on 3rd November 2014
I first purchased a dress from Missguided a few months ago. It arrived on time and looked like the pictures however had a stain of some sort on it. I washed the dress and luckily managed to get whatever was on it out so did not bother to contact Missguided. My second purchase a couple of weeks ago I ordered on a Thursday and paid about £5 extra for Saturday delivery just to be safe as I needed it the following Wednesday. I contacted Missguided and they gave me a tracking number and assured me it would arrive Sunday. It did not come on Sunday. On Monday I tried the tracking number on the Yodel website but it did not exist. They made it up. I then called Yodel and spoke to a very helpful guy named Mohammed who entered the tracking number and told me there was no such tracking number. He then asked for my address and entered it into the system and said there were no parcels sent out or due to be sent out to my address... They had not even dispatched the item yet. Contacting Missguided again they assured me it would be sent out tonight... they told me this at 10.45pm... another LIE. How would they get the item to me that night when Yodel do not deliver past 9pm. After multiple emails that night, Tuesday and Wednesday, I finally received an email from Yodel saying my delivery was on its way. It arrived two hours before I needed it on the Wednesday. LUCKY! They did refund the £5 I paid and gave me 10% off my next purchase. Last week I decided to use this discount and purchased a top. This time it arrived on time but the strap of the top was half hanging off and the other one about to break. DO YOU NOT CHECK THE CONDITION OF ITEMS AT THE WAREHOUSE BEFORE YOU SEND THEM OFF??!!! Appalling. Given my two previous experiences with Missguided I demanded they send me a replacement without me going out of my way anymore than I already had to actually go to a post office to return the item. They said this is not procedure and refused to replace item until I had returned the faulty one. IT IS NOT MY FAULT I WAS SENT A FAULTY ITEM IN THE FIRST PLACE AND I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO KEEP SOLVING MISSGUIDEDS CARELESS MISTAKES. I have never experienced anything like this before with Boohoo, Asos etc and I am actually disgusted with their lack of sympathy and emotionless automated responses to emails. I am still fuming. 3/3 bad experiences. Should have learnt my lesson the first or even second time I ordered with them.
By Sarah on 1st November 2014
Absolute and utter rubbish. 

I ordered a lovely dress for £28 and a week later, still no sign of my parcel. I had an email from YODEL (utter rubbish also) advising that my parcel was out with a courier and should soon be on my lap. The parcel never arrived. I phoned YODEL and they informed me that the parcel was never sent out in the first place and that I should contact Missguided.

To be fair to Missguided, their communication was super quick and they advised me that I would receive a full refund. However, they avoided questions in my very lengthy email and didn't once offer an apology. Furthermore, I should not be chasing a company to find out where my parcel which I have paid good money for. 

It's been 2 weeks since I contact Missguided for a refund and I still haven't received it. 

I made my order on the 6th October, it's now the 1st November. Absolute waste of time and money. 

Good luck to anyone who uses their service.
By Anonymous on 30th October 2014
Missguided are the worst online shop I have ever come across! Prices don't match the quality, clothes are made out of such poor fabric its disgusting! I have purchased 2 dresses from the website, but when I opened the parcel I was very shocked of how different they looked and that on the website one of the dresses had a belt on, but unfortunately it didn't come with the dress even though the dress itself was expensive enough and I didn't know that until I got it. Overall I had to send them both back and obviously Missguided wouldn't be Misguided if they wouldn't charge you £2.50 for returning clothes.
By on 25th October 2014
I wanted a specific coat and colour and when I found it on missguided I was excited. I set up and account and ordered it straight away and even paid the extra £4.99 for next day delivery. I waited in all day and it was a no show, when I checked to see where my product was it said 'processing' what an absolute outrage. This site won't offer a refund even though I paid for a service to provide what I needed and  it didn't. They have chosen the right name for this company as it is misguiding.  They shouldn't be promoting and selling products when they can't get hear within the time you have paid for it to be set. Do not order from here, I am left full  of regret  with  £50 down the drain. Wouldn't even give it a star.
Wish I could give no stars
By Anonymous on 15th October 2014
In July I ordered a playsuit and a dress in my usual size. They arrived a day later than they were meant to but I didn't mind too much until I opened the package. The size I usually am felt like I was squeezing into childs clothes and the "playsuit" when I opened the package was a crop top?! 
So I ordered again from them a couple of days ago to give them another chance, the main reason being my sister wanted a coat off here for her 18th birthday. So I ordered the coat and a couple other things to make the order up to £60 so I could get free next day delivery. I waited in all day yesterday, until I got an email about 1-2pm saying they were having troubles with my delivery and it would be a day late. So here I am today still waiting for my delivery and it hasn't even left the warehouse! So my sister will have no presents on her 18th birthday even though I paid and bought extra for it to be here yesterday. Worst company ever, thanks so much...
By Anonymous on 15th October 2014
I live in Australia. I ordered an item to be shipped to Perth. I still haven't received my item, it's almost been one whole month! NEVER buying anything from Missguided ever again!
Poor customer service!
By .. on 14th October 2014
I am so disappointed with misguided by from them all the time. Paid for next day delivery a few times now! Never get next day delivery! No money back!! very poor customer service. I do not recommend them at all! And I will never buy from them again! 
By Anonymous on 13th October 2014
After seeing an overwhelming amount of negative feedback of the company I decided to share my  experience with Missguided. I ordered a dress from here, and after reading some of the reviews was very apprehensive about my order. I have to agree with majority of people and say that missguided does not have good delivery services at all! I would not recommend buying off this website if you need your items quickly, my parcel arrived at the latest possible date which was dissapointing. Another thing is the sizing of missguided is very off, I am usually an 10 (sometimes an 8) and ordered a size 10 dress, although the dress did fit ,it was very tight at the bust , and I have never ever had such a problem with size 10 bust issues, the bust size was that of a 6 and the dress was loose. Completely ridiculous !! In addition the dress was very see through and not opaque as the image showed.  This site can only be used depending on the type of item you are buying, don't buy things that are too detailed ,although the prices may seem cheap the quality will shock you, stick to plain and simple things that you don't need in a hurry, especially because of there abhorrent return policy stick to things not too pricey, there is a wealth of other online stores such as asos that offer reliable delivery , free returns and excellent customer service. All the best  
Different story!
By Anonymous on 2nd October 2014
I've had the late delivery problem in the past. HOWEVER, this time they not only took my money fast but NO parcel OR record of my order but still happily took my money. Therefore i am now left £82 shorter with no parcels. Love the shop shame the service is such a disgrace. 
Missguided missguides
By Cat on 30th September 2014
I was so excited to order online from this place. I was looking for my perfect dress for a party, and finally I found it. When it came to ordering time, I added my dress to my bag, then clicked on my bag and boom "Your shopping cart is empty" WTF...I just put it in my bag, I then re-did the whole adding to my cart thing and clicked on my cart "Your shopping cart is empty" Are you firkin kidding me? 
I found out that you have to create an account to be able to order stuff, so thats what I did, created my account, attempted to log in "Invalid username or password" I knew I had written everything right, so I did it again and it said the same thing. I thought there was an error, so I clicked on "Forgot password" and wrote my email address and waited for a never even came. No account, no responses and certainly no dress. I won't be wasting money on this shit website.  

So to include my rant/review this website is a pice of firkin shit, it literally missguides you and gives you a headache. Don't order from this website, it's dodgy. Now I have to look for a new dress thanks to this time wasting shit. 
Buyers Beware
By Stacy Chambers on 25th September 2014
Missguided has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RETURN POLICY. I must say I question how ethical this company is and why are they still in business when they will take your money with no regards. I've almost been cheated out my money twice with Missguided. The first time I made a return with them they "claimed" the items well soiled. I told them get a manager involved because that was not true. I had to fight with them and turn to social media to receive my funds.
Told myself I was never going to order with them again, but overtime have giving in to temptation. I love missguided clothes and prices. My birthday was coming up I ordered 2 jumpsuits that didn't fit so I had to return them. This time I was extremely cautious I made sure I took pictures of the items and I made sure I paid extra to send the items registered mail. Well after 2 weeks and not receiving a confirmation email or refund I sent customer service an email. The response was that they haven't received by package.  I told them that was a lie because I tracked the package and it said it was delivered!  Have the associate the tracking number and told her to get her supervisor involved because I want my money back! Went back and forth until they apologized and said I would receive my refund in 3-5 business days.  Well its a week now I haven't received my refund and now customer service won't reply to my emails. Totally distraught with Missguided!!!!
Missguided Indeed!
By Anonymous on 22nd September 2014
I would have put no stars if I had the option. This was my first and last time using this website! This company is a waste of time and money.  I haven't even got my items yet and now I don't know if I actually want them now.  Very quick to take your money even when an order hasn't even gone through! I created an account, placed my order paid my money and then the website shut down.  Tried to log back in but with no success.  Emailed customer service and got an automated response.  It took 3 days to work out that an account had not been created or that my order had NOT gone through but yet they took my money! I expressed my disappoint via email and got offered a 10% voucher off my next purchase BUT cannot be used for this or that or that offer or this selection, so pretty much they gave me a useless voucher! I have re-ordered some of the items that I originally ordered most of them were now out of size or stock, according to their tracking I should receive these items tomorrow I live in Australia and order was placed on Friday 19th Sept so if these do arrive that's a pretty impressive turnaround but I'm not going to hold my breath! Still waiting on a refund from original order.  I was recommended to this site by a friend and thought "why not" but never again.  I'm hoping the items were worth it because by the look of some of these reviews I don't even want to try and return them! 
By Anonymous on 18th September 2014
I recently ordered from missguided, item was too big so sent it back for an exchange. I filled out an online form choosing my correct size (so you think they would have put the item on hold) however I got an email today to say the case was closed and the item was out of stock. I just checked on their website and the item and correct size is stil in stock!!! They obviously just didnt want to send another one out.. It is ridiculous of them to not stick by their exhange policy as they have one in place. Absolutly terrible customer serive, wouldnt recommend to anybody looking to purchase from there. 
Terrible customer service and returns policy
By Anonymous on 16th September 2014
I recently ordered a few items from Missguided having ordered from them before and been satisfied. This time I ordered my friend a coat for her birthday, I did it in advance as the delivery is sometimes unreliable but now I'm guessing I should have left it until the last minute. My friend's birthday came around and she received another coat so no longer needed the one I had bought. I hadn't given it to her yet and it was still in the original packaging etc so I e-mailed customer services. I very politely explained that I knew it was outside of their 14 day return policy but the item was untouched and now unneeded (I had also kept the other items that I ordered). The only response that I got looked like it had been copied and pasted from the website. No flexibility at all and basically saying if I did return it they would refuse to accept it.
I thought that Missguided was in the running alongside Arcadia and Asos but clearly not!
I won't order from them again as you get free next day delivery and returns up to 28 days with Asos and if I have ever had a query their customer services are extremely helpful!
UK size became US size, poor customer service
By Anonymous on 14th September 2014
I ordered a pair of jeans in size 10 (which was a UK size 10 since the size guide is in UK sizes). My order was not delivered after 2 weeks and I emailed Missguided. Missguided carried out a re-dispatch but sent the jeans to me in UK size 14. When I emailed them about it, they pushed the blame to me and claimed that my order was for US size 10 and refused to admit that this is a case of a wrongly delivered order. This is my first and last time ordering from Missguided, their customer service is horrendous.
Worst customer service
By Mel on 14th September 2014
10 days and my order still hadn't been listed as shipped. I emailed them to follow up - considering it's next day delivery in the UK I assumed it was an error. To my dismay they responded that the order had in fact not been processed at all and if I wanted a credit. Pending stock I could get the order repressed. I wanted the dresses so asked for it to be shipped ASAP. I get mistakes are made but do your best to rectify it. 2 days later still not shipped, emailed to follow up again and was pretty much told I would receive an email confirmation once it's been sent. A further 2 days later and another follow up from myself the items were mysteriously shipped on time and apparently arrived in AUS a good week ago. How is it possible 3 different people confirmed the items were never shipped and now apparently it was and to check with the post office. I asked for a manager to sort this out and I was just told to be patient as they should be delivered soon. 
Most incompetent company I have ever dealt with and will never shop with them again! I warn everyone of using them, especially when there are so many equivalent companies out there who actually know what they're doing, and how to rectify their errors. 
All well and good when your items are delivered correctly, but the second there is a problem they will wipe their hands of it.  
Currently still waiting for my items who knows if they will actually arrive. If not I will be seeing assistance from consumer affairs to get a refund as I doubt I'll have any luck dealing with the company direct after current experiences!
worst customer stay clear
By Anonymous on 11th September 2014
Order over 100 worth of dresses. Immediately noticed it was going to be sent to wrong address so contacted company via email and Facebook who advised it had been changed to correct address and courier had been updated. On the day I received a text saying attempted delivery failed however I'd been home all day. Contacted courier after an hour of trying to get through to talk to someone to find out been shipped to wrong address would be sent to correct. Eventually the package came and was not suitable. So sent it back for a refund following their instructions. Few days later I received email saying my exchanged items will be shipped out in a few days to wait for it the wrong address. I quickly contacted them again to advise I didn't want an exchange I wanted a refund they advised this would be processed. Well that was on 23rd august and today is the 11september still no refund. Yet again had to Facebook company who send their apologizes to inconvenience bla bla bla. This company is a joke quick to take your money then they do not give a damn afterwards.. Use other companies but stay clear
Nomen est omen
By H on 5th September 2014
Missguided they are indeed.

