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Last updated 27th March 2019

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Avoid like the plague
By Anonymous on 10th February 2018
Worst service ever. The person manning the "help " and I use the word lighty, goes by the name of Francesca, I,m sure is a robot who is incapable of forming more than one reply which she keeps churning out in reply to any email you send her. I sent my frames to be reglazed and paid up front. They kept sending me email reminders saying they were waiting for my frames. After a while, they sent my frames back....WITH NO LENSES IN THEM. I notified them and they offered no explanation but said send them back , we will refund the postage. This I did. Now they are sending daily sometimes twice a day reminding me to send my frames. I had proof of postage and a reference number which clearly stated that they were delivered to directsight on 31st jan. Now this woman Francesca seems to have a mental block when it comes to helping a customer. Some of the replies I have from her have been ridiculous to say the least . Even after being confronted with the evidence that the frames had arrived with them, she says.....that I should contact the PO and tell them to send the frames to them, the mind boggles at this woman. I have asked repeatedly for my emails to be forwarded to some one in authority, all ignored. I have asked her repeatedly to stop emailing reminders although this shows they havent reglazed my glasses and despite this I have asked for my money to be refunded......request also ignored. THERE ARE BETTER COMPANYS OUT THERE AVOID THIS ONE AND THE MONOSYMBALIC FRANCESCA. WHO JUST SIT THERE CHURNING OUT THE SAME OLD SAME OLD
Who owns this company ?.
My final email to direct sight
By Ian on 29th January 2018
My final email to direct sight. I received your email about my glasses being ready. I have to say this is by far the worst service and an atrocious way to treat your customers. From my point of view I have not been listened to throughout this whole process. I was told my glasses were in production for 3 months which is not possible. When I said I didn't want them any more you sent them out. That is terrible service from your part. This is the timeline of events as I see it. I have all the emails to corroborate these events.
5/11/17 order placed.
6/11/17 confirmation of orderd
24/11/17 email sent to help desk told that glasses are in production. I asked for a refund with no response.
3/12/17 email sent to help desk told that glasses are in production.
4/1/18 email sent to help desk told that glasses are in production
19/1/18 asked for a refund and told that glasses are in production
19/1/18 help desk re-ordered my glasses even after I had asked for a refund. Help desk had obviously lied the previous 4 times about my glasses being in production.
24/1/18 asked again for a refund and quoted info from citizens advice bureau. Told that glasses are in production. (the only time this phrase was not a lie.)
26/1/18 order has been dispatched. 82 days after order confirmation.
This is a complete joke and a ridiculously terrible service. If you had just been honest with me in December and actually followed up my email instead of waiting for me to threaten to take matters further it would have been a much better way to deal with people. I don't want the glasses anymore as it has taken so long I have had to sort something else out. Now you are forcing me to have to send them back and keep fighting for a refund in protest of your terrible service. By reordering the glasses you have made this situation a lot worse for me. I will never do business with you again and I will try and put this email in as many online review places I can.
By Anonymous on 25th January 2018
Can I just say, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use @directsight - they are unable to provide correct prescriptions/orders or any kind of general customer service. I had to send both of my re-glaze frames back twice because of their silly mistakes and they still haven't refunded postage.
They also replied to me on a previous online review and lied!
They're untrustworthy cowboys. Pay a tiny bit more and go to someone who is able to do the job and who cares. These guys don't have a phone number or complaint procedure so you can't be heard as a dissatisfied customer. It's very frustrating.
Cheap Rubbish
By George on 31st May 2017
paid £215 for glasses but were too small and wrong prescription would not give full refund. Ignore emails and no phone number. Offered eventually different frame. was much cheaper but no refund offered for difference in price. This was after 2 months and when glasses arrived frame broken so another lot of postage returning them. Asked for refund but only received £22. I then asked for frames to be repaired and glasses returned but had to give them their £22 back. Still waiting for glasses after nearly 3 months a dont answer correspondence. No telephone number.
Waste of money!!
By John u on 30th April 2017
Sent my prescription for a new pair of Brownline glasses, wrong prescription and frame is not correct size! Word to the wise, stick to a high street optician! Total waste of money..

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