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By Anonymous on 15th August 2017
So, I stopped ordering from Misguided due to their horrible customer service. A few days ago, I decided to order a dress from the company, optimistically hoping the service had improved. I am currently almost two weeks post-op from major surgery, so I felt comfortable ordering the item, knowing that if the item was not suitable, I would be able to use the Hermes collection option to return the parcel. When I received the item, it was evident that the item was not for me. I visited the Misguided site, to arrange for a collection. However, the system would not generate a collection time. I contacted Misguided via chat and chatted with Emma. Emma advised me that my item was not eligible for Hermes collection because it was delivered by Yodel. What?? For starters, as a customer, I do not have the choice as to which delivery company Misguided chooses to select to deliver my parcel, secondly, on the Misguided website, Hermes collection is offered as an option, it does not offer a disclaimer that the service is not available if the company decides to use Yodel to deliver parcels. I advised Emma of these concerns, and that I would be unable to travel to the Hermes shop due to my surgery. I further advised that I may be able to get a neighbour to travel to a drop off location at a corner shop maybe a minute away, but that was it. Emma advised that the closest Hermes shop was 8 mins away. I expressed my disgust with the false advertising on Misguided's website; I further explained that customers should not be inconvienced, due to Misguided's decision to stop using Royal mail as a return option and to selectively choose which parcels are eligible for Hermes collection. I requested to communicate with a supervisor. Emma asked me what solution I wanted; and I advised her that Misguided needed to generate the required paperwork for a Hermes collection or if I called for the collection of the parcel, Misguided should reimburse me. Despite my request for a supervisor, Emma immediately claimed that she spoke with her supervisor Sowdha, and was advised that they could not help me, and I would need to travel to a Hermes location. This response is totally unacceptable! The blatant disregard displayed tonight from Emma and Sowdha was totally improper. Misguided's website site provides false information relating to their return options for their customers. The verbiage on the website attempts to give the appearance of returns being hassle free and low risk for customers when in actuality the company wants to make the return process as complex and inconvenient as possible. I will never do business with this company again
By Hannah Wilkinson on 3rd April 2017
I placed an order with next day delivery on 28/03/17 expecting delivery on 29/03. The tracking stopped updating once it had stated it was on the way to the courier.. I queried this with Missguided, they said there had been a delay with the courier and it should be with me on 30/03 but to keep checking the tracking for updates. The next day I had a look at tracking in the morning and it had still not been updated, I queried this and they stated the parcel had never been scanned with Hermes and it would take roughly 48 hours for them to find out more. I then took the assumption that meant it would be delivered on 03/04 and they stated this should be the latest date it would be with me. I asked them for an update on the progress with my order midday 30/03 and they advised that the order had reached the courier and its on the way to the driver, I asked if this means I should expect it 31/03 and they replied telling me there had been yet again another delay with the courier, surprise surprise. As you can imagine this is where I started to get very frustrated as my next day delivery had so far taken 3 working days at least and as I needed this for the following Monday 03/04, I was starting to panic. It got to Friday 31/03 and yet again my tracking still hadn't been updated, so I asked if it could be reordered there end for Saturday delivery as I needed this for Monday and the parcel was obviously lost. They declined this and told me they couldn't as the parcel could still reach me and just repeatedly told me to keep looking at tracking and wait a further 24 hours which I could not afford to do as I had previously stated I needed it for the Monday. I cancelled my order with them and demanded a refund, and then placed a brand new order of the same items for Sunday delivery. Bearing in mind, I am now out of pocket for one delivery that I haven't received and have then had to pay out again for a further delivery. Shockingly but not surprisingly.... my parcel ordered for Sunday delivery DID NOT TURN UP. I waited in from 8am-9pm to await the parcel. Funnily enough, late evening after 9pm the tracking updated stating it had been delivered to 'reception'?!?! One, not one person called at my house on Sunday. Two, I live in a 3 bedroom house.. there is no reception. I brought this up with Missguided and they told me to check with my neighbours as it could be with them if I was not in. but I was in so why would the courier deliver to a neighbour and which neighbour?!?! End result is I have to fill out a disclamer form which takes 72 hours to process, I have paid for two deliveries and received neither, my friend has not received her birthday present and Missguided have lost a loyal customer that has spent a fair amount of money with them. Safe to say, I wont be using them again.. I now await my refund for both orders.
Never ever Oder of this site again!
By Jade on 9th February 2017
Placed my order was showing out for delivery 1st day didn't recive my parcel second day out for delivery didn't receive. Live chat with Adam that night explaining that I haven't received my parcel then I released that I had put the correct address but made error on my post code (my error)as this company is online based and so is the courier this can only be changed by email I was then advised the goods was on way back to the sender as delivery attempted 3 times. When asking where my delivery as been attempted was unable to provide this information and was told I will now have to wait 14days for refund when corrected about this information regarding attempting delivery 3 times now being return when in fact goods was only out on 2 separate occasions and was not to my address no cards left and post code area totally different also asked why the courier had not contacted myself or the sender to check the address on the first attempt realising that the post code that was given no number 4 or the correct name of street they couldn't provide a reasonable answer and kept repeating that they would have to check with the courier and this could take 24hours I was then told this would be put back out for delivery as information on courier site incorrect only attempted twice and my post code as been changed. I checked this the day after with chloe who once again repeated the same as the night before goods showing return to sender and that I would have to wait for refund. So that night I emailed this being the 3rd day to say I would like my refund asap! now 4th day the delivery is showing delivered and signed for when nobody was in all day to take this delivery when asked for POD couldn't provide this information and asked me to check goods left save but once again no cards left to say delivery attempted or where goods have been left now I will have to fill out a form and email and wait some more and still nobody to speak with policy all wrong will never order from this site customer service is appalling for this company If I have made the Oder and can provide all relevant information as to who I am and that I ordered the goods then no reason to why I can not be provided with where the goods have been attempted delivery and also who's name as signed for the goods! I have been given no information apart from we will can't the courier and if goods not turned up send more information so they can look into this! And this is why at some point you should have people to speak with not just irrelevant live chat that gets you nowhere
By michele on 29th December 2016
I returned items back for a refund OVER 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago i got in touch with them because i never got a refund. They are telling me they have not received my package. According to my tracking number- they did successfully received it. they are asking me to provide the "proof" of delivery and tracking number - which i no longer have because this was now 3 WEEKS weeks ago. SO basically i lost all my purchase. they will NOT refund me and what irritates me the most- they will NOT ADMIT their mistake of loosing my package. They are completely disorganized. one customer service advisor says one thing- another one says something different. Very poor customer service, customer care, unethical, cheap clothing, overpriced and liars.
if there was less then a 1 star review- i would give it to them.
By Far on 7th December 2016
Misguided is not a place to spend your money unless you don't mind waiting two months for a refund! They also have a tendency of sending incorrect and damaged items to the consumer! Unlike most reputable companies they would much rather go back and forth with you and give you a solid run around as opposed to being professional and solving the issue immediately! When you email them they will continually ask you for information that you've already submitted in order to buy time! After all of their wrong doings I continue to give them a chance but because I've reported a $600.00 claim to PayPal because they claimed they didn't receive it when I have confirmation that they did, they revoked my student discount!! Any company with a reputable name and in good standing would humble themselves and reach out to the customer to rectify their situation but not missguided! I will continue to shop ASOS who is courteous, professional, upstanding and appreciative of my business!! You can stay petty and keep my student discount deactivated because that is reflective of your professionalism!!

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