Ordered two sets of clothing for a wedding event where my twin daughters are waitressing. One set arrived very quickly. Tried to contact them and what really, really got me was the fact that they do not have a contact telephone number!!!!!!! Not on the delivery note, not on the website. So started emailing but goods are still not here and the girls are stuck.
By B on 28th August 2014
I love the website,the clothes,accessories, shoes etc
but the problem I have is with delivery.
On two occasions I have ordered products from the website, needed in time for a event ,both times I ordered a week in advance even used the 3 day delivery and both times the product has not been delivered on time, usually comes 2 weeks after I ordered. 
This may not be the websites fault but the lateness in delivery makes me want to stop buying things from this website. 
Do not buy from missguided
By Anonymous on 26th August 2014
I ordered a red dress from the site. The parcel came next day but it was a t shirt instead of a dress . I contacted them they told me to post back and I would receive an exchange . This is what I did. I was then horrified to find out it would take 7/10 days to receive the correct item even through it was there mistake . I emailed back as there is NO!! Phone number for the site . I was told to then send proof of postage which I did . I still recived no dress . I am so upset as it was for a weekend event . I ve paid for a dress and now have to purchase something else . I would never recommend this site . It should be investigated by trading standerds . The sizing is also false . 
Bad Customer Service and not that great clothes!
By Crystal S on 22nd August 2014
Where do I even begin to express my hate for this online store after only purchasing one item! I should have read and listened to more of the bad reviews on this store because they are true. I ordered this one lace dress for my birthday but turns out the zipper on the back did not zip up right, so I decided to return it. I went to the post office and put the return label they gave me and the lady at the post office said this can't be returned because there is no zip code! So I had to e-mail them and wait for a response than went back and sent it. That was over a month ago and they still have not received my return!! You can imagine how frustrated I am over this. This site is a total scam. I should have just kept the dress and re sold it. They will probably never give me back my money either for the dress worst 75 dollars I have spent on nothing! I don't recommend this site to anyone and the quality sucks! Never in my life have I had such an issue with an online store and I emailed them and they said well we should have received your return in 2 weeks and that is all I got from them.
By Anonymous on 20th August 2014
I ordered a size 0 dress from Missguided and it came in an orderly time but was huge!!! It was basically similar to an extra large on me and I am not super short. The material was cheap and the sizing was beyond ridiculous. When I wanted to return the dress I received an email that stated I had to pay 100 dollars in order to return the dress when I payed 40 dollars for it! RIDICULOUS. I've never had to do that with any other online store. They're out to get your money. ANOTHER experience we had was with my sister who's order never even came! She tried emailing and calling them and got poor customer service and was told it'd be there soon (it had been a month). Since Missguided was no help she had to call her credit card company and cancel the order so they wouldn't take her money still for an extremely late order. I would advice everyone NOT to buy something from here!!!
Where do I start?
By Aisha in US, Washington, DC on 19th August 2014
Yes they do send you damaged or dirty clothing. I received a dress that reeked of arm pits and makeup stained on my first ever order. Yes their sizes are a little off so you WILL HAVE to return and reorder if its your first time ordering. People say their clothes are cheaply made, but I love (d) their clothes. You get what you pay for. The prices reflect the fabrics. However, Before my order shipped I was required to send them copies of my SS card, ID, credit card, and freakin birth certificate just to get my clothes which I paid for! Ridiculous! They need to get a new merchant account or something, seriously. Then they lost $300 worth of clothing that I returned for a smaller size. Mind you no exchanges, so you just have to reorder everything. So I've now spent $600 dollars with no clothing in my closet. Two month past, finally received new order but no money refunded. Waited weeks for customer service to email me back about the return and they now need "proof" that i sent the items. I went to the Post office and printed as much "proof" I could possibly come up with. Finally received my refund. Still, they never received the actual return. Two month later I get an email saying, we received your return! WTF? Well, the return address they gave me was some JFK NY address and I believe thats why my parcel was lost. Dont send it there. Send it to UK. THEN, a few weeks later, I receive a customs/duty charge from fed ex for nearly $100 dollars! Wait, so ive paid for shipping, twice. Ive paid to return clothes to you, i bought $300 dollars worth of clothes, and NOW I have to pay duty fees

WTF? I order internationally as a CUSTOMER (not a business) all the time and have never had to pay this. Boohoo, asos, etc and never! They say its not in their power. Yeah right, so how do other sites go about shipping to the US without incuring this charge upon their customers? I really hope people find these reviews before shopping with them, because let me tell you honey, this is a real experience I have had, as crazy as it sounds. The clothes are cute but my God not worth the craziness they incur on their customers. Just find the same items on another site
Security Check?
By Anonymous on 15th August 2014
So I know company's must authorize payments with the bank prior to releasing their products. HOWEVER, where do you get off telling people that in order to receive your parcels, you must submit proof of ID and proof of address? First of all, I understand the proof of address but why not just contact my bank to verify if you NEED this information. Not only do they ask for a copy of a bill and/billing statement (too personal if you ask me), but why would they need a copy of my ID. Either, or?! NOT both. If that's not identity theft then I dont know what is!!! Plus you require all this information to take the hold off my parcels but yet you already took the money out of my account? -_- Sounds like you got the verification that you need to me so either release my package or release my money. Kay thanks. Decepticons!
SHOCKING!! Outrageous customer service!!
By Kelsey on 14th August 2014
I went through the proccess of purchasing an order above the value of £100 for the majority of my holiday clothes 'which I have saved up for and need by this weekend'. The payment was successful and fully taken out of my account, however once it went through I was sent back to the website onto a page saying 'my cart was empty' it did not say my order was succesful. I then went to look at my account and order history where I discovered a message saying ' no previous order' thinking it may have been a glitched so I left it for an hour but it remained the same; so I sent the site an email informing them of this issue. The lack of urgency was appauling and I did not recieve a reply until the next day where I then replied straight back and told I had to wait up to another 24 hours for another reply! This has left me with minimum clothing for a 2 WEEK holiday and no money to replace the items I had order!!!!
Bad bad bad!
By Anonymous on 10th August 2014
I placed an order for next day delivery, the value being almost £300. I needed the items for a wedding. Now 7 days later, I still haven't received my order. Communication has been shockingly bad and the standard of customer service disgusting! I will incur credit card interest charges in the mean time and a returns fee when I have to return the whole parcel when it arrives ridiculously late. But Missguided don't seem too bothered about this. I will never shop with them again and would advise others against it. When telling my story to others, it seems bad experiences similar to mine are common. A very disappointed and angry customer!
Horrible service led me to write my very first review
By Anonymous on 10th August 2014
First of all I have never taken the time to write a review about anything before. This website made me so angry I HAD TO. 

Website: the website is great when you start looking around for clothes but as soon as you start adding to your cart boom. No warning to when the cart is going to empty again, the FAQS are awful. There's not even a phone number available for costumer service.

Address policy: Ok so I made my order and then LITERALLY 5 minutes later I look at the address and realize that I have to change it bc I wont be in that location by the time they arrive. Email them 6 minutes after I paid to simply change the address of a order that wasnt even shipped and the next day I get an email "Sorry we can not do that"

Processing: I put in my order the 31st its the 10th and the order hasn't even been despatched yet as in IT HASNT BEEN SENT.

Shipping: Since the order hasn't even left the warehouse who knows how long the standard shipping will take 7-10 days. 

Worst customer service EVER.
Shipping LIES
By Chloe on 8th August 2014
I recently saw the new Missguided adds on TV and I thought "oh ill look at that place" after reading they offered free standard delivery from the UK to Australia 2-10 days (excluding weekends and holidays) I decided to give them a go. I placed my order on the 24th of June and here on the 8th of August still have not received my order, I realise that it has only been 11 days (excluding weekends and holidays) but when the customer care lady told me that I had to wait up to 15 days not the 2-10 like on the website specifically for Australia.

I basically decided this company is a time and money wasting piece of shit and you should NOT waste your money with them.
Missguided is the WORST online shop ever
By Anonymous on 25th July 2014
When i first visited the website i was surprised at how cheap the items were and i was a bit skeptical but because Nicole sherzinger was doing a collection for missguided i thought that the clothing must be good quality but it was the total opposite!!!
I bought a red midi skirt for a wedding and on the website the quality of the clothing looks very good but when my skirt arrived the material was really cheap and when i tried the skirt on there was a massive hole in the side seam, i thought it was just a one off so i ordered a day dress off the website and again the material was practically see through and extremely flimsy and when i tried it on there was a hole in the sleeve

Its so ridiculous that this company is still going, how can this company take money off people and send them clothes that they know already have holes, rips and tears in them!!!! This company is an utter disgrace
Triple Transaction Nightmare!!!
By G on 23rd July 2014
Missguided, absolute nightmare company. Went to place an order online, 2 failed so the next day I tried again, this went through but they still took all 3 transactions!!!

Nearly a week later and I still haven't received my money back, 120 quid that is! And to top it all off they don't have a phone number however DO NOT REPLY to any customer service emails and give you useless information on Facebook message and just pass the blame to my bank and try an forget about it, the 'next day delivery' arrived 5 days later and the kimono I bought was ripped on both sides.

