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Last updated 26th August 2020

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Horrible delivery services. You don't pay for what you get
By Anonymous on 26th August 2015
No customer services contact number. You fill an online form and they get back to you in 3 days. Bought my outfits for a holiday for next day delivery (platinum service). This was done early morning around 1am on the 26th so I would expect delivery on the 27th by noon. I had booked a holiday starting on Friday 28th. And last minute decisions made me opt for some cute little outfits for my holiday, you know how girls like this dress up thing. Worst thing is I wake up to an email saying delivery would be on Saturday 29th. Why they took my money and promised services they can't provide, I have no clue. If there was no next day delivery option I would have bought from a different shop as there is many other shops like rare. I wasn't going for specific outfits that I can't find in any other shop. So now that they have done this to me there is no way I can buy from any other shops as they have taken money out of my account. Had I known this next day delivery thing is a lie I would have bought from another shop that would provide services promised and paid for. Don't bother buying from rare
By Anonymous on 25th July 2015
My daughter ordered a playsuit from Rare London. Total cost with postage was £53.50. When it arrived, it was too small. So she duly sent it back, unworn, label intact (after having had to request a proper returns form and an address!) The garment was received back by Rare London on 18th June and on 9th July she called Rare London to be told that they would not be refunding her as the garment was damaged by make-up. They emailed over a 'zoomed in' photo of a piece of cloth (strategically placed on a copy of her order form) which in no way resembled the fabric of the garment she had returned - no labels showing - nothing to prove that this garment was the same garment she had returned. My daughter then insisted that the garment be returned to her so she could see for herself. It was returned and the garment was, and is, absolutely perfect! No make-up, no odour, nothing! After much to-ing and fro-ing with Rare London we have now made an online claim with the small claims court and told them in no uncertain terms that we are fully prepared, should this matter go to court, to have a judge inspect the garment and see if he can find any marks whatsoever on the garment to render it "un-resellable"! The cost to bring the claim is half of what she paid for the garment, but having read the hundreds of similar horrendous reviews online about the constant bad practice of this company, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it any longer. No wonder they don't have a phone number listed on their website, which, incidentally, is 0151 207 8060. The Managing Director's email address is Use ASOS or BooHoo instead!

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