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Last updated 24th November 2016

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By michele on 29th December 2016
I returned items back for a refund OVER 2 weeks ago and 2 days ago i got in touch with them because i never got a refund. They are telling me they have not received my package. According to my tracking number- they did successfully received it. they are asking me to provide the "proof" of delivery and tracking number - which i no longer have because this was now 3 WEEKS weeks ago. SO basically i lost all my purchase. they will NOT refund me and what irritates me the most- they will NOT ADMIT their mistake of loosing my package. They are completely disorganized. one customer service advisor says one thing- another one says something different. Very poor customer service, customer care, unethical, cheap clothing, overpriced and liars.
if there was less then a 1 star review- i would give it to them.
By Far on 7th December 2016
Misguided is not a place to spend your money unless you don't mind waiting two months for a refund! They also have a tendency of sending incorrect and damaged items to the consumer! Unlike most reputable companies they would much rather go back and forth with you and give you a solid run around as opposed to being professional and solving the issue immediately! When you email them they will continually ask you for information that you've already submitted in order to buy time! After all of their wrong doings I continue to give them a chance but because I've reported a $600.00 claim to PayPal because they claimed they didn't receive it when I have confirmation that they did, they revoked my student discount!! Any company with a reputable name and in good standing would humble themselves and reach out to the customer to rectify their situation but not missguided! I will continue to shop ASOS who is courteous, professional, upstanding and appreciative of my business!! You can stay petty and keep my student discount deactivated because that is reflective of your professionalism!!
By stay away from miss guided on 6th December 2016
promise to deliver items next day - they never even ship the items but you can guess they still take your money!! when you confront them (after spending a week even trying to get them to respond) they accuse you of lying then refuse a refund!!

they are a scam f a company and urge anyone to report them to trading standards - a few people currently are!!
STAY AWAY - scam company
By IH8MISSGUIDED on 6th December 2016
Miss Guided have the worst customer service as well as delivery service!!

They offer a next day service which they have NEVER been able to achieve as they do not actually send out your items - BUT they take your money and keep it still!! they then accuse YOU of lying and refuse a refund!!

Only idiots work at this place - I'm confused how they are even still own business!!

Incompetent Muppets
By MuggedoffbyMissguided on 10th November 2016
AVOID MISSGUIDED!!! Ordered next day delivery to arrive Monday - it's now Thursday and still no order. Attempts to get in touch with them to find out what's going on are useless. They don't have a phone number so you die of old age waiting for them to respond on web chat. When they do respond it's just lies and fob offs. I've asked for a refund but they won't give me one until the parcel is returned to them - how does that work then when the courier has obviously lost the parcel??Seriously ladies DO NOT ORDER from this bunch of muppets! They are thieves and just make off with your money!

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