Love the products just such a shame the system they have in place is so unbelievably poor. They haven't even offered me any vouchers, nor have they tried to contact me in courtesy.
Misguided is certainly a MISS from me!
By jackie on 20th July 2014
I bought a jumpsuit in the sale at a bargain price,when I received it, it had a large tear down the seam,I returned it and asked for another one,this was also faulty, same tear down the seam,tried again but misguided refunded me my money without giving me a reason.I will never shop with this company again.
Awful damaged dress
By Anonymous on 20th July 2014
I recently bought the OZZA PEACH CREPE SWING DRESS of their website, I wore it out once to a wedding and all the seams and stitching came undone! I was mortified and embarrassed in front of everybody. Terrible material and just a rubbish job of making the dress! Not to mention i can't return it as i wore it. Awful! Never again will i buy from Miss Guided. 
Exchange Nightmare
By Chloe on 16th July 2014
I sent my parcel back to them because the top was too small and asked for an exchange. They received the top but will not change it for another size as it is outside of their 14 day exchange time period. I sent the top back well inside that time frame but it has taken them over a week to process it. To make thinks even more crazy they are paying to send my original top back to me! If they are sending it back surely it makes sense to just change it for the size I need. Really bad customer service and I will not use them again!
By JESS on 15th July 2014

By UNHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 24th June 2014
I purchased two dress a month ago one arrived with holes in. I sent it back for an exchange and still have not received anything even though apparently it has been delivered. There was no card or parcel.The telephone number has never been answered and all you get is a standard email that does not help. If you purchase something from this website and there is a problem you cannot reach anyone so I would consider somewhere else. Disgusting customer service!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Money taken, but no order?!?
By Anonymous on 24th June 2014
I recently purchased a dress but i had problems adding it to my basket and every time i refreshed the site the size i wanted would be in stock and sometimes unavailable. I managed to add a size 8 to my basket and after completing the payment process i never receieved a confirmation email and there was no proof in my order history.

I am yet to know where my money has gone, they said it was a techical error that no order was created but gave me no options as to what i could do, or if the dress is even still in stock.
They have now asked me to contact my bank to authorize a refund

Takes the mick!!! 
By KAYLA on 21st June 2014
I am a returning Missguided customer and always tell people to order from them too. Even AFTER this horrible experience that is currently ongoing from MAY 22 2014. - Yes, almost a month which is why I took the time to write a review about this!
I've ordered a bunch of items for a trip for my birthday, which means even my birthday outfit was in this order. I ordered with ample time to get here and paid for priority shipping on top of it. I knew something went wrong when I did not get a confirmation email like previous orders. Right away I emailed missguided telling them what happened and provided them necessary information to locate my payment only to go back and forth about five times asking for THE SAME INFORMATION that I previously provided. It was downhill from here as DAYS were wasted going back and forth. (about one response a day to a day and a half from them) 
I did notify them that I would be out of the country and if it were not shipped by a certain day to refund the money. No, they did not read these instructions and sent it anyway telling me to just "reject it if i don't want it" - would i spend almost $200 for something I don't want? ugh!
Fast forward to a series of repetitive and unhelpful emails to june where I still have not received a package, but a ruined trip and birthday. Two people whom I still can't believe work in customer service are Lincoln and Bruce. The unwillingness to help and level of incompetence has made this experience more irritating than it should have been. Anyway- I called FedEx to find out only for them to tell me it is being returned. I contacted Missguided AGAIN, through email right away with a response the next day saying "they have contacted the courier to redirect". FedEx confirmed this DID NOT HAPPEN and my package currently sits at the airport for return. I can go on but I'm sure you get the idea of the type of customer service you will get if you have to deal with them. May 22- June 20 and still no package. Great right? The best part is I have another event to attend at the end of the month with the intent to wear the clothes previously ordered and will not be able to do so.
Even after all of this I still encouraged my sister to order from them for her Grad dress. I have not even asked for money back or discount as I simply want my clothes and this is still such a problematic task for Missguided. This is all very unfortunate and I can not understand why a simple transaction that occurs thousands of times for them on a daily basis is so hard to manage. 
*The stars selected reflect the customer service experience.*
PS. A phone number was provided asking ME to contact THEM. This is BS as the number says they do not deal with customers, redirects you to the website and they don't even answer. - long distance charges await my next bill, I'm so excited.

Thank you, Missguided. "xx"
poor customer service never again !!!!!!!!!!
By kirstine on 20th June 2014
Me and my 16 year old daughter ordered three dresses for her end of year school partys made a new account picked the dresses put in all our details address bank details etc paid for next day delivery! waited nothing come the next day or the day after .Went to log in to the account to check the order but it said we had no account !! always use the same email so its impossible for me to forget even ask to check the password although I knew it didn't get an email for that because it said I had no account funny thing i8s they have taken my money for the items HOW WHEN I HAVE NO ACCOUNT ! called the numbers the lines are dead or just ringing so upsetting for my daughter as we don't have a lot of money and my daughter has nothing to wear .
Slow response to incomplete orders/damaged orders.
By Mrs Z on 17th June 2014
First time using Missguided 4 items ordered 50% of order acceptable:
Dress is as described reasonable quality for price and some makeup arrived as requested. 1 item was missing and some other makeup was broken. It is not worth returning the broken item as it will cost 50% of its value in postage the other item was not in stock but has been paid for.
Automated emails are prompt but they appear to be in no hurry to replace or refund on items.
The price of some of the stock is competitive but with incomplete orders and the hassle of dealing with customer services it is a false economy.
I will stick to more reliable online stores in future.
THE WORST!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous on 14th June 2014
Let me say that I NEVER go out of my way to write reviews but it was a MUST for this ridiculous "company". My friend and I ordered from here three weeks in advance for a Vegas trip. Our clothing items not only did NOT come on time but they sent my friend the WRONG item and MY item ripped around the zipper area (I am a very thin girl btw). Then I decided to try them ONE more time in hopes things would be better. I purchased shoes from them on May 19th 2014 and STILLLLLL have not received them! It has officially been over 16 business days. Literally the most ridiculous company EVER! Plus, their "email only" customer service is so stupid. I am assuming they do this on purpose because if they had a number to call, it would be ringing off the hook with negative feedback. SHITTY website and service.
Bad Returns Policy
By Anonymous on 13th June 2014
I like misguided clothing styles most times than not,But as with every online purchase,there is a bigger risk of clothes not looking or fitting as you expect,of which I cannot really blame anybody.
Now my issue with misguided is,it's a little more expensive than its competition,Boohoo & Pretty little thing(which I love) ,so it's sad that they can offer free returns and Misguided can't.
For that reason,its almost like they don't want anyone returning goods which removes the joy of online shopping as its almost like I have to like it and keep it. I have ordered 3 times off this site and would happily order more ,But as I have returned 2 out of that 3 times and honestly would have returned 3 times as a skort was a little big for me,but wouldn't return as I wasn't ready to get charged £2.50/3.00 for a skort on sale for £10.00 or so. 
Which means I only order when I absolutely really need an item ASAP, or sure that it'll fit and absolutely cant look wrong as I love their quick delivery but cannot risk not being able to return if it doesn't fit.
So all in all,I do like Misguided so I'll recommend,But something needs to be done about their Returns Policy..
Pleasantly surprised
By on 11th June 2014
Had heard that delivery was bad and customer service was poor. I messaged the customer service team on twitter when I hadn't received an email telling me my item had been dispatched after two working days. They responded quickly and were very informative. When my delivery arrived the item fitted well and was great quality. Very happy and would shop here again.
By Anonymous on 6th June 2014
I have had a long spending relationship with this company.
I have never had a bad word to say about MissGuided and in turn Yodel neither- whom I think is a great delivery company.

I placed two orders on the same day.

On the day of supposed delivery, I received an email while I was at work stating 'your parcel has now been left in a safe place and a card had been left''. I assumed that as nobody was home, the parcel had either been left with a neighbour or some sort of local depot. where I could pick it up.

I got home to no parcel or no card.

I emailed MissGuided the next day, telling them the situation and that I had paid for next day delivery for a reason and since this day had now passed, I no longer wanted nor needed the goods and would like a refund.

The next day I received a card through the door from Yodel (the delivery man had been back) with the date from the day before. The writing on the note was barely readable apart from 2 things. The incorrect date and '11B' which I presumed meant it was left at this address.

I visited 11B and a few more of my neighbours. No parcel. No idea.

I updated Missguided with this information.
Here is a quote from the emails to come in this conversation:

- 'According to the couriers tracking records, your parcel was delivered on Thu 22 May 16:00.Please be advised that your parcel has been left with in the front porch by our couriers.'

So now the parcel is both at 11B or my front porch. Nothing was signed for - definitely not a 'safe place'.

I made this very clear to them. The following conversation spanning roughly a week basically went like this.

'we now need you to fill in this form to start an investigation'
'I don't want to fill a form in as I don't think it's fair for me to anything actually as this isn't my fault. Can I have a refund?'
'Fill in a form'
'Don't want to'
'We can't investigate until you do'
'Don't care about your investigation - can I get a refund or not?'
'Fill in a form'.......

I gave up and told them to forget it and I am now done spending with them.

I then received a phone-call that weekend from a very lovely person at Yodel. 
Essentially, she agreed with me and informed me that MissGuided are waiting for them to give it the 'okay' she said she would and get back to me for my refund. At this point, I'd given up anyway so I thought this was worth a shot since Yodel were at least trying to help.

I phoned Yodel today and again, spoke to a very lovely lady simply agreeing with me that I shouldn't to fill any forms them or help them at all. At the same time, there was only so much she could do at this point and I have no negative feeling towards Yodel,

I work in big money sales, I used to work in a very small independent retail shop, I know there are protocols and processes.
I am just of the opinion that reason, common sense and customer compassion should play a bigger role in these situations than paperwork.

