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By M on 28th October 2016
Love the clothing. Cheap but gorgeous! The delivery to my country so fast!!!!! Ordered on Monday But woohoo I can wear the dresses tomorrow!!!! Awesome!!! So happy
By b on 2nd May 2016
brilliant service, great prices, good quality!!!!!!! I get everything from here! also sizes are good.
Probably the worst on-line seller ever
By Tony B on 25th March 2016
If you order from boohoo, you will be the one crying! Boohoo sells cheap clothing at a cheap price. That would be alright if they didn't have such lousy customer service. If you order from them, be prepared to be one big unhappy customer. To prove it, try and find a contact phone number so you can call them. They have so many problems, they can't handle the calls so they don't give out a number. And if you try to use their system of tweeting and direct messaging, expect it to take days to resolve your issue. I just gave up!! They may tell you they resolved your problem because they said "sorry" but "sorry" is all you will get and all you will be if you order from them.
By Anonymous on 2nd May 2015
This website is amazing! They have all there clothes for £5 and i ordered a dress from them that had a boohoo label and one with missguided label! Such amazing clothes!
By Grrrrrrrrrr on 8th April 2015
Well another victim of Boohoo I have been using for about 4 years and the choice of clothing been reduced substantially.

I have only in the last 6 mths noticed the sizing has changed alot i am returning alot of items and well when it comes to boohoo returns they are only too quick to take your money when it comes to returns expect an average refund to take 3 mths and for damaged stock expect to argue for your return freight costs

As for the customer service, I think i do better to call the Indian call centre as the service would be way better than the B###### that work at boohoo that if you complain the cant be bothered looking to the matter they rather brush you off

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