Last updated 1st February 2016

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By Anonymous on 2nd May 2015
This website is amazing! They have all there clothes for £5 and i ordered a dress from them that had a boohoo label and one with missguided label! Such amazing clothes!
By Grrrrrrrrrr on 8th April 2015
Well another victim of Boohoo I have been using for about 4 years and the choice of clothing been reduced substantially.

I have only in the last 6 mths noticed the sizing has changed alot i am returning alot of items and well when it comes to boohoo returns they are only too quick to take your money when it comes to returns expect an average refund to take 3 mths and for damaged stock expect to argue for your return freight costs

As for the customer service, I think i do better to call the Indian call centre as the service would be way better than the B###### that work at boohoo that if you complain the cant be bothered looking to the matter they rather brush you off
Go to ASOS for advice
By Anonymous on 24th December 2014
I am absolutely appalled about the stories I've heard about boohoo. The way they treat their employees is despicable and there is definitely a huge level of favouritism. I know of one girl who was forced to leave her job because she was ill, how disgusting!! The management take about 2 20 minute breaks in the morning but it's definitely a big deal if someone in the C.S department goes to the toilet 2 or 3 times. If any one is thinking of joining boohoo, take all this into consideration. They're just bothered about popularity and brand image, nothing is ever about their employees unless you've been promoted. I would never work for such a disgusting company!! All the best to everyone who's already there, my best bet is find yourself a new job and get out of there!!!!

I've never ordered anything and never will. ASOS have always given great C.S so I'll advise you to send someone over to their office for advice! 
Best company!
By Mwah on 7th December 2014
best company ever! My parcels are always delivered on time (unlike missguided) customer service is great and qUality of clothes are good too! Hate missguided. Love boohoo xx
wonderful experience
By Anonymous on 27th November 2014
I shopped at boohoo after a friend mentioned them to me, i was overly pleased with the clothing quality and pricing - I now shop here more than i probably should do and the only problem i've ever had is i brought a bag and the zip broke but that was easily mended. They have always got offers on such as free delivery or 25% off of certain items, probably one of the best companies out there!

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