MissGuided couldn't care less.
Worst ever!!!
By Anonymous on 29th May 2014
I waited patiently for my order for 30 days and it didn't arrive. So I emailed them asking them where it was and they replied apologizing for the 'inconvenience' and offered a refund. After I didn't receive any refund, I emailed them once again. I cannot even remember how many times I contacted them to no avail! A total waste of money and time! Worst customer service ever! Total thieves.
By Anonymous on 17th May 2014
My friend got a dress of this website and it came a week later so i thought it was a good company. I ordered my dress and accessories and paid extra money for it to be delivered the next day. I waited for the dress to arrive and it didn't i thought maybe that it would come the day after and it still didn't arrive during this time i constantly checked my tracking and found that for two days my order was being processed i found that odd considering it was supposed to be next day delivery. I googled the company and was shocked to find that they don't have a contact number and their fore if i want to get in contact with them i would have to email them. I did this and no-one has got back in contact with me they have taken the money out of my bank account and the extra i paid to get it delivered. If you are wanting to get items of clothing and want it in a short time after ordering i strongly advise you shop elsewhere.
By Anonymous on 16th May 2014
I saw Missguided in magazines and decided to try out this company to purchase outfits for an upcoming trip with friends. They have a large selection of clothing, and a website that appears to be somewhat legit (although slow and unresponsive at times). I placed an order 3 weeks before my trip, and decided to go with the Standard Shipping option (stated on the website as 10 business days). I figured I would have an extra week to take care of any mishaps with postage, or if I needed to find any replacements. Upon placing the order, I was notified that my order was dispatched and sent a tracking number. The tracking number never worked the entire time I was waiting for the delivery, and the couriers were unresponsive. I never knew at any point where my package was, and it was very frustrating. Moreover, after 11 business days, I contacted Missguided because I had still not received my order. To my dismay, they let me know that in REALITY, standard shipping takes 10-15 days. Imagine my surprise, when it does not mention this information ANYWHERE on their website. They assured me that my package was guaranteed to be deliver on 5/15 (yesterday). I was upset that it was so last minute, but figured it had all worked out... until my package NEVER ARRIVED. and I still have not received it!!! I have no idea where it's even located!!!!
They left me completely screwed for my weekend trip. I had to waste so much of my time this week scrambling to find extra outfits. What made it worse is that Missguided's customer service was barely apologetic and didn't even offer anything to make up for the fact that they lied on their website and ruined my weekend plans. They merely sent me a copy-and-pasted message about their return policies and were completely insincere. These people do not know how to run an international business, and I am extremely disappointed. I've order things from countries all around the world, and have had successful tracking from dispatch to delivery, and had the items delivered on time. The system at Missguided obviously sucks, and the fact that they lie about shipping time makes them seem so shady and dishonest. I had recommended this site to friends, and now I will have to advise them never to order from this place because of my horrible experience.
No delivery
By Anonymous on 12th May 2014
The skirt never came, and its been like more than 2 months! Really not happy,  i've contacted customer care, and still no help at all and they say theres not tracking number so i cant see where the parcel is atm. So sad, and so they wont give me the skirt or my money back!
By Anonymous on 11th May 2014
Where are my items

Next day delivery apparently?!
Take Action
By KW on 6th May 2014
I like many other customers have experienced issue with the clothing retailer Missguided. The company is becoming internationally know and with its new celebrity endorsement it will only become bigger and the issue will on expand.

I live in the US and I've ordered from multiple UK site and have never had any issues. My advice to everyone who has had a problem is to start overloading them with complaints so that we can stop the company is take action and start informing people.

I have posted on all of Missguided social media website to alert other consumers to check out the reviews and, I have posted on Nicole Scherzinger page just informing people to check out the companies reputation. (she may not reply but its worth a try). Pitch story to fashion bloggers, magazines, and websites. 

I've also filed a formal complaint to these following websites. I can't get someone to look into the company but if enough people say something then something will change.

I know I may not get my money or my merchandise but at least I can help someone else out.
do not use!!
By Lesley on 18th April 2014
Requested next day delivery as was going for a birthday meal the next evening (fri). Order didn't arrive, emailed them and they said there was a problem with the courier (yodel-awful company also) and that it would deffinately be here the next day (sat). Sat arrived and no delivery, I emailed again asking them to cancel the order as not only had the delivery missed my bday I was going to Barcelona on Sunday (another reason for the clothes) and now I would not have the clothes for either. They replied saying they had dispatched the order so couldn't do anything and the problem was the courier so contact them. Parcel eventually arrived on Tuesday...clothes really bad quality, not even worth sending back as I'm sure it will be just as traumatic!! They gave me 15% of my next order....I told them not to bother as wouldn't be using them again. Usually use asos but gave them a go, never again. Boohoo sell exactly the same and much better service.

I would leave 0 stars if I could.
By Anonymous on 16th April 2014
My receipt was 2 days out of the returns date after my parcel arriving 3 days late anyway! And when I emailed them asking if this would still be ok to return they said 'unfortunately. ..' so I therefore asked if I could exchange the item for something else as it was awful quality when I have received it, after several emails of their customer service team not even taking into consideration what I was saying by telling me I can only exchange for the same item they have still refused it!! Absolute joke. Had nothing but problems with them when I have ordered and now left with a cheap dress I don't like! Does anyone know a number to make a formal complaint?
Not worth the hassle.
By Anonymous on 15th April 2014
I ordered a jumpsuit from Missguided for my birthday, and it took 10 days to arrive. Mind you, I ordered a size 0.... and they gave me a size 5. I would've returned it, but I didn't want the headache. The jumpsuit was white; however, it was see-through. Not worth the money, time, or effort. Clothes look cute online but a completely different story in reality. Shop somewhere else!
Beautiful dress, bad quality
By Lauren on 11th April 2014
I was recently looking for a prom dress and came across a beautiful lilac dress on Missguided. It was inexpensive and the colour was very pretty so I went ahead and ordered it in a size 10 and in 8 (I'm in the middle and it had a zip so I got both sizes just to be safe). Delivery was very fast and when I opened the parcel it looked perfect, it was only until I tried them on I started to notice problems. Firstly on both dresses the zips seemed to jam which made it very difficult to zip up (The size 10 was a real challenge),I tried on the 10 first which was too big so I then tried on the 8 on which fit well at the waist and the length was good but the bust area was a bit big (in my opinion the bust area was much too big, I normally wear a 10 because the bust is too small when I wear size 8's but on this 8 it was fairly loose) I then noticed that the hem of the skirt was extremely wonky so much so that one side was just above my finger tips and the other side was about an inch over my finger tips. I then notice that the lace was all fraying and it just wasn't stitched properly. Overall I'm pretty disappointed, I think even more so that this was supposed to be a special dress for me and the quality didn't reach my expectations. Also there are a few bugs on the website but nothing major. I hope Missguided better their quality control because they will defiantly do well if their products were of higher quality, but until they do that I don't think I will be buying anything else from them.
By Anonymous on 11th April 2014
I've used Miss Guided 3 time now with each being a complete disappointment!!! I have always kept hope that being my last resort miss guided would send me a nice quality made dress! Therefore this time I ordered one of the most expensive dresses on their site at £55 thinking surely it's going to be well made.... No! Looks second hand or from primark at 5times the cost.... Horrendous! Quick to deliver but hesitant to refund quickly 
Very disappointed!!
By Anonymous on 4th April 2014
I bought a dress for my daughter for my wedding and first of all they sent it to me but the seam hadn't been sewn properly and so I returned it. they said that the dress was out of stock so they couldn't replace it for me so they just refunded me - so my daughter now didn't have a dress. however, I looked on the website and it WAS in stock so I had to email them (they don't have a phone number which is VERY annoying) and I had to persuade a lot to get them to send another out. when they sent me this new dress it didn't come with a belt like it was meant to so I had to email them again asking them to send a belt which they did. but what I didn't notice was that, again, the dress hadn't been sewn properly and so I had to fix it myself. I will definitely not be buying from missguided again!
By kellie on 2nd April 2014
Absolutely disgusted with missguided. I ordered a dress and it wasn't what I expected so I sent it back and it took a month for them to return my refund only because I had to email them to remind them of it! And they still had the cheek to take the payment for delivery from it, when I emailed they offered 10% off my next order!!!! like I'm gonna order off then again!   
By Unhappy customer on 29th March 2014








Security check - really?
By Anonymous on 11th March 2014
After placing my first order with Misguided, I received an email asking for a "copy of ID matching the card holder, such as a driver’s license or passport, along with proof of address in the form of either a recent bank statement or utility bill issued in the card holders name to the address the card is registered to".

I have been shopping online for years, and I have never in that time received such a request.  I am suspicious that it is a scam, and there is no telephone number to contact Misguided.

It is very annoying that they have taken the money from my account and I will now have to wait for a refund.  Reading through the reviews here, Misguided seem to have a terrible reputation for customer service.

I would have given zero stars if there were an option to do so.  I think I will my money to retailers who actually care about customer service.
By Anonymous on 6th March 2014
The worse online shopping. Scammers!
By Anonymous on 26th February 2014
I've never wrote a review before. But this company is so bad I have to share as warn people of their very fishy attitude towards their 'security check' 

My order was places on a Thursday afternoon, having selected the next day delivery, I expected my delivery to arrive the next day at Friday. It was the following Tuesday, I heard nothing! I emailed them to find out what had happened to my order. With no apology, it was explained to me that my delivery address didn't match my billing address and ask for a photo ID and a copy of a bill to prove identity and address. Of course, I found this extremely strange, I told my partner who purchased my order for me who also found that this is very suspicious but was happy to comply and provide them with these documents. After about 6 emails with 6 different people they then asked for my photo ID and a copy of a prove to prove my address. Now, obviously this sounds extremely stupid. I still do not understand why they would need documents from ME! I again told my partner about this and he took over as he wanted to find out exactly why they needed so much documents from the both of us. Any living human being would find this just ridiculous. Anyhows, my partner felt that I should just provide them with my details as we are half way there and all I needed to do was send them these two documents and they will dispatch my order. So I did, I emailed them my passport photo ID and a letter with my address on it, but what do you know? They can't accept the letter, they need a BILL to confirm my identity! but wait, excuse me what does my passport show you if it doesn't show you my identity?! And outrage. As you can tell I am extremely frustrated with all of this. After 18 email and 18 different names (which I think was an automated system that just makes up random names) I wanted to be contacted over the telephone so I could speak to someone and cancel my order. By this stage I have had enough. I asked for a telephone number as well as their supervisor so I can make a formal complaint. They explained to me that they have no telephone line connected and the only way they can deal with any matters are via emails, and then said they are able to cancel my order, all I need to do is confirm via email. I did this. An hour later I get a call from missguided. Asking me for a photo ID in order to dispatch my order. As you can tell I went from frustrated to furious!! I calmly told this person over the phone to cancel my order. This was done. An email was sent out to me to inform me my order has been cancelled. You think all that was bad? Have I actually mentioned that they have already taken nearly £300 out of my partners account before all this happened?! Incredible right? Also, didn't they tell me they have no landline or telephone to contact customers or to be contacted at? So how did they call me? What do you call this? A liar? 

