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Last updated 24th November 2016

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Incompetent Muppets
By MuggedoffbyMissguided on 10th November 2016
AVOID MISSGUIDED!!! Ordered next day delivery to arrive Monday - it's now Thursday and still no order. Attempts to get in touch with them to find out what's going on are useless. They don't have a phone number so you die of old age waiting for them to respond on web chat. When they do respond it's just lies and fob offs. I've asked for a refund but they won't give me one until the parcel is returned to them - how does that work then when the courier has obviously lost the parcel??Seriously ladies DO NOT ORDER from this bunch of muppets! They are thieves and just make off with your money!
By Anonymous on 17th October 2016
SAVE YOURSELF AND SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. I placed an order on 9/9, and hours later, Missguided puts up a sale for 30% off. I email customer service to try and cancel my order so that I can place another order. CRICKETS - NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER from that email, even until this day. Believing that nothing would go wrong, as this is my first experience with Missguided, I placed a second order of the same items, same color, same size. So that I could return the first order and bite the cost of shipping the items back to Missguided.

I speak to a representative on 9/29 because Missguided refunded the entire order on my second order and not my first. He assured that I would receive my entire refund (as I wanted to return another item on my second order).

I speak to another representative again today, because the refund was not the correct amount that I should have received. The rep today is telling me that the original rep told me mistakenly that he would return the correct amount to me.

They are basically trying to make me take a loss of $36 on money I spent on their company and provided no solution in refunding my money.

I will never shop here again. I will tell everyone I know to never shop here again. I will post on their social media platforms to prevent others from purchasing from Missguided.
What a disappointing company
By Anonymous on 6th October 2016
I needed an order for the next day! Hasn't come yet . Furious with it, website has no tracker the chat groups are never responsive, never order from here unless you want poor quality or late shipping for prices you pay extra for so you can get it delivered early!
By caitlin on 26th August 2016
First, I was charged twice for my order. It took me noticing myself in a bank statement so I had to reach out via chat AND email, AND follow up twice in order to confirm that the second charge would be reversed.

I ordered on Aug 11 for my Bachelorette trip in Vegas and purposely shipped the bathing suits to Vegas so that they would be there in time. I checked the tracking multiple times after the shipment processed and there was no update so I reached out via chat. They said they would "look into this" and never got back to me.

I reached out AGAIN the next day. They said that product was just leaving the warehouse, 5 business days after my order was placed and that they were sorry for the delay. The day I land in Vegas the tracking says the order still hasn't left the warehouse. At this point I'm so angry because even if it is over nighted at this point, it would only arrive with 1 day left of my trip. I reached out AGAIN to request that they re-ship an express order because of the delay on their behalf and they refused. So then I request a refund which they refuse!

Long story short, after over 50 chats/emails and after dealing with over 15 reps (not 1 ever letting me speak with a manager), I could not get anyone on the phone once and my order is still not refunded!

I WOULD NEVER WASTE TIME ORDERING WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Not only did they completely ruin my bachelorette party weekend in Vegas, the customer service ONLINE ONLY runs you through the ringer over and over torturous and noone is acting accountable! No one tried to rectify the situation once and after all this I have literally wasted HOURS of my life.

Seriously, I hope this company goes out of business for the way that they treat their customers.
Worst Online Shop
By Anonymous on 24th July 2016
I was falsely encouraged to purchase some clothes with this website under the promise of free next day delivery. I place this order on the 21st July. However, I was appalled to learn that the courier company they employ claimed to have attempted delivery on the 22nd July at a time where there were 4 members of my family in my house. Under no circumstance did anyone knock on our door or ring our doorbell. Not only did the courier lie, but when a formal complaint was made to Misguided, they dismissed the false attempted delivery entirely and informed me I would have to be home for the whole of the following day as well to collect my clothes. I had plans in the evening and left the house at 6pm. I had instructed the help centre to leave my parcel either with a neighbour or in a safe place. Yet again, on the 23rd, my parcel failed to be delivered. It was not left with a neighbour or a safe place, but returned to the depot.
What is worse is that I asked the help centre to tell me which depot my package was at so I could collect it myself. They provided me with the address to a depot which was an hour's drive away. After me pushing the matter, only then did the help centre inform me that they could not confirm if that was the actual depot where my package was being help or if I would in fact be allowed into the depot to collect it. The fact that their customer service operators were willing to let me drive for an hour only to discover that they had fed me completely false information is beyond outraging.
I am still awaiting my supposed 'next-day delivery'. If you have any common sense you will not order with this website for their customer service has proved to be astoundingly poor.

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