My partner is very sweet. The whole situation got me so frustrated that he secretly created his own account, re-ordered the whole order and ordered some more stuff just to cheer me up. So now absolutely everything including the account he used to log in was ALL under his name and address, sounds good right? NO, yet again he has recieved from obviously a different name an email to ask for Photo ID. This has been going on for 10 days, and my partner is still trying to sort this out. Almost £600 out of his account and nothing!! Nothing!!! This pains me! It's actually pathetic. We are STILL waiting for both refunds for something we didn't even have is just incredible!!!  If you have ordered from them before and had no problems then I'm happy for you. For any new customers wishing to order from them please be aware of all this. My partner and I both provided them with our photo ID's and billing information. This is not right. I've never ever experienced this from any website and may I add this is how I purchase things over the Internet all the time and it is the first time something like this that doesn't make any sense at all occured. 
Fucking useless
By Anonymous on 28th January 2014
Ordered $150 (AUS) worth of clothing for a friend and I. Spent so much so that we would get the order within 4 days. BULL SHIT.
Nine days later, still no package. Have sent them so many emails with them ending up beating around the bush 'sorry for the inconvenience'. NO YOU'RE NOT!
Ended up contacting the shipping company they use and they were more helpful by giving me the number for the Australian shipping company that had my package but I will have to call them tomorrow because they're closed.
SO ANNOYED. If i don't have my items by Thursday (it's now Tuesday) I am going to be beyond raging.
By Anonymous on 24th January 2014
I attempted to purchase 3 dresses  2 weeks but I received an email requesting a copy of my drivers license and copy of bank statement or utility to verify my address!! Can we say identity theft!!!!! I informed Missguidedus that I was doing no such thing and they cancelled my order but took 5 days to refund my money. They offered no further explanation. I had to place a fraud alert on my account.
The worst ! Service ! Ever !
By Fèmalè on 19th January 2014
I hate this company! It took a month for them to send me my purchase and when it finally came there was a Hole in the Navy bodycon dress I ordered. I'll never order from this company ever again. They didn't even try to compensate  me after sending them a photo of what the damage order look like. No Stars ! 
Never again, rip off!!
By Anonymous on 16th January 2014
I ordered a play suit from missguided when it arrived the quality was terrible with loose threads and all sorts, needless to say I shall be returning the item however upon packaging the item I read that there is in fact a charge for returning the item! So I don't get my p&p refunded and I have to pay to send it back! I know it's not much but being a student I am really unimpressed that I have ended up paying £5 for nothing!! Absolutely rubbish I WILL NOT be buying from missguided again. 
Shot service
By Anonymous on 9th January 2014
These fucking pricks I bought a jacket and they sent me size 6 I spent over 8 pounds returning it for them to send me something else completely different 5 days later. I spent another 8 pounds returning this. I've spent almost 80 pounds on this motherfucking jacket. They immediately sent another one out and I just recieved a size 6 again after customer service were adimant that it was a 12 I'm going to spend another 8 pounds sending this one back and I am fuming. This is the last time I ever buy from this store. I don't understand why it is not shut down yet. I will take this complaint so far.
By Anonymous on 8th January 2014
My first time ordering here I was charged for shipping when the website CLEARLY states FREE STANDARD SHIPPING FOR US & CANADA. 
There is NO number to contact them by so you have to WAIT for an email.... To help fix this they send me a giftcard code for their website.... I'm thinking is this SAME DAMN THING going to happen to me again? So I ask them in an email... no response. 
Before the code expires I decide to go pick something out... free shipping, check. OH WAIT. "INVALID SHIPPING METHOD" ........ are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. 
By Anonymous on 5th January 2014
I do not recommend anyone to buy any items from Missguided online. Not only did they charge me for next day delivery, when in fact my order arrived five days later, they have also only delivered one of my order items but have charged me for two. I am appalled by the service they have provided and do not feel they have even attempted resolve their errors with my order. Not impressed.
By Anonymous on 4th January 2014
PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered on Dec,3 and to this day I have received nothing. I asked the company many times about it and got the run around over and over again. I proceeded to ask for my money back and still nothing! WOSRT COMPANY ON EARTH BE WARNED!
Nice Clothes but Poor Quality and Service
By Sal on 1st January 2014
I do a lot of shopping, online and in store. The clothes that missguided have on offer are definitely on trend and I would be buying a lot more if I could actually rely on their service.
1. They make you pay for returns?! I'm not sure about everyone else but when you are paying for delivery from a solely online store you are probably going to end up ordering more than you really need, just to make sure you don't end up ordering again if an item doesn't fit/isn't wanted. I therefore think it is absolutely criminal to end up paying for returns. I've never not returned at least one item from a package I've bought from them. Websites like urban outfitters do this too and it's daylight robbery, but at least you have the option to return in store for free!
2. Their delivery is just ridiculous. Not only are there no free options, but it genuinely takes a really long time and next day never ever works out for me. Currently in an email battle trying to explain how they were supposed to give me my items by NYE and they are yet to even apologise.
3. Their quality is questionable at best. Don't get me wrong, items are (generally) priced accordingly and it is by no means expensive. But if you are paying £15-£30 for a dress, it should not be breaking by the second wear and poor quality on arrival (see-through material, poorly sized, seams frayed etc)

But if you have time to wait and you are just looking for a new dress to go out in one night I actually would recommend them. Just don't order in a hurry or expect high street quality! Shop smart x
Stole My Money!!!!
By Anonymous on 26th December 2013
These thieves have stole my money.  I ordered a dress December 2, 2013.  They have listed on their site 10 working days for shipping to the US.  Today is December 26, 2013 and nothing!  Every time I email them they claim that it is on the way, but refuse to give me a shipping confirmation or tracking number.  They are so full of it.  I am moving in a few weeks, which means I'll probably never recieve my package.  These are awful not trust them with your money.  Well....I purchased my items via PayPal and will be disputing my payment today. I WILL get my money back somehow.  Never again will I do business with these snakes.  After I enter my dispute with PayPal, the Better Buisness Buraeu is next......
Poor excuse of a company
By sammy cassidy on 20th December 2013
Ordered a dress which i didnt receive as they put the wrong address on my item, now they send me an email saying theyre refunding me however less than i should be, im paying for my item to be returned to them!! an item i never recieved as obviously printing out a address is hard to do! ... absolute joke of the comapny, poor service, i dont know how they can get away with this. i wont be shooping with them again and wont be advising anyone else too, missguided you should be ASHAMED
Crappest online site ever!
By Anonymous on 19th December 2013
Ordered a jumpsuit, next day delivery. It didn't turn up, 5 days later still nothing. I emailed them and they replied saying there had been a " technical error" even though they had taken the money out of my account the very day I ordered. Offered a refund, so just wait and see if it happens. Read loads of complaints from this company, shocking! I will never order from them again 
By ANONYMOUS on 19th December 2013
By Lily Morris on 11th December 2013
I should've learned my lesson from the other three orders that I made that didn't turn up on the day I paid for. As well as several of my friends and housemates also having the same disgraceful experience. I ordered NEXT DAY DELIVERY and 6 days later I still do not have my item and have not had any help from their customer service apart from 'we are sorry to hear this'. CRAP customer service there isn't even a number i can phone to talk to anybody. I won't be living in my house from Monday, so will never receive the item that was ordered as a Christmas present for someone. They are such a bad company in regards to delivery. Considering they CHARGE for returns and deliveries you would think they would make the effort to do it right. Will stick to ASOS.
Love Missguided!
By Nicole on 9th December 2013
Fast and brilliant responses from their customer service representatives,
Free delivery! Cheap clothing! Good quality clothing.

Emailed them about my package not arriving was kind of upset because normally they come every time, emailed them with my concern got a refund straight away. But then my package arrived it was just really late so i emailed them saying it had arrived and wanted to give them payment back for the item and they said i could have it free of charge because of late arrival.

Love shopping with them and will continue! 
Really not as bad as everybody has been making out!
By Anonymous on 2nd December 2013
Admittedly, I was apprehensive about ordering from Missguided after reading the terrible reviews, but after seeing adverts on TV showcasing their range of clothes, I was tempted to have a sneaky peak at the website. The price of the clothes were very cheap compared to that of high street brands. I ended up ordering a few items because I thought they looked great and couldn't go wrong at the price they were at.  I received my package in 1 working day which was surprising after reading the reviews of late deliveries!  The quality of the clothes weren't fantastic but you get what you pay for I guess. I kept all the clothes I ordered in the end because I thought it was value for money, fashionable and a nice fit (Which is rare when you're a UK size 6 and it differs from store to store!) . 
Awful service.
By Anonymous on 1st December 2013
I'm absolutely livid! It took me 5 days to order a dress because of problems on their website finally I ordered a dress on the 28th of November paid £3.95 for next day delivery, my dress didn't get delivered the next day. Emailed missguided and they told me that due to a 'technical problem' my dress would take 7 days to arrive I'm absolutely fuming by that time I would have waited 9 days for my dress, absolute pisstake!!! Definitely won't be shopping with them in future, too much hassle!
By Anonymous on 26th November 2013
I ordered a 'Next Day Delivery' dress from Missguided for the first time on Sunday and not only did it not arrive the next day, but it was delivered on Tuesday and sent to the wrong address!!!! I was really annoyed because I needed that dress for an event I was going to on Monday and it didn't arrive at all! I was lucky that the kind lady it was delivered to on Tuesday brought it to me, otherwise in the wrong hands it would have been an early and FREE Christmas present for someone else. You need to get a more reliable delivery service. YODEL in that matter are rubbish. I am so disappointed.  
SHITTTTT- no stars
By angry bird on 23rd November 2013




Buyer beware never use this site again!!!!
By Amber on 16th November 2013
After 2months still waiting for a refund ! Company ignoring my emails. Don't use this site, poor service poor clothes 
Misguided completely incompetent!
By Anonymous on 15th November 2013
No stars! 

Would never personally use company again or encourage others. I suggest misguided review there communication systems, delivery system, courier service, telephone lines and in the future sincerely apologise from an informed perspective. 
AVOID - order never delivered and after 3 weeks of emails no refund offered. So, so bad.
By Anonymous on 15th November 2013
Ordered a dress for my GF, paid extra for next day delivery. The item was never delivered and after 3 weeks of mindless emails I was told I can have a credit note to buy something else. Completely unacceptable customer service, poor communication and all round bad experience. I would urge everyone to use somewhere else like ASOS who treat their customers well
By Anonymous on 15th November 2013
It took exactly one month to receive my order, then once I tried returning it they said they couldn’t because it was past the 14 days after purchase. Well obviously, it took them 30 days just to get it to me. So they shipped the items back to me. They were not willing to issue me a refund until I opened a case against them with paypal. So once again I had to return the items for a second time for another $9, because the company they use to ship orders will not pick up an item unless you call Missguided and then Missguided will have to contact the carrier to arrange for them to have the package picked up, and Missguided WILL NOT do this, and you can’t refuse the package unless you catch the delivery guy, nor can you take it to the post office and return it because it’s not usps tracking. Although the company has received my package for a second time they still have not issued my refund and are not willing to. Will NEVER shop there again! Shoppers PLEASE BE WARE. P.S. I’ve been dealing with this issue for 5mths now!
what a rip off with returns
By Lara on 6th November 2013
I bought 2 body suits,off Missguided,one in raspberry red and the other cobalt blue,paid for next day delivery £3.95.
Delivered on time,but what a disappointement!Such poor quality,tacky fabric,you could tell that after few washes the body suit, will become like dish cloth!!Wrapped it all up,to return and another nasty surprise,returns are paid for by the buyer!So on top of the delivery fee,you also pay return!
Nice touch Missguded!When i ordered my jacket from Joules,it came so beautifully wrapped on elegant hanger and lovely bag.The above order &packaging,and contents,screamed,tacky,chav,cheap!Will not buy anything of them ever again nor will i recommend to any of my mates or co workers!
Avoid this site!
By Anonymous on 3rd November 2013
I ordered a black dress from here which was ment to come with a belt, but didn't. I emailed them then about a week later I finally got a response which said to send the dress back. After sending the dress back and paying for postage I was appalled that they had taken money from my refund. The clothes are also very tacky and cheap. To sum it up I will never shop on this website again as they are thieves.
By Anonymous on 30th October 2013
I orded an item on the saturday phoned up wednesday evening to see what was happening turns out the item was out of stock when I ordered it yet the still took my money and then said I should have checked to see where it was before... I wasnt aware that every online purchase you made you needed to phone and see if it had been posted. Then asked if I could order a different item instead and it did say it was instock online ... but turns out it wasnt so are they just planning on taking money for items the dont actually have instock?? joke company! wouldnt even give it 1 star!
By anonymous on 29th October 2013
It was the first time I have ordered something from Missguided. I was waiting for my dress to arrive and when I opened, it was torn on the side!!!!! The dress looked as if it was not correctly sewn as well. I needed the dress asap and I have emailed them that I could not return it as I needed it asap and now I had to sew it. The packaging looked as if it was opened before. Propably someone returned this item and they did not even care to check the item before the send it to customers. I have taken pictures and so and their response was a lame sorry and 10% discount on fully priced items! LAME as I also get the discount as a student. They should definitely change their name for the company to MISSLEADING as it suits them better. I have NEVER had any problems ordering from asos or urban outfitters and they should take a look at all these reviews and take it into consideration than reply with lame apologies and offer LAME 10% discounts!
Absolutely Terrible!!!! Horrible service and horrible quality clothing!,
By Anonymous on 24th October 2013
I wish I can give this terrible site zero stars! When I found this website I loved the clothing and assumed it was just like Asos and Nasty Gal. Unfortunately I was wrong. I ordered three dresses from these fools and ended up returning two dresses over a month ago! After sending the proof that the returns arrived at their location and also sending them the names of the returned items (how would they not know that), still NO REFUND. I would really like my $80+ back for the money I spent but I rather anyone else not have to deal with what I’ve had to for the past month.

Icing on the cake, the zipper ended up breaking off the one item I ended up keeping the same night I wore it! :/ Save your money no matter how cute the item looks. It will be poorly made, you will return it, and then you will be waiting until Christ comes for your return. 
By Sue on 18th October 2013
I recently stumbled upon the Missguided website and thought it looked good so I ordered a few items for an occasion the following weekend. I ordered a dress and a top and a skirt. I paid for next day, the parcel only showed up 3 days later. They sent me the wrong item, instead of a dress and a top I had a faux leather skirt in gold and a button up shirt. It was one day before the weekend. I wrote them an email to say "Hey you sent me the wrong items can you please solve this" and they replied to me basically calling me a liar and that I should take pictures of the items to prove what I am saying. After I sent them pictures they demanded to see better ones. They did not send me a replacement. They told me to just simply follow the return instructions. Basically, with Missguided you have to PAY to return the items, there is also a fee that will be deducted from you once they return the money to your account so I basically had to pay 3.90 to send an item back which I didn't order in the first place. No sorry no nothing. Then they didn't put the right amount of money back on my account. I haven't heard from them since
I hope this scam shop gets close. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THERE
also, all there clothes look really really cheap and see through and much worse than on the website, believe me
Do not use this company!
By Anonymous on 11th October 2013
Ordered a dress to be delivered next day delivery and 5 days later i am still waiting for it!! I haven't received an email saying the dress has even been dispatched? The dress was for an occasion that has past so if the dress finally arrives i will be sending it back for a full refund! I won't be using this company ever again!! I have given this company 1 star but only cos i had to.
Extremely bad quality
By Anonymous on 7th October 2013
Bought a bodysuit which understandably was not expensive but the product that arrived was horrifying. I cannot wear this anywhere, it is a green/blue colour and completely see-through. Any other shop i would be a small size but this body suit was extremely small and showed half of my boobs. So dissapointed :(
By emloupet on 4th October 2013
I read all these reviews and very nearly didn't place an order, but I thought I'll still try it because I loved the look of one dress so much! 
I ordered around 11am on a Wednesday and arrived about 3 pm on the Thursday. I was absolutely stoked! Thanks so much Missguided - I love the dress and the prompt delivery - and 3 gals I saw out when wearing it are heading your way to buy one:)
Terrible quality. Ever heard of business ethics?
By Anonymous on 31st August 2013
I bought a dress for my birthday and when received, I put it on and it was see-through. You could see my bra, knickers and even a black tattoo I have on my hip! It was a dress that was in various colours - I bought it in pink and it was also available in white of all colours! Unfortunately it had a slight thigh slit and so I couldn't even wear a nude body underneath!

In the photo's as shown on the site, the fabric is completely opaque! Not see-through in the slightest. If the model was wearing ANYTHING under, it would be seen. If she was wearing nothing, her nipples and belly button would most definately be on show.

What I don't understand is this: They obviously retouch their photos after the product shoot and before uploading to the site - They are AWARE of how the retouching needs to be done when the model is walking about the studio and to what extent it is in fact being done and yet they are still happy to sell this product showing it as it does not exist? There must be something morally wrong with that as a business. The customer is being lied to. I can understand some light retouching to fix lighting etc/make the models skin seem nicer etc as we are all aware happens and we all know crappy fabric can look nice under studio lights, but to basically computerise the product to the point where it looks nothing like the actual product is ridiculous.

Either that or they should take one look at the sample sent to them from the factory, try it on, and send it back to be manufactured in a thicker fabric that is NEEDED for the type of garment that it actually is. 

Do they just sell these goods hoping that people will just not return them to cash in on a crap product? So that they are shoved to the back of a wardrobe, chucked away unworn which then adds to landfill. It's completely irresponsible on both a business and ethical level.

Will never buy from again.
A bunch of thieves and liars!!
By Anonymous on 12th August 2013
I ordered 2 items on the 26th July and paid for next day delivery. This was a Friday, so according to the website, I would receive my delivery on the Monday. I got an email on Sat 27th saying that it had been delivered, but nothing had turned up!
I then got another email on Sun 28th saying that it had been dispatched...after it had been 'delivered'.
Thinking that the first email was a mistake, I left it until Monday, thinking that it would be delivered then...but nothing turned up!

After several emails back and forth, they claim that my parcel was delivered successfully on the 27th, and was left in a 'safe place'.
I had no card through the door saying where it was left, checked all possible safe places around the house and checked with my neighbours, but there was no sign of any delivery.

After even more emails, they eventually said that they would investigate this with the courier company and interview the driver to find out where it was left, but that this would take up to 3 days. Over a week later, I email again to chase them, for them to respond that they had investigated the case and that the outcome was that my items had been left in a safe place....exactly what they had told me right from the start!...which I know is not true anyway!!
They fobbed me off to the courier company, giving me their number and saying that I would have to take the issue up with them!

I called the number for Yodel, the courier, for them to inform me that misguided had not been in touch, and that no investigation had taken place!

Misguided have taken my money but have not delivered the goods, and have lied about trying to resolve the issue. The fact that they only deal with customer enquiries via email is nonsensical! Do not order anything from this is not worth the time or effort trying to get your money back after they steal and lie to you!!!
Mind Boggled By Terrible Customer Service
By Anonymous on 9th August 2013
Mind Boggled By Terrible Customer Service

I still have NOT received my package. It's been 14 business days and over 2.5 weeks since the package was shipped. I am extremely unhappy. If they're trying to break into the US market, it may be a good idea to research how they can provide shipping with tracking so that your customers can expect to receive their packages within a reasonable time. Also, the fact that they don't even have a phone number for their US and international customers to call is mind boggling and frustrating.

When I emailed customer service it took 24 hours for them to reply and when they did they did nothing but tell me they can't do anything and that I should wait ANOTHER 3-5 business days then contact them again. They HAVE NO IDEA where my merchandise is and WON'T admit it or DO ANYTHING about it.. I also reached out to them on twitter and received no response. I work for an eCommerce based business and I disgusted that they even exist at this point. 

I will NEVER shop here again.. and I plan to spread the word to all my US friends to NEVER shop there again. Including my friend who works for US weekly who featured one of their dresses recently.
By Denise on 7th August 2013
I've bought an item (luckily only worth $40.00) but never received it and Missguided want nothing to do with the issue. The tracking number they provided does not link to Skynet their couriers. They will not provide me with any information all I keep receiving areautomated replies to my questions******BEWARE IF ORDERING FROM AUSTRALIA******************
100% chance if the item is lost you have lost your money BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terrible service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Yana on 5th August 2013
Customer service was shockingly terrible!!!! I would never EVER purchase anything from that website again!!!!!! Poorest customer service, went through a lot of trouble of proving my identity. Always purchasing items on-line and never ever had to do that before!  When they finally approved the order and confirmed that they would ship it, they turned around and cancelled it sending me an email that it was cancelled upon my request! Explanations didn't follow even when I asked them. I couldn't believe how Misguided suits their actions!!! 
By Anonymous on 1st August 2013
I have ordered from Missguided several times now and on every occasion paid for next day delivery. Not once has my order arrived the next day and each time I have had to complain! There is never one person dealing with the complaint so just kept getting different responses and different answers. They basically tried to blame the courier, who I then spoke to and was far more helpful, than the few emails received from Missguided. In the end they did send out my order again and I received the next day, along with the original a couple of days later! I liked the clothes and styles on the website so each time I stupidly hope the service will be ok this time but it never is. Again they have messed up and I'm now stuck without an outfit for a party. missguided are shocking and have no clue! Don't bother with them. 
By Anonymous on 27th July 2013
It took over 2 weeks to arrive. When I opened it up, the pants looked like they had been made in about 6 minutes. Terrible service. And beware.. The clothing is not like it appears in photos! Cheap looking crap really 
By valerie. on 15th July 2013
I purchased from this website for the first time and, even though my order arrived on time, I was disappointed to find out that the item I purchased was shipped me in a completely different color from the one showed in the website. So I contacted customer service and, after having me send over emails and pictures of the faulty item, they just told me that they couldn't provide a free return service for international countries (which I already knew!). So I had to arrange a refund and it cost me € 25 only to send the incorrect item back. If I won't have my refund from this item, not only I will have spent money for something I didn't want, but it will have cost me more to send it back. I will never buy anything from this site ever again, they have a terrible customer service and apparently you can't be sure that the products are exactly the ones that appear in the picture.
Not to mention that the product I bought had a tag of a different brand on, and not the MISSGUIDED one. Unbelievable.
Shady Company
By Anonymous on 13th July 2013
The 3 stars is only because my item arrived within 10 days as stated on the website and fits perfectly.  With that being said my tracking number didn't work the entire time I was waiting for my order so I had no idea when or if I would ever receive it which I think is very shady.  When I emailed them in regards to this (they conviently don't have a phone number) they were of no help at all, didn't offer any type of explaination to why the tracking number didn't work, and had no idea where my package was.  They actually said and I quote "Your order may be delayed... it should arrive at your address soon". Um what? Where is my package? What is the explanation for why it might be delayed? (It wasn't btw). So basically they just say anything, customer service is non-existent and also their policies are very vague. Every FAQ answer on their website advises you to email them.  If I had read the numerous bad reviews about this website before I ordered I probably wouldn't have placed an order.  I am very content with the item I received but it seems like merely luck that I received it at all. I will not be ordering from them again unless they update their customer service and policies as I cannot risk spending money and hoping that all goes right with my order and I receive what I paid for.
By Mandy on 21st June 2013
I purchased 3 items on this website weeks ago. My tracking number never worked as with other people and my package never showed up. 
I've been saving for this website so it was a huge disappointment. 
Luckily I paid with paypal and have a computer literate boyfriend! I filed a claim on PayPal and with yet again no response from missguided I escalated it to a claim. 
After a week now I gave been refunded in full with no apology, reason or explanation as to why my items were never sent. 


A member of my family works in government and I have told them about this website, they are violating laws by advertising on TV when they are clearly a fraudulent company. 

If you are EVER tempted to go on this website, PLEASE pay on paypal in case your item never shows up! :) 
Awful Returns Service
By cortada on 18th June 2013
I am a big fan of online shopping, I always buy my clothes online and I never had any problems with the returns service before. I usually buy online in companies like ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, Boohoo... - their returns service is excellent! I sent them the items that I don't want and I get my money back after 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the experience with Miss Guided has been completely different. I sent them a package via Royal Mail and, after 3 weeks, I haven't received an e-mail confirmation for my Return. I feel like I am going to lose my money and this experience is being completely awful. I am really disappointed with Miss Guided and I will never use this website again!
By Tatiana on 10th June 2013
Bought the wrong size. The same day I received the items, I sent them both back for a smaller size. Its been more than a week no response. They are the worst when it comes to online stores AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS VERY POOR. Your better off buying from somewhere else. Do not be tempted by the prices, quality is very bad. Primark has way better quality clothing!

0/5 stars.
Never use this website again
By Anonymous on 19th May 2013
I have bought a lot of clothing from after I seen it advertised on the internet. I loved the clothes thought they were extremely good value and student friendly as I frequently used student promotions.

However, I purchased a dress for a charity fashion show and after one wear and wash following the instructions, the dye had ran and left faded marks on the front of the dress. I was devastated that I could't wear the dress again as the marks were noticeable. I tried to use stain remover and the dye would not budge. 

After contacting the customer care team I was advised to send the photos of the dress. I had explained that it had been worn once and that is why I was complaining as I thought a dress should not be ruined after one wear and one wash. The customer care team advised me to send the dress back stating if I would require a refund or an exchange. I followed the instructions and was annoyed when I received the dress back in the post with a hand written note 'DIRTY, BACK TO CUSTOMER'.

I complained again stating that when I had previously been in touch I was told I could have a refund or an exchange then I was told that as I had worn the dress the refund or exchange was rejected.

I am very annoyed that I have been onto this matter for over 2 and a half months now and still am no further forward. I was told I could get a refund or an exchange then told that I couldn't. I won't be using again due to the inconvenience and mixed messages I have received. 
Ordering and Refund
By Teresa McGowan on 18th May 2013
I ordered some clothing for my teenage daughter for a family function and after reading reviews on Missguided, I was in two minds wither to order the items. But I took the chance and ordered on a Thursday evening and the items were delivered on Friday Afternoon. She kept a dress and a belt and returned the other items. And within a week I was refunded through PayPal.
I found everything from start to finish excellent. Missguided kept me informed all the way from when I ordered to refund. 
I will definitely be ordering again from Missguided.
Missing Item
By Annoyed on 14th May 2013
I've only ordered a couple of times which were fine but I ordered a hat 2 months ago and it still hasn't arrived. I've been in communication with them loads over the last 1 and a half months and they have told me that they are re-sending the hat around 3 times and I haven't received anything!!!

Not even an email saying it's on it's way. It's getting really boring now so I'm going to just ask for a refund - let's see how that goes.
Wouldn't advise anyone to order from them - VERY UNRELIABLE SERVICE!!!
Miss Morgan
By Chelsey on 9th May 2013
Return dress I wore for 2 hrs. Little gold balls came off. Dress was returned to me saying I should have sewn spare balls on . Disgusting way to treat a customer. They didn't even send me the replacement balls back and I'm sure there was only about 2. I want a refund for faulty goods and I quote this from their website " Unfortunately any items which are found to have make-up stains on the garment cannot be exchanged or refunded unless they are faulty. FAULTY

No balls were returned to me and I am in touch with trading standards. At this moment
Loyal and happy customer :-)
By Jessie on 5th May 2013
I regularly buy from and have never had a problem with them, the clothes always fit and meet my expectations, and are always delivered in the given time.

I love missguided!
Money taken, but no order!
By Anonymous on 25th April 2013
I feel 1 star is being generous!
I made an order two days ago for 3 Onesies and a pair of leggings, however on completion of the order an error occurred. I signed back into my missguided account to find no evidence that an order had been placed or that an order had ever existed. Fair enough I thought so I went back through the website to re-add the items to my basket and try again.
To my horror when checked my bank balance the money for the now 'non existent' order was 'Pending' to leave my account. This morning missguided have taken the money completely. Over £50 and no trace of an order. Im livid. WHERE IS MY MONEY?!?!?!
Also having no phone number for customers makes them impossible to get in contact with.
By Allessandra Watson on 24th April 2013
I ordered 2 dresses from this website on APRIL 12. Immediately after I put in my order I was told that the website made a mistake and one of my dresses was not available. I asked if they could just send me the same dress in another color, and was told that they could not. A refund would be issued and I could then reorder the dress (for an additional $10 in shipping).

After 1-2 days the website displayed that my package had been "despatched" and was on it's way to me. After TWO WEEKS of waiting with no update available with regards to the location of my package available via "SkyNet" I contacted the website for insight. Their response? They can't find my acct info, please send it in. I do so (via FW an e-mail they sent me with that how they didn't have it, I'll never know). Their return e-mail? "Sorry for the inconvenience" and it has been "despatched" (yeah no shit) and will arrive at your local post office...basically...someday.

Excuse me? I am a paying customer. You have MY money, yet I have no dress. I ordered this damn thing 3 weeks prior to the event I needed it for and have no dress, no refund and no mention of compensation. The e-mail said that if my dress arrived too late, I could simply return it. But was there ANY mention of a free return label in the mail? Nope.

So they expect me to order 2 dresses, only receive one, receive it well after the 10 day period it was supposed to arrive, then return it with MY money after the $10 I originally spent already did NOT get it to me on time? What the fuck? My harsh and abrasive language aside, this dress was for my Master's graduation party, and I needed it ON TIME.

I shop online all the time. This was the worst experience I have ever had. When mistakes are made, the company compensates you. Via a coupon or free shipping on your return or SOMETHING. These people? Give you grief. And then you discover all the reviews.
By Anonymous on 12th April 2013
I purchased several items from missguided, unfortunately, the items wre too small, I immediately shipped my items back, its been 2 weeks and still no refund. I've emaild them several times, only to get the run around about my refund. I should have read the bad reviews before purchasing from this fraud of a website! I hope more people read the bad reviews and not order from this terrible company, taking customers money! Disgusting!!
Never again!
By Anonymous on 9th April 2013
My first time buying from Missguided, I ordered a coat and because the price i was enabled next day delivery for free. After not receiving my item for two days I emailed them. After waiting now for a week for a response they said they had refunded my item.. I did not ask nor want a refund, just wanted the coat! They were VERY fast to take my money but not quick to give it back. They falsely claimed the coat was in stock but it appears it no longer is, so why did they take my money if it was not in stock, I am angry that they did not even let me know as now I have ended up with no coat! Would not suggest anyone buying from them as have heard nothing but bad reviews since researching them. Poor service.
Not happy
By Not happy customer on 5th April 2013
Like many of us not happy with the service ,im a new customer to missguided, i seen advert on tv and i thought to by some clothes for my holiday.... Big mistake !! Next day delivery i order them on 27 th march and i still not received anything and today is 5 th of april !i been sending them an email no respond, i paid £45 for nothing ... Next time i buy something from any websites i look the review first ! I wish we could do something about this because its ripping people money!!!!    And 0 rating !!!!!!
Unreliable, waste-of-space of a company!
By Anonymous on 26th March 2013
I've ordered from this company a number of times and honestly don't know why I keep bothering.

They allow you to add items to your basket and take payment before informing you the items are actually out of stock and issuing a refund which can take up to four days to go back into your account!

The most recent problems I had were with the company they choose to deliver with. I ordered a parcel for next day delivery for a special occasion. The parcel did not arrive on the day it was supposed to, I messaged them to ask why and they assured me it would be out for delivery the next day, which was cutting it a bit fine but I let it go. It also did not arrive on this day, I messaged them again and they told me it would be out for delivery the next day which was by then too late for the occassion I'd originally ordered the item for. After looking at the tracking site for my parcel I suspected the delivery company had lost my parcel, I messaged missguided again and they confirmed my parcel had been lost! Which it had been for nearly 3 days! After researching the delivery company I found they had a very low review rating and numerous complaints about lost parcels. I can't understand why missguided would choose to deliver their goods with an unreliable company. I am now in the process of getting a refund. So I now have no money and no products to show for it. 

Until missguided choose to deliver their goods with a more reliable company I would suggest everyone stay well clear!
Horrific quality
By Anonymous on 19th March 2013
I ordered a skirt and a onesie here and could not believe how awful both were. I've never seen such poor quality in any clothes shop, I wish I'd read the reviews before ordering so I could have saved myself the effort of having to return the items. 
Pleasantly surprised!
By Anonymous on 14th March 2013
I ordered yesterday morning and paid an extra 14€ for next day shipping. By 7 PM I still hadn't received a shipping confirmation email so I googled Missguided shipping and found these bad reviews, and started to panic, thinking that I would never receive my items!
Fortunately, at around 11 PM, I finally got an email saying my order had shipped.My stuff arrived this morning. The clothes are very nice, but the two knit items I ordered smell bad and have a few loose threads. I can understand why some people are disappointed with the quality but it's comparable to that of Forever21 clothing, so it's no big issue. Overall, I would recommend Missguided to anyone who wants affordable but fashionable clothing.
I just thought I should mention that I live in France so my items were sent with Fedex - maybe it's the UK courier that is causing problems?
By Anonymous on 13th March 2013
I had bought the Rutha Embellished Bodycon Dress clothing size 12 and it was £29.99 on the 21ST MAY 2012, it had been delivered on the right date so I pleased however as soon as I had tried on the dress the zip had broken! obviously missguided doesn't care about the material they buy to make their clothes other wise situations like this wouldn't occur.

I have sent over 100 MESSAGE via their website and my email and I still haven't had a response from them so I thought I'd let the world know how disgusted I am in their DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE and that no one should ever trust this website when it comes to a faulty item because they wont deal with a matter like mine... CLEARLY, on the other hand side I had bought a top and they were able to message me my delivery status but I don't understand why they weren't able to respond to my messages?!?! 

You should be ashamed of your DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE and please don't message me an apology that would be patronizing!!!!!!! All I wanted was a good customer service and I completely got the apposite.

Can't rate this website low enough! Should be 0 stars
By Anonymous on 7th March 2013
I recently tried to buy two items which all together cost about £40 which might not be a lot to most people but I'm a student and it definitely is for me! Anyway when I tried to pay for it through their sage pay which said it was completely secure, my order was unsuccessful as it said I was putting the wrong details in. After retrying this again it still said the same message. I decided to leave it as I had doubts about the safety of the website as I was 100% sure I put the right details in. A few days later I received a call from my bank to say my card had been cancelled because on the date I tried to buy from missguided, they had attempted to change my pin code! On top of all that I have been charged for the clothes - TWICE! And won't be getting a refund. Absolutely livid. 
Awful service from missguided
By Anonymous on 20th February 2013
I must say that this company is by far the worst I have ever dealt with!!!!!! Delivery was meant to arrive today so been up from 8am waiting and tracking the parcel. Tracked it again at 2pm and it states that delivery was unsuccessful and that a card was left. Hardly the case when I have been looking out the window all day for the courier and no card was there. Missguided must be the only company not to have a complaints number, sent 2 emails which were obviously not responded to. Rang dx services (their courier) and they said the parcel was unsuccessfully delivered at 1:45pm and no card was left ( why does your tracking service say there was one left, but that the delivery person spent a good 15 minutes photographing my house and front door!!!!!!!!! I mean how would I not notice a stranger taking photographs of my house

The courier said the missguided now own these photos and that they would send them to me, which will never happen because the do not exist. Hate this company so much!!!!!!!!!!! 
Rip off
By Dolly on 30th January 2013
Never buy from this web site ordered a dress came next day delivery very prompt, that's where the good part of this site ends the dress didn't fit so filled out exchange form only to get email to say refund had been given paid £15 including post only got £10 back cost me another 3 pound to post back also wanted exchange no mention of that no contact number for them all done via email still haven't heard from them. Again like most of the other customers had to leave 1 star not by choice
Awful customer service and unacceptable form of compensation
By Orla Walsh on 24th January 2013
I placed an order with Missguided 3 working days ago. I opted to pay for the next day delivery instead of going with the free standard delivery as it is a dress to wear to an event tomorrow evening. They did'nt have one of the items I ordered, which is fine and I have no problem with that, however, the other items have still not been dispatched and the only consolation I was offered was 10% off my next order, which isn't helpful as I doubt I shall ever use the services of Missguided ever again. A refund for next day delivery would be far more appropriate especially as one item won't be arriving and if the items are not dispatched at the very latest today, I will be asking for a full refund. Additionally, the lack of contact details is of no use and highly unhelpful.
By Anonymous on 24th January 2013
Ordered 2 dresses and one was the wrong items so got a Freepost label from them to exchange got the exchange and they were both faulty! Asked for a refund they said that was fine now someone else said they're sending out an exchange I said no because I requested a refund and now I haven't got a reply. Furious! They're customer service is awful!!! Would rate no stars but can't post unless we put 1
ZERO stars!! But was forced to put 1!
By Anonymous on 18th January 2013
Don't ever order from MIssguided! I ordered £160 worth of clothes for Christmas presents and my work do. I left specific instructions to leave with a neighbour as I knew I wouldn't be in, i was away for several days. When I got home I'd had a card put through saying 'left at back door' My area is not the best and anyone can easily walk onto my back garden. No gates etc...and access via  the front and back. So why would anyone leave my items on full view to the estate behind. Anyway I contacted Missguided and as it was a few days befor xmas i had to go out and replace the items myself so i had them in time. It has taken over a month to sort this out with them. And they emailed me yesterday saying the items were left in a suitable place!!!! I TOLD them I wanted them leaving with a neighbour! I'm £160 down! Despite me asking to speak to a manger, to have a number, or for a manager to contact me nothing has happened. DON'T order from them!
By Anonymous on 28th December 2012
I purchased goods on the 23rd December, I was emailed shortly after to say that the item was out of stock and I will be refunded in 5-7 working days.
I was then emailed to say that there was a 'technical issue' with my refund. Then I was refunded by Kelsey to advise that the money had not left my account, this is untrue as it had. She then advised me to send them in a copy of my bank statement, my bank advised me not to do so but have given me an autherisation code to prove to the company that the funds have left my account.
I have advised customer services of this and await there response. If the funds are not credited to my account today I will advise trading standards of the matter.
I have looked on companies house to find there customer service number and for such a large company I find it hard to believe that they do not even have a contact number.
If i could they wouldn't get any stars, they need shutting down.

my order hasnt come
By Anonymous on 21st December 2012
im not a very happy young lady at all.
next day delivery what a load of TRASH !!! 
i have been waiting ages and when i ring up the delivery service i have have been on hold for hours.
i would rate the site  NO STARS . (it made me put stars )
its is rubbish costumer care and when you want to complain there is only a sill fill a box sheet.
the worst company i have ever dealt with.
By an unhappy customer on 10th December 2012
where do i begin with this company so first of all uk next day delivery yeah right that didnt hapen, i orered my clothes on the 4th of december they finally arrived on the 10th and even when i enquired about the tracking of the items they never even bothered to email me back explaining where they were. When the clothes finally arrived they were the worst quality of clothes i have ever seen the stitching was terrible with one dress having a hole where the stitching was missing! the clothings sizes were completely off i bought two size 14 dresses and they were like a size 10, one of the dresses was a maxi dress and the bottom of the dress finished at the shins!. The completely are completely useless and trading standards will be notified. And for the secret shopper at the bottom of the reviews you look like an idiot.
Unbelievably bad service at Missguided!
By Very Annoyed on 8th December 2012
I ordered a party dress and shoes to be delivered next day. I input my work address as the delivery address but one of the fields automatically input a county which was incorrect i.e it was to be delivered to London and the address read London, Hertfordshire. They sent me an email saying they that something was wrong with the order and for me to send in a copy of my passport or driving licence!!!!!  I couldn't believe they were asking for such a thing instead of ringing me to check the address. I sent them an email saying I would not send any such details due to the risk of identity fraud and of course heard nothing back. No customer service telephone number just an email for correspondance that is apparently manned until 9pm - ha ha ha! The following day I received an email saying my goods had been despatched and a tracking number was supplied. When I clicked on the tracking number it went into the couriers website and said this number no long exists! Then a further email came thorough saying that the goods I had ordered which it listed as hotpants and shoes (incorrect) were not in stock!!  What on earth is going on with this company. Trading standards will be hearing from me!!!!
By Anonymous on 5th December 2012
ordered Midday on tuesday for NEXT DAY DELIVERY and 24 hours later i still have no confirmation of my order.

Absolutely ridiculous i have never experienced such bad service!

I have sent 3 emails now and 24 hours later they respond to one of them telling me they will get in touch within 4 days!
By Anonymous on 13th November 2012
I ordered a dress from this company but it was to small so I ordered the next size up as was worried they would run out of stock so i paid again and sent the smaller dress back to them for a refund on the 02/11/2012. Then a few days later jeans i ordered were delivered they were not even the jeans i ordered totally different style and few sizes smaller so i sent them back on the 09/11/2012 requesting for the jeans i ordered to be sent im getting min able response from them which is really worrying me now reading all these reviews and i also called the reception number and the lady didn't even care all i want is my refund for the dress and want my jeans i ordered to be sent its ridiculous even one of the customer care team suggested i make the order for my jeans again and they refund me for them i wouldn't spend anymore money already owe me a refund and the jeans i ordered madness. Such a shame because i had a big list for Christmas to buy from them as i really like the clothes on their website and now iam definitely put off
By Nic on 5th October 2012
i purchased four items on Missguided as online the clothes are reasonably fashionable and well priced however the quality of the clothing are the worst i have ever bought.. even from one of the cardigains i purchased it had a hole... i bought the blazer thinking it is one however feels even lighter than a cardigain... i would not buy from missguided again! dont put yourself through the mistake i did

hope this helps
The worse online customer service
By Anonymous on 5th September 2012
Dealing with customer care via email and takes 48 hours to respond!!!not having a customer care help line that you can ring up and sort the problem out asap...this company is ridiculous!!!
IF there were 0 stars available i would choose that!
By Anonymous on 31st August 2012
To describe this company in one word it would be appalling. 
I placed an order on Wednesday for next day delivery which was classified as "free". 
Due to it being next day delivery i expected my item to arrive on Thursday. After waiting all day on Thursday for my delivery, nothing showed up. I checked my emails and it said my delivery had been delayed and would arrive to me on Thursday between 8 and 6pm.

I then checked my emails again at 10 past 6 and another email came through saying it would arrive today but later than 6pm. I thought this would be okay but as it got later and later, no delivery arrived. I emailed missguided asking where my delivery was and if they could specify a time that it would arrive and they sent the same email back saying it would arrive on Thursday after 6pm. On Friday with no delivery in sight I rang up the miss guided courier service by which I got through to an automated service which gave me no help at all and said i will have to reschedule my delievery for monday or a later date. 

I was not happy with this at all and decided to try and ring missguided to get some more details. On their website they dont provide a contact number, just an email so i did some research to try and find the number for their offices. I found this and rang them up. The lady on the end of the phone at miss guided offices was rude, and no help at all. She said it would be monday i would get my order. It is now saturday and i havent heard from missguided so i hope to be getting my order delivered on monday. 

No wonder next day delievery is "free" it ends up being standard delievery as it will have taken me 4 days to recieve my order not "next day".

I think that missguided has terrible customer service and needs to sort out their delivery options before they run out of customers. 

I will not be ordering from there again.
Everyone else please be wary when ordering from this website.

not worthy of 1 star
By Lauren on 15th August 2012
I am going to a major festival on Friday that i thought i would buy some clothes from Missguided because of the cheap prices. Because i ordered them on Monday i paid extra for next day delievery and it didn't come untill 2 days late and then when i finally got my item, it was broke. The zip is un moveable and i cannot put the item on. I emailed them and they have not replied. So i have tried calling them (0167079802) which is there so called 'helpline' and a very blunt woman told me that it would take 4 days for a response. I asked if i could speak to anyone there to explain my urgent situation and she said there was no one atall to speak to. This is not my only bad experience with this company. A couple months back i ordered something and when i got to the conformation the site through me out, so when i tried again it charged me double. I was wrong to think it was a one time thing. Every person i have spoken to about the website has said there is always something wrong. NEVER BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!
By Kirsty on 7th August 2012

This company will try ever way possible to get out of giving refunds. After 25 emails I finally found a number to contact '0161 707 9802' which was not very helpful but I demanded to speak with the customer care team who said personally he would deal with my refund.

They then said I was out of the refund time of 14 days - which was fair enough. But....2 months later I had not received my items back! They did not know where they were either. After more emails and complaining they finally agreed to give me a full refund on both orders which totalled £90. They sent a refund for the cheapest orders and now are ignoring my emails!!!

Waste of space company...DO NOT USE!!!!!!
MISSGUIDED - HOW APT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous on 17th July 2012
ALL I CAN SAY IS DONT USE THIS COMPANY! If I could I would not put any stars in this rating. Paid for next day delivery took a week. Once item received it was awful Returned immediately. 2 months later I am still emailing every few days to try to get a refund. No telephone contact & everytime you email them you get a reply to say they will reply within 4 - 9 days!

Tried disputing with paypal but as I had received an email saying refund on it's way I stupidly did not complete the dispute within the alloted timescale. Now out of time limit & paypal don't want to know either.
I will never use again!
Be careful buying from this company
By Anonymous on 2nd May 2012
I am very disappointed in this company, paid £72.00 not got an email, should of been next day delivery, still waiting 3 weeks later. I have put a dispute into paypal. I will never buy from this company again. Also there is no telephone number to phone, and they dont answer your emails.
Cheap and cheerful
By Anonymous on 20th May 2011
The clothes look nicer in the pics then in real.
I found when I ordered and they came through it was cheap brands that you can find cheaper else where.

I found I dress they were selling on there for 34.99 else where for £24.99 and they had free p&p rather the the £3 plus that misguided charge.

The high postage makes it not worth it and also they charge £3.10 to return. rip off! for the quality.
so worth at least looking
By Secret shopper on 23rd April 2011
I love the clothes from missguided. Whatever your looking for they've got it. They dont just have one theme, say if you wanted a party dress and you were a 'safisticated dresser' they've got those types of dresses, say if you were more 'out there' they've got them to. Fabulous clothes for fabulous prices. p.s the lipgloss from there is amazing:)

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